He is a monument!

The monuments of the former leaders are finishing me. In every provincial hole there must be at least one such. A pile of non-ferrous metal, which can be used for processing.
Horseradish to color, we have a lot of it. The question is, who will bring up the monument to Lenin, Marx and Engels?

Photo: ekburg.tv
Big hypocrisy to say that the monuments can not be demolished.
Hypocrisy - when we rubbed that it is - our story. In our history there were people who deserve honor and a monument, and there were those who need to be raised from the graves and throw their bones to dogs.
What will teach the monument to Lenin? Or a bust of a revolutionary gangster, a theorist of an outdated social theory?
Yes, we should know the history, read in the textbooks about these people, but the monument is an honor.
Do people who kill people like garbage deserve such an honor? In my opinion, no.
Nikita Mikhalkov was indignant at what was happening in the Yeltsin Center. He was indignant with caution, with many reservations, but immediately received a hitting.
Yeltsin's widow screamed as if there was a fire. Naina Yeltsin is confident that her husband deserves a good memory of himself.

Where is the money from? Photo: museumspace.ru
Well, maybe. For Naina Iosifovna herself, for her daughters, for the “family”, Yeltsin was really great.
And who was he for the whole country?
I am still ashamed when I see a video of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Germany, where Boris Nikolayevich conducts the orchestra and almost falls “from fatigue”. I am ashamed that the country under his leadership for several years has evolved from a great empire to Western Guinea with rusty rockets in the mines.
It hurts me for pensioners, teachers, the military, who were degraded to the position of the dregs of society in the 90s. It is a shame for the gang lawlessness in the country, for the helplessness of the militia of that time, for the contemptuous attitude towards Russia at the international level, which we still know about.
All this is Yeltsin’s fault.
Such a person does not deserve a monument, an exhibition center, or a museum.
Yes, we need to know about him - read in books, archives, watch a documentary chronicle and film. But do not make the hero of the one who is not.
A monument, a museum - only those who have benefited the Motherland deserve them. Yeltsin, Lenin and others - not one of them.
Demolish monuments of bandits, tyrants.To carry out Lenin's corpse from the mausoleum and to rebuild the revolutionaries cemetery - they have no place to rest on Red Square.
Nikita Mikhalkov turned on the back. He said that against the closure of the Yeltsin Center. In vain. In my opinion, this is cowardice. It is simply necessary to close the museum, and to give a smart building as a nursing home.

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