"Hexicon" - a cheap equivalent. Reviews and comparison of drugs

Women with diseases of the sexual sphere are often assigned vaginal suppositories. They can be produced in the form of water-soluble or have a fatty basis. The purpose of the drugs is different. Some adjust the hormones, others contribute to the normalization of the natural microflora. Often, gynecologists prescribe antiseptic drugs for vaginal use to their patients. Such drugs are designed to reduce inflammation, destroy pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi or viruses), and they also help to restore damaged mucous membranes.

To date, one of the sales leaders has become the drug "Hexicon". Analogs, cheap or more expensive, are also in demand, but practice shows that for uncomplicated infections, this particular vaginal antiseptic is prescribed to women.

Hexicon cheap analogue

Drug description

Before looking for a substitute for suppositories "Hexicon" (cheap analogue), the instructions for use must be studied by each consumer. The information obtained will help you choose the alternative correctly. First, you should pay attention to the composition of the drug. This will allow not only to find a replacement, but to choose the most similar drug: a structural analogue. One suppository "Hexicon" contains 16 milligrams of the active substance, which is called chlorhexidine digluconate. For the basis of the manufacturer uses an additional component: polyethylene oxide.

Each package of the drug "Hexicon" contains 1 or 10 vaginal suppositories. The cost of this drug is about 300 rubles, but can vary from 250 to 340 in different pharmacies. One candle in a pack will cost the consumer 60 rubles. You can buy the drug in most outlets without a medical prescription. However, this should not encourage patients to use candles for self-treatment.

The drug "Hexicon", a cheap equivalent or expensive substitute for any manufacturer based on the same active ingredient has an antiseptic effect.The drug with chlorhexidine is effective against viruses, fungi, gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. This versatility of an antiseptic allows you to use it for many gynecological diseases in women. Use during pregnancy and lactation is permissible only on prescription.

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When does the need for the selection of analogue?

Antiseptic vaginal suppositories are usually well tolerated by patients, so the need to find a substitute often arises from the desire to save. Naturally, consumers want to buy an inexpensive and effective drug. It should be remembered that it should have the same healing properties. It also pushes the search for substitutes in the absence of the drug Hexicon in the pharmacy. In this case, a cheap equivalent or a more expensive medicine will not be important for women. Patients want to quickly treat, rather than wander through the pharmacy chains in search of the prescribed antiseptic. In both cases, the replacement medication should be chosen along with the doctor. Otherwise, you risk acquiring a drug that is ineffective in this situation.

Has "Hexicon" analogues are cheap and expensive.The need for their use may occur due to contraindications to the use of the claimed medication. Candles "Hexicon" can not be used in case of hypersensitivity to the active substance. If at the time of treatment the patient has been diagnosed with dermatitis or allergic reactions of any manifestation, then antiseptic candles with chlorhexidine should also be abandoned. What kind of substitute in this case will be safe - the doctor will tell.

What to replace "Hexicon": a cheap equivalent

There is a suppository substitute that will help you save. If you need to change the candles "Hexicon" for a cheap analogue with the same component - choose the drug "Chlorhexidine". This tool is available in the form of a solution for external and local use. The cost of a bottle containing 100 ml of medicine is no more than 20 rubles.

If you refer to the instructions, you can find out that suppositories are prescribed for the treatment of vaginitis of bacterial and viral origin, fungal infections. In order to prevent the drug used for sexually transmitted diseases. Suppositories are also used to restore the mucous surfaces of the vagina during inflammation, for disinfection before and after surgery.Chlorhexidine solution is administered for the same purpose. As you can see, distinguishes drugs release form. If candles "Hexicon" are introduced into the vagina, then their substitute "Chlorhexidine" is used for douching.

Hexicon cheap analogue and instructions

Absolute substitute drug

There is a cheap analogue of the drug "Hexicon" - candles "Chlorhexidine." They contain the same component and have all the same properties as the claimed drug. A package containing 10 suppositories will cost 110-130 rubles to the consumer. This is half as much as with Hexicon.

Analogs (cheap) in Russia are also sold without a prescription. Candles "Chlorhexidine" coincide with the declared drug not only in composition, but also converge by the release form. For the preparation of this analog manufacturer uses macrogol. It is contraindicated to use the vaginal agent "Chlorhexidine" only in case of hypersensitivity to its components.

Candles "Hexicon-D"

Has the drug "Hexicon" (candles) analogues are cheap, relative to other means. But at the same time, this substitute is somewhat more expensive than the original medicine. The drug "Hexicon-D" - suppositories, which include 8 milligrams of chlorhexidine digluconate. The cost of 10 candles ranges from 300 to 340 rubles.

This kind of medicine is produced by the same manufacturer as Hexicon. The difference in the preparations is only in the amount of the active substance per one suppository. Distinguished by the substitute "Hexicon-D" is also the fact that it is recommended to use it in childhood. The use of this drug in adults requires to double the single dose (from 8 to 16 mg).

Hexicon cheap analogue in pharmacies

Vaginal "Depantenol"

This is not to say that this substitute drug "Hexicon" is cheap. Analogue in pharmacies costs about 550 rubles, which is almost two times more expensive than the original drug. Despite this, the drug "Depantenol" in the form of candles is very popular. The fact is that this remedy contains not only 16 mg of chlorhexidine digluconate, but also 100 mg of dexpanthenol.

Distinguishes this substitute from the original means the principle of action. Candles "Depantenol" have not only an antiseptic effect. They also contribute to the regeneration of damaged tissues, accelerate the metabolic process. This drug, unlike its predecessor, is more often prescribed after surgical interventions on the cervix and vagina.The drug is approved for use during lactation and pregnancy. Contraindicated use only in case of intolerance to active substances.

Preparations based on iodine: "Iodoxide" and "Betadine"

Vaginal candles "Betadine" can be called a substitute for the drug "Hexicon". This analogue contains povidone-iodine. The drug has an antiseptic and disinfectant effect, as well as "Hexicon". The cost of this medication is higher than the claimed funds. A pack of 14 candles costs 500-600 rubles. If you refer to the annotation, you can find out that the course of treatment with Betadine requires 14 suppositories. With “Hexicon” therapy, you may need 20 (one each morning and evening for ten days). If we compare drugs on this side, we can say that this substitute for the drug "Hexicon" is a cheap equivalent.

The use of candles "iodoxide" - a more profitable solution. This drug costs 300-350 rubles for ten suppositories. It has an antimicrobial effect on the vaginal mucosa. The course of treatment lasts 7-14 days. Do not use iodine-based drugs for people with hypersensitivity and thyroid disease.Prohibited such funds in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, and in the first apply only on doctor's prescription.

Hexicon cheap analogue of the photo

Antifungal suppositories

What drug Hexicon has is a cheap equivalent, and the instruction will not tell you. However, the abstract will help to pick it up. Pay attention to the principle of suppositories. They are prescribed to achieve an antifungal effect. This means that many vaginal capsules, relieving thrush, will be an alternative to the described medication. These tools include:

  • Clotrimazole - 100 rubles;
  • Candid B6 - 90 rubles;
  • "Ginesol 7" - 300 rubles;
  • "Pimafungin" - 200 rubles;
  • "Nystatin" - 60 rubles.

Popular "Terzhinan"

The vaginal capsules "Verzhinan" also became an alternative to the drug "Hexicon". The cost of 10 tablets is 450 rubles. This is 100 rubles more than the claimed medication. But candles "Terzhinan" are considered more effective. One course of this medication allows you to get rid of vaginitis, trichomoniasis, candidiasis and inflammation. While “Hexicon” will need to be reused, carrying extra costs.

Candles "Terzhinan" banned for use by women with increased sensitivity to their components (neomycin, ternidazole, nystatin and prednisone).But during pregnancy and lactation they are prescribed quite often.

hexicon cheap analog reviews

Consumer reviews about suppositories "Hexicon" and their substitutes

Women praise suppositories "Hexicon". Cheap analogue - reviews report - not always possible to find. If you study drugs of a similar effect, you can find out that most of them are more expensive than the claimed remedy. Therefore, without good reason, there is no point in looking for an alternative. The medicine "Hexicon" is effective and safe. It is prescribed even during pregnancy. It copes with its task.

Recognized substitutes of the drug are also recognized as effective. Some drugs — women say — cause a burning sensation in the vagina after an injection. However, it disappears in a few minutes. The main disadvantage of using the drug "Hexicon" and its analogues is that after the introduction of the suppository, you must be in a horizontal position.

What to choose?

Should I look for a substitute for the drug "Hexicon"? A cheap analogue, the photo of which is given for your attention (“Chlorhexidine” candles), is advisable to choose if you do not have the financial ability to purchase the medicine prescribed by the gynecologist.

When looking for an alternative, always consider the individual characteristics of your own body. For example, pregnant women should prefer the candles "Terzhinan" or "Chlorhexidine." In the first trimester, you can use tools based on iodine, but if there are no other contraindications for this. Before choosing a substitute, it is necessary to consult a doctor. Do not deviate from the received recommendations, otherwise the treatment may be ineffective. In this case, you will have to purchase additional medicines, spending your budget.

Hexicon cheap analogue application


Today you were able to find out if Hexicon has a cheap equivalent, and what treatment will be more beneficial. Despite the availability and known safety of the described drugs, they should not be purchased and used independently. Remember that such treatment is prescribed by a specialist only after tests performed.

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