Henkel household chemicals: products, quality, features

Surely few people have heard of the manufacturer of household chemical goods.Henkel. ProductsThe company is extensive. It also includes a variety of tools for surface treatment, building sealants, adhesives, dry mixes, etc. It is these products most on the market.

The famous Persil washing powders, Bref sanitary ware antiseptics, detergents and fabric softeners are very popular among residents of the country. This article will tell in more detail about the well-known products of the manufacturer, their features and advantages.

Brand features

There is no doubt that among the multitude of powders and conditioners, people will opt for the German manufacturer. The Henkel brand has proven itself well throughout the world. The products are really high quality and have a reasonable price. More hostess accustomed to trust those companies that exist on the market for a long time.Henkel products

In addition to household chemicals, the manufacturer represents in the world market cosmetics and construction products. In our country, sealants, adhesives, surface treatment agents are very popular.HenkelLoctite Productsknown for its high adaptability, quality and reasonable cost. Household chemicals of the German manufacturer should be considered in more detail.

Persil powder

ConsideringProduct CatalogHenkel,It should be noted one of the most popular means, which is Persil.Henkel Loctite products

The first washing powder of the German company appeared in 1907. Then chemists from Germany managed to change the washing process. With the help of two components, they made a product that was not like today's bleaches. It helped the hostesses of the time to avoid the use of a washboard for laundry. The powder could, without an unpleasant smell, save this or that thing from a difficult stain.

Today, Persil is a huge variety of powders for washing black, white and colored things. There are even products that allow to get rid of stains at a temperature of 30 degrees.At the same time, Henkel employees are constantly improving their laundry detergents.

Vernel conditioners

Definitely, now no one will remember the slogan: "We are winning the toughness." But it was with him that Vernel products first appeared on the market for household chemicals. Even then it was possible to say with confidence that the written lines fully corresponded to the new variety.household chemicals "Henkel". The conditioner prevented the stiffness of the fabric after washing.Henkel product catalog

Many housewives still remember what happens to the laundry, washed with ordinary soap. It gets tough. Vernel was created to prevent this problem. And he always did it very well!

Air conditioners are now being supplied to the market, which can not only add amazing softness to underwear, but also give it a stunning aroma. The smell can be chosen at your own discretion.

Bref Powerful

In the lineupproductsHenkel household chemicalscharacterized by great diversity. There are not only powders and conditioners. There are also tools for cleaning plumbing.

Thanks to advertising, people began to think about how many bacteria are under the rim of the toilet bowl.The advantages of a Bref product are that it is not only able to exterminate all possible bacteria, but also is ready to add whiteness and freshness to the plumbing surface.Products Henkel household chemicals

Compared with funds from other companies, it is worth saying that this is a reliable product for cleaning and disinfection. Few can boast quality, time-tested.

Dishwashing liquid "Pemolux"

Even in the recent past, people used soda to clean dishes from food debris. Of course, this tool is quite effective. But on the street 21st century. Means for washing plates, spoons, cups and other kitchen utensils have appeared, which are capable of not only washing off even the most difficult washed fat, but also give the dishes an incredible freshness.Household chemicals Henkel

ProductsHenkel meets these qualities. She offers dishwashing detergent.Pemolux. Even the most exacting hostesses are happy with it. Unlike ordinary soda, it is several times better at dealing with grease and dirt. It is impossible not to appreciate its delicate and memorable scent. This will be able to appreciate not only the hosts, but also the guests who came.

Customer Reviews

Considering customer reviews, it should be said thatproductsHenkelhas long won the location and popular recognition. To date, very few people can compare with it. Unlike other brands, Henkel is always responsible for its quality. The manufacturer really cares about people.

Users of household chemicals of the German manufacturer leave many positive reviews in various sources. One of the highlights is also the price. Looking at the cost of competing products, you understand why German products are in high demand. Henkel combines high quality and reasonable price perfectly.

Many hostesses agree that it is necessary to be more attentive to new products. It is better to give preference to those companies that have not been on the market for the first year and have never failed customers for the entire period of their existence. This is true, according to reviews, for Henkel products. This brand appreciates the opinion of each customer, improves products in accordance with their requirements.

Having considered what features is differentproductsHenkel,we can say that it is worthy of the choice of domestic buyers. The high quality of household chemicals of the German brand is time tested.

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