Milk cocktail "Good Morning"

Unfortunately, not all babies love ordinary milk and that, moreover, it must be in their diet. We derive a lot of useful information from dairy products. With regard to my own spinos, I found a good way how to write the treasured milk in their menu. I'm just making milk shakes for them as a supplement to breakfast. I want to share one such recipe under the simple title “Good Morning”.
Milk cocktail "Good Morning"

For a milkshake, you will need (per one serving):
- a glass of pasteurized milk;
- Four tablespoons of sour cream;
- half a banana;
- three teaspoons of sugar;
- a small chocolate or candy cane.
We cut the banana as we please (you can, for example, cut it into circles).
Milk cocktail "Good Morning"

Three chocolate grated.
Milk cocktail "Good Morning"

In the milk we add sour cream and a banana. Beat the blender. The resulting cocktail is poured into a suitable dish and lightly sprinkled with grated chocolate.
Milk cocktail "Good Morning"

Kids, for that matter, and adults, will love it!

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