"Gedeon Richter": company history, drugs

Gedeon Richter is the founder of the largest pharmaceutical company in Hungary. In our article you will learn how and thanks to which this manufacturer has become a leader in the global pharmaceutical market.

About the founder’s career

In 1897, a young Hungarian named Gedeon Richter graduated from the university with a degree in pharmacy. Then he went to Europe to study the pharmacy, laboratory and factory production of drugs. Admittedly, the young man was very lucky, because his family had large financial resources. In his early years, the future founder gained knowledge and experience in different countries. He studied in Germany, France, Italy and even England. It was there that he discovered a new direction in pharmaceuticals. After that, the young man is taken for the creation of hormonal and chemotherapeutic drugs.

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"Gedeon Richter": the history of the concern

In 1901, a talented pharmacist returns to his homeland. Soon he inherits a large sum of money. Having allocated small funds, a man bought a small pharmacy Arany Sas in the capital of Hungary (the city of Budapest), which translated into Russian means “golden eagle”. By the way, today the same pharmacy continues to function. After some time, the pharmacy Arany Sas turns into the company "Gedeon Richter". The fact is that at a pharmacy, a man opened his own laboratory, where he first developed and produced the first organ-therapeutic drugs. These drugs differed from all the others in that they were based on extracts from the glands of cattle.

Thus, the year 1901 is considered to be the year of the formation of the Gedeon Richter company, which to this day bears the name in honor of its creator. Five years of hard work opened new horizons for Richter. The scientist was allowed to open a factory, which later became a powerful pharmaceutical concern. Today on every continent there are several subsidiaries.

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What else did a great pharmacist do?

Prominent chemist Gedeon Richter was actively involved in various studies of drugs.As a talented economist and creator of production, he led and commanded the construction of the newest plant and the formation of an extensive marketing system for pharmaceuticals on an international scale.

But, unfortunately, the Second World War began. The man had the opportunity to leave Hungary in order to save his own life. However, Richter remained in his hometown. He believed that the disease does not know the class or national differences, and such sciences as pharmaceuticals and medicine should help everyone. Unfortunately, the ideology of fascism with militant antisemitism did not appreciate all the greatness of the human spirit, and soon the greatest pharmacist in the whole world fell victim to the fascists in 1944.

Hungarian Pharmaceutical Year

We have already told you that the manufacturer Gedeon Richter appeared on the market in 1901. It should be noted that this year as a whole was favorable for Hungary in the development of many directions. First, at this time in the state improved the health care system. Secondly, the industry of providing Hungarians with medicines began to be adjusted. Thirdly, in Budapest in 1876 adopted a lawin which it was noted that pharmacies in Hungary are an integral part of the health care system, henceforth functioning under state control. Fourthly, health insurance funds were opened, as well as various organizations and relevant ministries.

And most importantly, in 1901 a pharmaceutical management body began to function in Hungary. It was during this period that pharmacists established the foundations of experimental pharmacology, then specialized medical journals were published, as well as various periodicals devoted to pharmaceuticals. Further, not only domestic, but also international industry standards appear. And in the end, military pharmaceuticals are being created.

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Entering the global market

Thanks to the third Hungarian pharmacological code, which was published in 1909, the preparations "Gedeon Richter" became known to the whole world. This document regulated the quality and quantity of medicines. It was this code that opened up the possibility of Hungarian drugs entering the world pharmaceutical market.

Dizzy rise. Spectrum of drugs

This company developed rapidly, as its founder chose a priority direction in development. Joint-stock company began to develop organ-therapeutic drugs. The company launched the adrenaline of such a high degree of purification, which could not be reached by anyone before, the next year.

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It soon became possible to treat diseases associated with the thyroid gland and other endocrine pathologies, since pharmacists received thyroxin and diiodotyrosine. For the treatment of gynecological diseases, the drug Ovarium became available to patients. Multivitamins, insulins, hormones, painkillers - it all benefited not only the people of Hungary, but also citizens of other countries.

The last years of the life of the head of the concern

As mentioned above, Gideon Richter died tragically due to the established anti-Semitic regime in Hungary. This political system hampered the prosperity of the business and pharmacy career. The head of the corporation was removed from management positions only because Jewish roots were found in his relatives. These events put an end to the quiet life of the Richters.As a result of the persecution of the Jews, the founder of the plant was removed from the business He resigned with his family members.

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In 1942, the man could not even manage his own company and soon left the post of executive director.

In the spring of 1944, Hungarian Jews became victims of the fascist regime. Then more than 60 thousand citizens of Hungary were killed. The same year was tragic for the Richter family. In the spring, Gideon Richter was able to send his son out of the country, and a few days later, namely on March 19, 1944, the German troops occupied Budapest. Richter himself could leave his homeland. He received a letter from the Red Cross stating that he was granted asylum in Switzerland. He believed that he had sufficient immunity to avoid ethnic cleansing.

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In December of the same year, Richter and his wife hid in the house of their relatives. But on a cold December evening, a fascist detachment arrived at the Richters' house. Led the family out of the building. The couple moved behind the other prisoners. On the river bank, a man and a woman hugged each other for the last time, then the Nazis shot the prisoners. Their bodies were thrown into the river. The body of the scientist was not found.In the family crypt of this famous kind there is a gravestone monument. The body of the scientist is not there, but this cenotaph is a peculiar symbol for the pharmacist’s family. So the world has lost another outstanding scientist, the glory of which will be eternal!


For more than a hundred years, the pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter and its employees have been taking care of the health of the population of the whole planet. The plant continues the work of a talented Hungarian. Their main goal is to supply humanity with high-quality drugs with a wide range. The principles laid down by the founder are relevant even today.

Be healthy!

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