Hand Numbness: Causes and Prevention

arm numbnessCauses of hand numbness

This condition can occur for various reasons. The most elementary is an uncomfortable posture for sleeping. If you lie in a certain position, and even on the wrong pillow, too low or too high, then the muscles of the neck are strongly strained, which leads to the clamping of blood vessels, and there is not enough blood to flow to the tissues. In this case, it will be necessary to fight by trial and error, put a pillow every evening so that in the morning the numbness of the hand does not bother you, try until you achieve a positive result. For men, there is another explanation for this problem, which is called first wedding night syndrome. If a girl falls asleep on the shoulder of her boyfriend, then the weight of the head will be quite enough for the artery to cover overnight and numbness of the arm.


Sometimes the hands go numb and not because of a simple posture, but because of internal problems in the body. In medicine, this is called "paresthesia."When your hands go numb in the morning, you can talk about the formation of a blood clot in the arteries, in which case you should immediately consult a doctor. If this is not done in time, then changes may occur in the tissues, which then cannot be corrected.

numbness of hands in sleepWork at the computer

The next reason for which numbness of the hands can occur in a dream is tunnel (carpal) syndrome. Such a problem is faced by people who have the main burden on the wrists, for example, working at a computer. A very narrow channel with the median nerve fits inside the fingers, it goes through the wrist. Therefore, if this channel narrows due to stress, there will be a little pain and numbness.


Often the numbness of the hand is due to a disruption of the spine, as a rule, the functioning of its cervical region. If you have frequent pain in the area just below the neck, then most likely you have osteochondrosis. Such pains have a pulling character, they are localized not only in the neck, but also pass into the hands.


If numbness occurs suddenly, without any of the reasons stated above, pay attention to your emotional background.Doctors say that limb numbness can be due to a strong mental disorder, fears and experiences.

How to deal with the problem

The treatment of hand numbness should begin with the elimination of the original problem. If these are violations of the way of life, then adjust it, if these are causes from the inside, then try to fight them.hand numbness treatmentIn any case, the numbness of the hands is associated with insufficient blood flow to the extremities. In order to alleviate the condition on your own, you should move more often. More walking, especially if you have a sedentary job and a sedentary lifestyle, little physical exertion. Do not choose cycling as an occupation, because you will also have to sit a lot, so the problem will not go away, but will only get worse. Take breaks during the working day, do not work at the computer for a long time, knit, work with tools, do hand exercises every half hour or hour, then the numbness of the hand due to pinching the wrist channel does not threaten you.

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