Fragrant and crispy salty mushrooms

A little bit about mushrooms

Ryzhiki easy to learn in the woods. Their reddish heads stand out brightly among contrasting greenery. They usually grow in coniferous forests. Depending on the type of trees, fir or pine mushrooms are distinguished. The first are more delicate and fragile, and the second are stocky and dense. Such mushrooms grow in families, modestly hiding in dense foliage. Already in late July, you can safely take a basket and go into the forest for the little red beauties. Many consider boletus king of the forest. But there are those connoisseurs who would never agree with this opinion. They will never trade red forest treasure with a slightly perceptible resinous smell on any other mushroom.

Processing methods

salted mushroomsOnce the products are at home, they need to immediately find a use. You can immediately cook a salad or cook a fresh soup. But if there are a lot of mushrooms, then it is better to process and fold them for long-term storage, so that at any moment you can enjoy your favorite product.Usually, mushrooms are salted, pickled, preserved or pickled. Each person chooses a variant of his work according to his taste. The easiest way to prepare is salted mushrooms. In this form, mushrooms as well as possible retain their beneficial properties, appearance and original flavor.

Salting mushrooms

There are two main ways of salting: hot and cold. The difference between them is that in the first case, the mushrooms must first be boiled slightly or boiled over. But it is not necessary to do this. Salty mushrooms are much tastier if they are not subjected to additional heat treatment. Many people choose this option. There are a few more salting benefits. First, it does not require special dishes. Mushrooms are salted in jars, pots, pots, barrels and even buckets. Secondly, no additional spices are required for cooking. Only regular table salt. It is believed that aromatic additives only spoil the taste of the product. It is very easy to cook salted mushrooms in a cold way. This will require a bucket of fresh mushrooms and a half cup of salt. Further it is necessary to act as follows:

  1. Gifts of the forest must be sorted and cleaned.To do this, they do not necessarily wash in water. You can simply wipe with a damp cloth.
  2. Separate the cap from the legs. Small mushrooms can be taken whole.
  3. In a clean container, fold the prepared caps in rows of plates facing up.
  4. Pour each layer of salt so that it must fall on each fungus.
  5. Put a wooden circle wrapped in a clean cloth on top and set the oppression. It may be an ordinary stone. He will compress the product and the juice will immediately appear on the surface. Days after 40 mushrooms salted can be safely served to the table, seasoned with onion and vegetable oil.

What to cook

cooking mushroomsIn the fruitful year of salted mushrooms can get a lot. And what to do with them then? Do not eat the whole year alone salads. How else is it possible to cook mushrooms, which are already thoroughly salted? Do not be upset. There is a wonderful way out of this situation. You can make a wonderful soup from freshly salted mushrooms. It will turn out something like a hodgepodge, but much tastier. To do this, the following components are required: for 400 grams of mushrooms (mushrooms) as many mutton, 200 grams of ham, 2 onions, 1 leek, 2 cucumbers (fresh), 1 tablespoon of butter and flour, a teaspoon of lemon juice, parsley , a little sugar and celery greens.Preparing the soup in stages:

  1. Boil the lamb. You can add chopped parsley root and 1 onion to the broth.
  2. Salted mushrooms, rinse and cut. If necessary, they can be pre-soaked for a while in cold water.
  3. Red mushrooms and onions chopped and stewed in oil. At the end add chopped leek and greens.
  4. Ham cut into pieces and fall asleep in broth.
  5. Dilute flour with water and add a thin stream to boiling soup.
  6. At the very end of cooking, combine the meat with the stewed mushrooms, add the remaining products, bring to a boil and remove from the heat. This soup must be drawn for at least an hour. Such a dish in the frosty winter will surely remind you of warm summer days.

Layered salad

salted mushroomsThe specific smell and unusual taste allow you to use salted mushrooms, not only for cooking soups. These flavored crispy mushrooms can be a great ingredient for pizza, part of a multi-layered salad or a complex sandwich. Generally, no matter how prepared these small gifts of nature, in any case, they will bring invaluable benefits to the human body. Their rich vitamin complex and a huge number of valuable trace elements not only control the water balance and improve eyesight.They are advised to eat by people suffering from infectious diseases. Of course, after all, a natural natural antibiotic that fights infection is part of the red mushrooms. Even the healing of wounds goes faster if the diet of red mushrooms enters the diet of a sick person.

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