Herbalife: reviews of doctors. Herbalife: side effects, contraindications

What is Herbalife? We will look at the reviews of doctors, the composition and purpose of products a little later, but first let us say that this is a company that was the first in the 90s to start selling its products through network marketing, attracting a large number of people. In those days, their products did not differ in low prices, but legends were circulated about them. Miraculous pills guaranteed complete deliverance from serious diseases and a significant weight loss.

Of course, today the times have changed, and not one but at least ten large companies are already involved in the spread of dietary supplements, and the consumer has more access to information in order to have a basis for healthy criticism. But even today, Herbalife continues to operate on the market. Reviews of doctors warn people to take uncontrollably any drugs, including dietary supplements, but often the temptation is too great.The purpose of this article is to objectively consider the products of this company so that it would be easier for each of us to make our choice.

history of the company

Probably many of you remember how in the 90s the company gained scandalous popularity. There was open advertising, people with badges and leaflets on the streets, promises of all sorts of benefits. The market of those years could not yet provide honest consumer information about all the properties of the product being purchased.
herbalife reviews of doctorsIt is easier to provide a panacea for all diseases than a healthy food system, which should be a quality product. Hence the wave of negativity, which made distributors "go underground". Today, everyone already knows that the magic pills do not exist, and this forces us to change the system of providing information about products and distributors of Herbalife. Reviews of doctors emphasize that the rational use of these drugs can not harm, but even without them you can easily do by going to a healthy diet.

Initially, Herbalife products were presented as a means for easy weight loss. The idea of ​​such a weight loss excited the minds and stimulated purchases, but since there are no miracles,deceived consumers raised the scandal. When the passions subsided, the company continued its activities and is still working. It distributes its products exclusively through the dealer network, using the principles of network marketing. You will not find these drugs on the shelves of pharmacies or shops, but you can always order them through intermediaries in your city.

Is it possible to lose weight with Herbalife?

This question worries those who want to purchase Herbalife products. Reviews of doctors are very similar, they all say that losing weight is real and possible, but it is easy to achieve without spending huge amounts of money on the company's products. By themselves, these supplemental cocktail miracles will not do. They only provide a more comfortable low-calorie diet, due to which weight loss occurs. Despite the incredulous attitude towards these drugs, they will help to lose weight, but the effect will appear not due to the magic effect of the pills, but because of compliance with the recommendations of the company's consultant. These rules are truisms, nutritionists talk about them, but we often dismiss them.Herbalife products are some guarantee that a person will comply with the recommendations, it’s not for nothing that he spent so much money to purchase a set of special products.

What causes changes in the body?

All people who come to the company to purchase goods receive advice from an independent representative. Herbalife products are only one component of the whole process, which will return you youth, beauty and health. One of the basic tenets states that it is necessary to reduce the caloric intake by at least 30% of the norm, which is 2000 kcal per day. In order for the recommendation to be individual, it is necessary to calculate the body mass index, and based on this, calculate the calorie rate.
herbalife reviews of endocrinologists

But there are consultants who, without any calculations, recommend cutting the diet to 1000 or even 700 kcal per day. As you already understood, such a reduction in caloric intake can be ensured without switching to special cocktails — it is enough to visit a nutritionist or independently on the tables to calculate what you can eat in a day. By removing from the diet everything fried, fatty and sweet, you are surprised to findthat you can consume a sufficiently large number of healthy products (kefir, cottage cheese, fish, cereals, vegetables and fruits), while not exceeding the normal rate of calories.

The second recommendation is to drink plenty of water. Familiar, is not it? But often people neglect this rule. We drink a little, not because the body does not need water. Simply, we are not accustomed to drink water, preferring tea, coffee or juice. But this is not the liquid that the body needs, as a result, the person swells up and decides to drink even less. Therefore, it is necessary to find a way to save precious liquid. Start drinking the prescribed rate, one and a half to two liters per day, and you will see how the edemas disappear and the weight decreases. If you have serious kidney disease, then consult your doctor first. This recommendation should be followed regardless of whether you are accepting Herbalife. Side effects are a separate topic, and we'll talk about this a little later.

A prerequisite for safe weight loss is to provide the body with all the necessary trace elements, vitamins and nutrients. Consultants will assure that Herbalife products are the only nutritional option that, despite its reduced calorie content, will give the body a complete set of essential elements.For this purpose cocktails, bars, drinks and other products of the company are used. In fact, together with a nutritionist, you can develop a complete diet that will consist of available foods and contain a reduced amount of calories. The basis should be vegetables and fruits, complement their protein and dairy products, whole grains, nuts. Vitamin complexes will help optimize your diet at the time of active weight loss, when you have to adhere to the most stringent restrictions in food.
herbalife prices

The last recommendation is physical and sports loads. Indeed, in order to lose weight and look good, you need to walk regularly, do exercises, do all possible exercises. Again, the question arises, how necessary is Herbalife nutrition, while respecting all these points. The only thing that fundamentally distinguishes balanced cocktails from regular meals is the lack of need to monitor the amount and caloric content of food consumed - everything is already thought out for you.

Composition of drugs and quality control

For the manufacture of drugs using only natural, plant materials, and no chemical components.There may be many ingredients, for example, in the Formula 1 cocktail to control their weight over 30. Each of them is checked for quality and safety. A special laboratory examines the concentration of vitamins in the substance, the content of heavy metal salts in the extract from the roots of plants, and even checks the finished products for authenticity. It is impossible to pour the chamomile powder into the capsule for ginseng root - the machine will not miss.

The company works directly with farmers who grow crops only for Herbalife. Prices, of course, are not too low, but for this money you get the highest quality. Fields of green tea are grown in China, and aloe vera in Mexico. Near the fields are industrial complexes, which immediately process the resulting raw materials and transfer it as a finished material to the central point. All production is certified, which means you do not have to worry about quality. Herbalife products are the result of the well-coordinated work of a number of industrial complexes, each of which is thoroughly checked.

The cost of production is also an important factor.Cocktail for weight loss costs 1850 rubles. One can is designed for 22 servings, which means you need 2.5 cans per month for weight loss, and to maintain a weight of 1.5 packages. The cost of the mixture is about 1,560 rubles, this is enough for 40 servings. Protein bars will cost you 890 rubles, in a package of 7 pieces, each of which contains only 200 calories, but is able to replace a full meal of salmon with vegetables. Teas and pills are absolutely safe energies that give you the opportunity to overcome drowsiness and appetite. Their cost is approximately 900 rubles per pack. One pack is enough for a month.

Nutritious cocktails. Can they be a complete substitute for food?

Not a single cocktail can completely replace food intake, so you will not need to learn from breakfast, lunch and dinner.Herbalife productsIn general, the replacement of food depends on your goals. If you need to lose a significant amount of kilograms, the consultant can advise you Herbalife-cocktails for losing weight twice a day. The third meal should be normal, preferably breakfast or lunch. After the weight returns to normal, the consultant may issue a recommendation to replace one meal with a protein shake.At the same time a glass of milk with the addition of the mixture turns into a nutritional drink, which contains only 200 kcal. If you do not like its taste, you can add strawberries or bananas, while the caloric content does not increase at all.

How does Herbalife work?

We have considered to consider food "Herbalife" a magical means for losing weight. In fact, manufacturers call it not a medicine or even a dietary supplement, but a complete nutrition program. Products contain substances necessary to supply all the cells of the body. The composition includes numerous trace elements, vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts, as well as extracts of wild plants and herbs that are extremely beneficial for our body. All components are well balanced and present in the required proportions. That is why it is possible to saturate all the cells of the body with the substances necessary for them.

All products, getting into the stomach, greatly increase in volume. This gives a long feeling of satiety, saving us from overeating, and the stomach from a long digestion of large amounts of heavy food. In short, one serving of a cocktail is equal to two hearty lunches, and at the same time the caloric content is less at times.In fact, the Herbalife diet is a simple low-calorie diet, when two meals are replaced with special cocktails and ordinary foods are eaten for lunch. As in the case of any such programs, there is a danger of gaining weight after the course. To avoid this, it is necessary to completely change the lifestyle and permanently consolidate the result. Otherwise, in a short time the kilograms will return with an appendage. The Herbalife company today begins to work on its damaged reputation, providing people with reliable information about products, not presenting it as a recipe for eternal youth and beauty, as before.

Can Herbalife replace medicines?

Previously, such questions were often asked about Herbalife products. Reviews of endocrinologists refute this myth. No dietary supplement can replace drugs. The use of these products does not guarantee a healthy life, but only reduces the risk of developing diseases. This is just a healthy diet, due to which your body receives the necessary substances in the optimal amount, and the stomach does not have to digest harmful,heavy food.
herbalife side effects

As a result, you will have more energy, you will look good and feel great. But this is only if you are healthy. For any existing disease, you should consult with your doctor about the reception of each product in this series. Consultants are not doctors, they sell food, not drugs, this is what everyone who is interested in Herbalife products should know about. The prices are very high, so the sellers often distort information, and miraculous properties are attributed to cocktails.

The benefits and harms from taking "Herbalife"

We have already analyzed in some detail what is included in the Herbalife products. The composition is absolutely natural: it is a protein powder, coarse fibers that swell in the stomach and give a feeling of fullness, as well as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This complex is a simplified version of nutrition. According to official data, in these preparations there are no toxic, narcotic, and other dangerous or harmful substances that may pose a threat to human life. That is, you can safely take "Herbalife".

Harm most often lies in the work of the distributors themselves.Pursuing mercantile goals, they convince people with serious illnesses that the drugs will save them from all evils. There are real cases when patients with oncology, endocrine and other dangerous diseases have been “treated” for a long time by such consultants who do not have a medical education. Needless to say, delaying with this treatment did not give anything good.

I would like to highlight one more thing that concerns Herbalife products. Harm these drugs do not cause, but the benefits of a big question. It all depends on the overall health of the person. The benefit from the use of products is observed only among those who believe in the result and follow all the recommendations for losing weight. You can talk about the "placebo effect", because, following all the listed recommendations, you can lose weight without any cocktails and bars. The therapeutic effect of the products was not confirmed, as well as properties for burning fat. To lose weight, you must adhere to the principles of healthy eating and exercise. With improper lifestyle and nutrition nutritional supplements are ineffective.

We make a decision

The big minus of Herbalife products is side effects. Most often it is an allergy to herbal ingredients. If you are prone to this disease, then use caution. In any case, to lose weight, you need to contact specialists who are able to accurately determine the cause of weight gain. It is not always possible to take "Herbalife". Contraindications to use are emotional dependence on food or eating problems. In this case, you need to seek help from a psychotherapist, and not to listen to the often incompetent consultants. Reception specialist costly, but the drugs are not cheap.herbalife contraindications

In fact, if there are no serious violations, then the weight is well reduced when drinking Herbalife cocktails. Contraindications for any chronic disease should be explained to you by your doctor, so do not neglect timely advice. But problems usually begin after the cessation of treatment. Turning again to the usual way of eating, a person begins to rapidly gain weight. Be prepared to completely change your lifestyle, once and for all go on a healthy diet.

Opinion of doctors

What do experts say about herbalife products? Reviews of endocrinologists completely dissuade us from having to buy such expensive products. They do not affect the metabolism, can not restore or improve it, as they are only food additives or regular food. To maintain your health is normal, you need to eat right, but every person can do it without any additives. To do this, you just need to balance your diet and not overeat.

Consumer reviews

There are many of them. Someone was deceived by consultants, and he remembered forever that it was impossible to get involved with this company. Others tried to lose weight, without changing their usual diet, squeezing muffins and chips with a protein shake. Of course, they got no result, after which they tell everyone that the product is useless. There is a third category of people who have significantly lost weight, maintaining a diet with the help of products "Herbalife", and then again gained weight. And finally, the latter, who abruptly changed their diet, stopped eating fat, fried and sweet, began to follow all the recommendations, and as a result realized that he could lose weight, doing the same thing without food additives.herbalife harm

The use of Herbalife products is not much different from any popular diet. The drugs themselves, judging by the reviews, only serve as an incentive to stick to the system. Therefore, draw conclusions, perhaps you should not overpay for food, even if balanced.

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