Gold composition

Gold is a metal with beautiful color and gloss, as well as high resistance to environmental factors. That is why it is very widely used for the manufacture of various jewelry.

Where is pure gold used

Pure gold can be found only in the form of ingots. Very rarely, it can be used to make exotic jewelry. Usually such jewelry is made by Japanese masters. In most cases, jewelers use an alloy of gold with other metals, which give the products the necessary strength. Indeed, in itself, gold is a very fragile and soft metal.

What is included in gold

Metals such as silver, copper or platinum are usually added to jewelry alloys of gold. They not only increase the strength of gold, but also affect its color. For example, silver brightens the natural color of gold, gives it a beautiful lemon shade. And adding copper to the gold alloy makes it a reddish hue. In this case, the more copper, the redder the color.

The chemical composition of gold

As we have already said, jewelers use not pure gold, but its alloys with various metals. The content in each such gold alloy can be learned from the sample. Currently, the following samples of gold alloys are used in Russia:

  • Gold 375 samples. It consists of: 38% gold, and the remaining 62% is copper and silver. The color of this alloy varies from bright yellow to red. The main disadvantage is that the products made of such gold fade very quickly.
  • Gold 500 samples. The composition of this alloy includes 50.5% pure gold and 49.5% mixture of copper and silver. The color of the alloy is determined by the percentage of silver, the higher it is, the brighter the color of gold.
  • The next test is gold 585. The composition of this alloy includes 59% gold and 41% of a mixture of nickel, palladium, copper and silver. This gold alloy is most widely used in the jewelry industry, because It has sufficient strength, hardness and low oxidation.
  • Gold 750 samples. The content of pure gold in this alloy is quite high and amounts to 75.5%. Nickel, palladium, copper, platinum and silver are used as impurities. The color of this alloy can be bright yellow, pink, red and even green. Used mainly for filigree jewelry.
  • Gold 958 samples.It is characterized by a high content of pure gold - 96.3%. This is a fairly soft alloy, with an unsaturated color. It is very easy to scratch and, therefore, for the manufacture of jewelry almost never used.
  • Gold 999 samples. This is almost pure gold, containing impurities in very small quantities. Gold bars are made of it.

White Gold: Composition

White gold is called gold alloys with palladium or platinum. Sometimes, white metal can contain both of these metals in different ratios. Platinum gold (an alloy of gold and platinum) is considered to be the most durable, beautiful, but at the same time the most expensive. The percentage of pure gold in the alloy is determined by the sample. Very often, white gold jewelry is covered with a thin layer of rhodium (give birth). White gold is an ideal setting for precious stones, especially diamonds.

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