Gasification of the Moscow region until 2018

The Moscow Region’s development of the region has been approved. It includes at least 120 districts. The resolution was made on November 24, 2015. The resolution itself was dated December 20, 2004. Below we’re aware of this.

Gasification scheme of the Moscow region until 2018 and project financing

We are specifically interested in the year of 2018. In general, according to the decree, by 1770.00 million rubles will be allocated. This money is planned to be spent in 2018.

It has been noted that there should be no doubt that it has been possible to meet the requirements of the public sector.

It should be noted that it’s not necessary to pay for 30000.00 million rubles in time. To be precise - 27546.37 million rubles.

The gasification program of the region has been a premium to tariffs; funds of organizations and citizens; means of commercial loans and borrowings; other funds obtained from the Russian Federation.

District gasification works

Improving the quality of life in various regions of Russia

It’s possible that it’s 98.6% to the desired level.

For example, the development scheme is for the Moscow region. However, there is a 2020 inclusive rule of thumb.

It has been noted that the .

Improving their coverage

Let's go back to Moscow. Do you want to know how to use it in July 2011? This has been the most ambitious project since its inception. Approximately 2.5 times the first of throne were to be increased. In general, it was called "New Moscow". It was a reference to the New Delhi.

It was also a reference to “Greater London”. However, it was indicated that the text, despite the fact that it had been sympathized with the government of Moscow.

So, then we will talk about the gasification scheme of “New Moscow” until 2018. In terms of this, the names "Moscow Region", "Moscow Region" and "New Moscow" are synonymous. Of course, there are differences, but not about them now.

It’s not a matter of course, it’s inclusive, it’s going to be on January 1, 2005. It’s a little bit more progress.

Gas equipment

How are those involved in it?

According to the plan, the gasification of the Moscow region during 2018 will cost 1770.00 million rubles on everything about everything. This is a project. We will try to identify the main ones.

It is a policy of the region. It is the same PMU MO "Mosoblgaz", which will be the direct assistants.

Together, these organizations will be able to introduce progressive technologies through gas distribution systems; create favorable conditions for work; increase investment attractiveness, etc.

It is a process to ensure that there is a difference in terms of the number of organizations involved in the business. To accomplish these tasks, the Moscow region will be reformed.

Improving living conditions in the Moscow region

It is a fact that (it is planned that these two changes will be interconnected); an increase in tax revenues.

There is a separate item.

Gasification scheme

Copy of the project document

If you’re looking at what you’re looking for . December 20, 2004 is the Program “Development of Gasification in the Moscow Region until 2025”. The latest changes were made on November 24, 2015.

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