Galina Bob: photo, filmography, biography, the personal life of the actress and interesting facts

Galina Bob is a talented actress who was remembered by the audience thanks to the TV series “Deffchonki”. In this TV show she convincingly played the amorous but indecisive Masha Bobylkin. By 33 years, this girl had time to light up in about 20 films and TV shows. What is the story of a celebrity?

Galina Bob: family, childhood

The star of the series "Diffonki" was born in Penza, it happened in November 1984. Galina Bob was born in a family far from the world of dramatic art. Her parents were in business.

photo by Galina Bob

As a child, Galya dreamed not about the acting profession. The girl was seriously fond of ballroom sports dances. It was with this occupation that she intended to link her life, but fate decided otherwise.


After graduation, Galina Bob became a student at the Russian State University of Physical Education. The girl easily entered the faculty of sport dancing.Her training continued until 2006.

actress Galina Bob

In 2004, Galina unexpectedly passed the entrance examinations for VGIK for everyone. Bob was taken to his workshop by Sergei Aldonin and Alexander Lenkov. She explained her decision by seeing a prophetic dream. Her admission to VGIK made her mom happy, who always wanted her daughter to become just an actress.

Back in her student years, Galina Bob joined the Guild of Cinema Actors of Russia. In 2008, she graduated from VGIK. She brilliantly played a key role in the graduation play “Be healthy, scholar!” Based on the work of Bulat Okudzhava.


The biography of Galina Bob indicates that after graduating from high school she worked for some time with the Stanislavsky Theater. “Romeo and Juliet”, “Glass of Water”, “The Master and Margarita” - performances in which the girl played bright roles.

In the play "Romeo and Juliet" Galina Bob played the role of Juliet

In 2009, the aspiring actress joined the creative team of the Mossovet Theater. At first, only small roles were entrusted to the VGIK graduate, then they began to assign more important tasks. “Men on weekends”, “Casting”, “Noise behind the scenes”, “I, grandmother, Iliko and Hilarion”, “Errors of one night”, “Three sisters”, “Inspector”, “In case of murder, please ...” - all sensational productions with her participation is not easy to list.

First roles

From the biography of Galina Bob, it follows that for the first time she was on the set in 2006. The girl made her debut in the bird drama “Andersen. Life without love ”by Eldar Ryazanov. Her role was episodic, but a start was made. Galina managed to overcome her fear of the camera.

This was followed by several more episodic roles. Novice actress lit up in the TV series "Trace", "Cossacks-robbers" and "Once there will be love," played in the film "Artist".

For the first time, Galina Dmitrievna Bob was able to attract the attention of viewers due to the TV series “Country Comedy”. In this TV show, the aspiring actress embodied the image of the metropolitan journalist Olga. Her heroine arrives in the outback on duty and unexpectedly falls in love with the rural simpleton Kostya Pyshkina. The situation is complicated by the fact that the beloved Olga is married. Marat Basharov brilliantly played the main male role in this series.

Film and television projects

Thanks to her bright role in “The Village Comedy”, she was able to attract the attention of not only the audience, but also the directors Galina Bob. Films and series with her participation began to go more often.In 2009, the actress appeared in the comedy melodrama "Ivanov". Many celebrities, for example, Alexey Serebryakov, Vladimir Ilyin, Valery Zolotukhin, Edward Martsevich, Bogdan Stupka, became colleagues in the set. Then she performed, albeit a minor, but bright role in the TV series "Zoya". Alexandra, the sister of the star of the Soviet cinema Zoya Fedorovskaya, became her heroine in this TV show.

Galina Bob in the TV series "Zoya"

Small roles went to the actress in the TV series "All the Better" and "Bodyguard 3". The image of Tony's plasterer she embodied in the film "Men's Women's Game." One of the key roles Galina performed in the drama "Carousel". The film tells the story of a man whom the former spouse intends to separate from his beloved son. The hero makes every effort to prevent the ex-wife from taking the child to Italy.

Finest hour

Actress Galina Bob felt the taste of real glory thanks to the comedy TV project “Deffchonki”, the first season of which was presented to the audience court in 2012. The series tells the story of four young girls from Saratov, who dream of conquering the capital.

Galina Bob in the TV series "Deffchonki"

In the TV project "Deffchonki" Galina assigned one of the key roles.Her character is the romantic dreamer Masha, who responds to the nickname “Bobylych”. The heroine wants to meet her love, but failures on a personal front literally pursue her. The actress liked to play Maria, since this character has a lot in common with her. For example, Galina is also able to blurt out something and only then think about what has been said. She is also quickly offended and quickly forgives her offenders.

The image of Masha Bobylkina was vivid and vibrant. Is it any wonder that the actress woke up famous after the release of the first series?


By 33 years old, the star of the TV series “Deffchonki” managed to light up in about 20 film and television projects. TV shows and movies with Galina Bob are listed below.

  • “Andersen. Life without love. ”
  • "Women's League".
  • "Artist".
  • "Track".
  • "Cossacks-robbers."
  • "Country comedy".
  • "Soldiers 16: Demob is inevitable."
  • "Ivanov".
  • "All goes to good".
  • "Carousel".
  • "Bodyguard 3".
  • "Men's women's game."
  • “Crazy Anniversary”.
  • “Deffchonki.”

Galina's latest achievement so far is the role of Kristina Zinchenko in the musical drama “Casting”.There are no information about the future creative plans of the star.

Love family

Of course, fans are not only interested in the creative achievements of the beloved artist. What happens in the personal life of Galina Bob? The actress met her future husband thanks to the work on the TV series “Deffchonki”. Sergey Koryagin - director of a humorous sitcom. Lovers are not embarrassed by a significant difference in age. For a while, Galina and Sergey just met, then began to live together.

Galina Bob with her husband

In September 2014, Koryagin and Bob got married, and in March 2015 a son was born in the family. The boy was called Leo. It is surprising that shortly before this, the heroine in the TV series “Deffchonki” “became pregnant” from the musician. The episode in which Maria Bobylkina examines two strips on a test, turned out to be somewhat prophetic.

Interesting Facts

Galina is very similar to the American movie star Scarlett Johansson. Some people even manage to confuse these girls. Bob has nothing against this comparison, as Johansson considers an attractive and talented actress.

In the series “Country comedy”, which helped her for the first time to attract the attention of viewers and directors, the actress starred with her teacher Alexander Lenkov. This man embodied the image of a Chinese, assistant rich businessman Bovt.

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Galina Bob: photo, filmography, biography, the personal life of the actress and interesting facts 78

Galina Bob: photo, filmography, biography, the personal life of the actress and interesting facts 79

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