Foot bath. Hydromassage bath for legs Beurer (Germany)

Foot spa is a device that allows you to perform a feature of this procedure - the ability to improve blood circulation, metabolism, achieve relaxation and relieve feelings of muscle fatigue. Massage stimulates the biologically active points that are on the feet. And which are associated with almost all of our bodies. Accordingly, the hydromassage has a positive effect on our general condition as a whole.

Features of work

foot bath

The foot bath is powered by a pump and aerator that supply air bubbles or thin jets of water. In addition, the device can be equipped with infrared lamps or magnets. Plastic is most often used to create it, and many models can additionally heat water to make use even more comfortable. One type of massage that can be performed by such a bath is the effect of air bubbles on the legs.Some models can perform massage without water through special massage elements.


  1. Foot spa These devices are presented in several variations. For example, tonic baths are supplemented with herbal infusions, sea salt or aromatic oils. They allow you to maximally relax the muscles of the lower limbs, relieve fatigue and improve a person’s well-being. Contrast baths allow you to act on the foot with hot or cold water. The cleaning baths in the kit have brushes, salt and soda, which allow you to clean your feet from sweat and dirt. Healing baths can have several hydromassage functions, as they are equipped with special rollers. Their purpose - the impact on the biological points of the body.
  2. Foot bath with infrared radiation, which has a beneficial effect on the joints and their condition.
  3. Baths with magnets that affect the human body by the magnetic field.

What is useful foot massage and how is it done?

salt baths for feet

Firstly, under the influence of jets of water, which are released at a certain speed, the blood circulation is stimulated, and more oxygen enters the tissues of the lower extremities.Accordingly, the foot bath with hydromassage helps prevent stagnation, ensuring the normal functioning of the joints. Secondly, due to the function of dry massage, you can relieve muscle pain and fatigue. Thirdly, with an acupuncture massage, you can have a positive effect on the nervous system, relieving stress and increasing efficiency. Fourthly, a Jacuzzi massage allows you to relieve a headache, increase the body's resistance during the period of exacerbation of colds.

It is recommended to perform a massage about half an hour before bedtime. However, a foot bath may not be used by everyone. For example, such procedures are contraindicated for people with severe cardiovascular disease and kidney problems. With varicose veins and skin diseases, such a massage is also not recommended.

Beneficial effects of salt

foot spa

Buying special equipment is available far on all. But practically everyone can make salt baths for legs at home. It can be used as salt, and sea, and potassium bromide, and sodium iodide.Such baths are useful in the presence of arthritis, non-tuberculous polyarthritis, as well as in diseases of the limb vessels, especially if they have just appeared. The therapeutic effect of salt exposure is as follows:

Salt foot baths are available in several versions, depending on the salt concentration:

  • at a low concentration, 200 g of salt is added to 200 liters of water. These baths are effective for the treatment of skin diseases, swelling of limbs and chills;
  • at an average concentration, the amount of salt per 200 liters of water increases to two to four kilograms. This procedure is recommended for diseases of the joints, spine, obesity;
  • high concentration involves the addition of five kilograms of salt per 200 liters of water. This bath can be taken for obesity.

Features of the vortex massage

A whirlpool bath for the legs is a procedure that is expressed in the effect on the joints and muscles of monotonous movements of water (turbulence). During such a massage, the patient's legs are knee-deep immersed in a special bath with holes in the walls. Just out of them come the jets that cause the water temperature 35-380With seething.The advantages of such a procedure - in the maximum restoration of the muscular system, joints. By adding different herbs, you can make the healing effect more powerful.

This foot bath received positive feedback due to the fact that it can be used for older patients. It allows you to:

  1. Improve limb circulation and metabolism.
  2. When herbs are added to the bath, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing effect is achieved.
  3. To clean the body of toxins.
  4. Normalize sleep.
  5. Improve microcirculation.

The whirlpool bath can not be applied to people who have injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, as well as those who have diseases such as thrombophlebitis. Or ailments related to gynecology.

Most Popular Models: Beurer

beurer foot bath

Modern manufacturers offer a wide range of models. One of the popular brands is Beurer. The German foot bath attracts attention with a variety of prices: the cost of models starts from 1500 rubles and depends on the functional features of the device.

The hydromassage bath Beurer FB50 allows for two types of massage - bubble and vibration.The kit includes integrated magnets, infrared emitters, interchangeable nozzles that allow you to perform a variety of procedures:

  • stimulate reflex zones of the feet;
  • massage the feet and stimulate blood circulation;
  • remove corns.

The features of this device include the presence of an LCD display, the ability to use without water. In addition, it turns out to be a useful magnetic effect due to the four built-in magnets. This allows you to increase blood circulation and improve metabolism. A special heater maintains the warmth of the water for a certain time.

Bath Beurer FB14 allows you to steam and massage your feet to achieve their maximum relaxation. It attracts attention with three functional modes, the ability to perform vibratory massage and bubble massage. Maintains uniform water temperature. Special mudguard protects the space from water.

The Beurer FB25 model allows you to steam and massage your feet, and 16 magnets make the effect even stronger. With the help of this inexpensive device (it costs about 3000 rubles), you can simply, but effectively care for your feet.Relaxing water treatments have a positive effect on the state of the nervous system, improving overall well-being.

Medisana foot

The Medisana Ecomed Foot spa foot bath is a completely new approach to foot massage, as it combines elements of classic massage and water treatments. The device allows you to conduct a set of useful activities at home: these are relaxing treatments and reflex and aromatherapy. Massage of reflex points is an opportunity to relieve pain in tired legs and have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole. With the help of bubble massage, you can restore a nourishing massage, relaxing your legs after a hard day's work. In addition, the model is suitable for use by people with pain and flat-footedness.


rowenta foot bath

Foot bath Rowenta works in four types of massage, in addition, it is characterized by a function of reflexology, peeling, the possibility of heating water. All this makes the use of the device comfortable and convenient. The design of the device is so simple that it is easy to deal with its operation. With it, you can conduct spa treatments right at home.


foot bath bosch

After a hard work week, you want to relax and take care of your body.Bosch foot bath is an opportunity to recuperate because it works in three types of massage - vibro and turbo, as well as bubble. If you have no time to go to beauty salons, then with this device you can easily perform a pedicure at home. The stylish case of the model Bosch PMF 2232 is made of durable plastic, which is additionally equipped with a special compartment for nozzles. Buying these baths, you get a number of advantages:

  1. The opportunity to save time and money on visiting beauty salons.
  2. Full-fledged massage at home.
  3. Excellent healing and sedative effect.
  4. Improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles, strengthening the ligaments and relieving tension.


foot bath

This hydromassage foot bath VES DH-90L has three interchangeable nozzles and allows you to perform a general intensive foot massage. The presence of deep infrared heating allows you to make the procedure more effective, improving immunity.

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