Holidays with private accommodation in Abkhazia: reviews and photos of tourists

Abkhazia is a paradise for connoisseurs of virgin beauty. The resorts of Abkhazia are distinguished by a developed infrastructure and a mild pleasant climate. Here you can enjoy the warm sea, the sun, sandy beaches, delicious fruits and vegetables.

Private sector in abkhazia

If you are limited in money, but just want to be closer to the sea, then the choice of the private sector will be an ideal option. Rest in Abkhazia will not bring the whole gamut of sensations if you settle somewhere far from all this beauty.

Abkhazia private sector on the coast

Houses in the private sector in Abkhazia are often located in close proximity to the seashore. But if you wish, it is possible to find a suitable option on the outskirts of the resort. Another indisputable advantage is the price. Rent a house or room will cost several times cheaper than a hotel room. And the difference is almost non-existent.If you look at the options offered, then finding a home with all the comforts is a trifle. It does not matter who you are going to relax with: whether it is a noisy and friendly company or a family. All will find the best accommodation option.

If you want to get the maximum comfort and pleasure, then you can look at detached houses. Most often they have their own swimming pools in the yard, which is very convenient.

You can judge by the reviews of tourists, which in most cases leave only positive feedback. They talk about how comfortable and comfortable various options are, even the most modest ones.

Housing options without intermediaries

To rent housing without intermediaries and just relax is very easy: there is no language barrier, and the private sector remains the most affordable housing among holidaymakers.

In the swimming season, and this is from June to September, the proposals are most relevant, because many residents of Abkhazia are earning precisely this. But at other times, ads do not lose demand.

Abkhazia private sector

It is necessary to focus on the choice of housing. The demand for options for homes in the private sector in Abkhazia has given rise to frequent frauds.Discreet sellers offer to transfer payments for housing in advance without any written guarantees or rent options of dubious quality.

The cost of housing in Abkhazia

The opportunity to rent cheap housing in the private sector is presented all year round But throughout the year there are seasonal price hikes, albeit barely significant.

For example, at the very beginning of the swimming season (May, beginning of June), when there are relatively few tourists, competing private traders willingly reduce prices so that their housing does not stand idle. Therefore, rest in Abkhazia (private sector) can be more than budget. Hospitality of locals is at a height: they often come to train stations or central bus stops to meet holidaymakers. During this period, the most modest offers will cost: for a room within 600-700 rubles, and for an apartment - 1,000-1,200 rubles per day.

vacation in abkhazia private sector

At the height of the holiday season, prices are rising. The most profitable and attractive objects, as a rule, are already booked in advance. Finding housing before the trip will be more difficult, and prices on average will rise by 200-400 rubles.

The same prices remain in August.This month has the hottest days in Abkhazia, so it would not be superfluous to pay extra for an air-conditioned room. At this time, the average price of housing varies from 700 to 900 rubles per day.

In September and October, there is already an outflow of tourists, which again returns the benefit to spontaneous travel.

Rest in Abkhazia on the beach in the private sector

Relaxing at the very shore of the sea is an ideal vacation option. The private houses stretching along the coastline fully satisfy the demand of tourists.

If you want to relax in a separate room, where no one will disturb or disturb you, in this case apartments will suit you. This is usually one or two bedroom apartments. With this desire, you need to have a budget of 1,000-1,200 rubles per day.

Accommodation cheaper by the sea is easy to find. Most often these are small rooms in one-story buildings or houses. There are options where apartments are rented in the nearest high-rise buildings. Here the choice is huge, prices range from 600 to 900 rubles per day.

Abkhazia private sector on the coast

If you decide to relax with the whole family, the ideal rental home. During the day you will give about 2,000 rubles, it all depends on the city.

Room with the presence of a TV in a mini-hotel will cost you 1 100-1 400 rubles per day, which is undoubtedly more expensive than the options presented.

Consider the two most popular options.


This is one of the most popular resorts of Abkhazia. Holidays in the private sector by the sea or in the depths of the city - there is the largest variety of options offered all year round. From simple, inexpensive rooms and apartments to luxury cottages and guest rooms.

Abkhazia rest private sector on the shore

Virtually all of the premises offered for rent are located along the coast. Therefore, prices are determined depending on the availability of facilities and the quality of the accommodation itself.

Historical and cultural heritage, Seaside Park, boarding houses and old hotels - all located in the area of ​​Old Gagra. There you can also find offers from private traders. In New Gagra everything is more diverse. It concerns housing. Here you will find what suits you: cottages, houses, apartments, cozy rooms and rooms.

Remove housing in Gagra

For local residents, renting housing for rent remains a good source of income, and in the swimming seasons - one of the main ones.

Very often, there are problems in finding housing, for example, fraudsters or intermediaries who take a percentage of the rental price.Spending time searching for suitable housing and finally agreeing not on the most advantageous offer - this moment will upset any tourist. It also happens that assessing the quality of rented housing is possible only after its payment. At the height of the season, it is very difficult to find even a simple room.

Abkhazia private sector by the sea

As a rule, prices in the high season can jump, be it an apartment or a simple room. Calculate the budget should be based on travel time.

The most modest option are private rooms in private or guest houses. Rest in such a holiday will cost 600-700 rubles per day. There are proposals and up to 1 000 rubles, but such proposals almost instantly understand. Therefore, it is better to book accommodation in advance. For example, a room in the guest house "Aquarelle" will cost you 700 rubles. For the money you get a large spacious room, ironing facilities, satellite TV and Wi-Fi, a washing machine and excursion services. At the same time, the sea is only 10 minutes walk, and the center is only 8. The same conditions are offered by the guest house "Radiant". It is located right on the beach, and the nearest shop is only 2 minutes away.

The price range for booking apartments in the private sector of Gagra for the summer season varies from 1,500 to 3,000 rubles per day. Here also the main role is played by the quality of the object and its convenience.

Cases with whole houses and cottages are a little different: there is a very large variation in prices. Fully rent a cottage or a house can cost 1 600 rubles, and maybe 15 000 rubles per day. This option is suitable for families and large companies.


Rest in Abkhazia in the summer in the private sector is possible in the city of Pitsunda as an alternative to sanatoriums and boarding houses. However, as elsewhere in resorts, renting housing for rent is the main source of income for the local population in the hot season.

The private sector is very comfortable and located far from the center of the resort - mainly near the shore of Pitsunda Bay. But there is the possibility of renting in other areas of the city: near the relic grove that separates the city from the sea, or in the upper city. It all depends on the direction of your holiday. If you want to spend it more on the seashore, then, unconditionally, the best option would be to rent a house near the bay. And if the purpose of your trip - attractions, it is better to choose an option in the city. In any case, the sea can be reached on foot in a few minutes.

Remove housing in Pitsunda

Renting a house here can be cheaper than in other areas of Abkhazia. Especially on the threshold of the beginning of the swimming season or its end.

Of course, the search for housing at the very last moment can lead to undesirable consequences: a very limited number of options, more risk to contact scammers or to get housing that will be worse in quality than originally thought. If you want to rent a house for 2-3 days, then this can also turn into a problem. It is more profitable for many private owners to rent premises for 5 or more days.

Abkhazia rest private sector on the seashore

Prices here vary considerably due to such factors: distance from the sea, availability of service and amenities, location.

The most modest option is a room in a private house, which will cost 590 rubles per day. With the comfort here is a bit difficult: a bath and a toilet are shared (for several living rooms). The rooms themselves, according to reviews of tourists, are quite spacious.

A more expensive option would be a room in the guest house. There will be a TV and air conditioning. In the courtyard you can find gazebos and a communal pool. But the bath here is also intended for collective use.Usually they ask for these from 1,300 rubles and more.

But there are offers and more budget. Guest house on Shaumyana, 30, in Alahadzi offers comfortable rest for only 800 rubles. All important infrastructure facilities are located within 10 minutes walk. In the room you will find ironing facilities, satellite TV, Wi-Fi, a washing machine.

Apartments in the form of an apartment will cost 1,000 rubles per day (the cheapest option). A small house with several rooms for 300-500 rubles more expensive. Such offers are found both in the city center and on the seashore.

Guest house "Pitsunda" offers relaxation in spacious rooms for 1 500 rubles. The price includes ironing facilities, TV, Wi-Fi, washing machine, safe, laundry and sightseeing services. Each room has its own kitchen, and there is a special playground for children. Also here are the services of a massage therapist, hairdresser, sewing workshop, manicure and pedicure.

On the shore there are other resort towns.

New Athos

In comparison with other resorts of Abkhazia, housing prices in the private sector and their location here are not very different.The city itself is located 80 km from the border with Russia. The resort itself is small, but local infrastructure is developed at the highest level.

It is surrounded by mountains and forests. On the territory of the city itself there are a large number of attractions: waterfalls, temples, manors, caves.

The swimming season opens in April and lasts until October. The beaches are covered with pebbles, there is a good rest with children.


It is the capital of Abkhazia, located in the bay, with a private sector by the sea and in the city itself.

Weather conditions are slightly different: the city is located much more southward than other resorts, therefore, the air temperature is higher on average.

Vacation in Abkhazia in summer private sector

And yet it is included in the list of the best resort cities in the country. The only difference from other resorts of Abkhazia is that not only people come here to relax by the sea, but also for treatment with mineral waters and clean mountain air. In the city itself there is a huge number of historical and cultural monuments. Housing prices and food here are similar to prices in Gagra.

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Holidays with private accommodation in Abkhazia: reviews and photos of tourists 84

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