Gymnastics for the neck - a sure way of healing

In today's world, where a huge number of peoplelead a sedentary lifestyle, more patients of different ages who have problems with the spine, complain of constant pain in the neck. Good results, able to eliminate pain and improve a person's condition, gives gymnastics for the neck. Such exercises should be done only after appropriate consultation with your attending physician, since amateur performance on such a serious matter can lead to irreparable consequences.

Gymnastics for the neck requires extreme accuracy inperforming certain exercises. Also their sequence is important. You can not cut back on the time of the exercises. Gymnastics for the neck gives the best result when doing the complex 6-8 times a day.

One of the most advanced and efficient complexesexercises is a therapeutic gymnastics for the neck by the method of Mackenzie. It is based on decades of clinical experiments, scientific research and the practice of thousands of patients. At the beginning of the performance of this complex, painful sensations can arise, caused by the performance of unusual movements for the body. As the session continues, all the painful sensations will pass after a couple of days.

This gymnastics for the neck consists of 7 exercises, which must be performed 10 times:

1.Taking the head back (when doing the exercise, some effort is needed). Sitting on a chair and looking forward, completely relax. The head should be slightly tilted forward. Slowly, but with effort, take your head back to the stop. Try to press your chin. Fix this position of the head for a few seconds, after which you can relax.

2. Extension of the neck sitting.Sitting on a chair, raise your chin and try to throw your head back, trying to look up at the ceiling. In this position, you need to turn your head slightly to the right several times, and then to the left.

3. Leaving the head in a prone position. Lying on a flat and hard surface face up, pinned back in the mattress and simultaneously pulling the chin to the neck.

4. Extension of the neck in a prone position.Lying on the bed face up and gently supporting the head with your hand, move to the edge of the bed in such a way that the head and neck, as well as the upper part of the shoulders protruded beyond its edge. Slowly lower your head towards the floor, supporting it with your hand. Slowly remove the hand and tilt the head and neck as far back as possible. Turn your head a few times from side to side. With the help of a hand, return it to the initial position.

5. Neck slopes to the sides. Sitting on a chair, tilt your head in different directions.

6. Rotation of the neck. Sit on a chair and pull your head back as much as possible. From this position, turn your head as far as possible from side to side.

7. Flexion of the neck in the sitting position.Sitting in a chair and looking in front of you, relax. Lower your head so that your chin is as close to your chest as possible. Clasp your hands on the back of your head. Lower your arms so that your elbows are heading down.

This gymnastics for the neck will help get rid ofchronic pain in the cervical spine caused by osteochondrosis. Even with acute pain, it is necessary to try to do exercises # 1, 2. They will help relieve acute pain and allow you to feel relief. As soon as a sharp pain passes, you can begin to perform the whole complex of exercises.

These exercises can be attributed to the category"Gymnastics for the face and neck", because during the implementation of the complex is activated subcutaneous tissue, the muscles not only the neck, but also the face. Improvement of blood circulation under the influence of this gymnastics helps to improve the complexion and tone of the skin. At the same time, the skin becomes elastic and taut.

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