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What can you give a woman for a holiday? Million options, but still the most versatile are flowers. A huge variety of bright representatives of the flora is unlikely to leave indifferent at least one individual of the female sex. Flowers are always uplifting, they can say something that, in fact, you cannot say with words. Having correctly selected a flower arrangement, you can not only make a person a pleasant surprise, but also explain your feelings. But there is one drawback of natural flowers. Whatever one may say, sooner or later all the flowers fade and lose their original appearance. Therefore, I propose to make a similar bouquet of flowers with my own hands, at the same time, it will be pleased forever with the eye.
Flower master class

The best gift is the one that is made with your own hands, so let's try to make a bouquet of colorful paper flowers from the fact that each house has. For work you will need:
• color double-sided paper;
• PVA glue;
• old newspapers;
• thread;
• a wrapper from a floral bouquet;
• desire, patience and free time.
The first stage of work - preparation of the basis
The basis on which the flowers will be fastened, can be done in two ways. Consider each one of them.
1. Papier-mâché. The base can be made when applying paper pieces on a balloon. To do this, you need to inflate an ordinary ball to the size that determines the size of our bouquet.

putting paper pieces

putting paper pieces

Next, we take unnecessary newspapers and cut them into small pieces. The surface of the ball is lubricated with baby cream so that the paper does not stick, and we begin to apply pieces of paper pre-wetted with water. When the surface of the ball is completely covered with a paper layer, it is necessary to apply a second layer, only instead of water you need to use PVA glue. After the done procedures, give 12 hours for drying, then pierce the ball and remove its pieces from the base cavity.
2. Take a lot of unnecessary newspapers and form a ball of the right size. After that, fix the shape, dragging along the contour with dense threads for knitting. The form is ready.
Take a lot of unnecessary newspapers

fix the form

fix the form

The first method is rather laborious and takes a huge amount of time compared to the second, but with papier-mâché the surface of the ball is perfectly smooth, which makes it easy to stick colors to it.The basis made by the second method is very easy and fast to perform, but the process of gluing flowers is complicated by an uneven surface. When the base is ready you can start making flowers themselves. Making flowers - this is the most painstaking work that will require perseverance. The size of the flowers, their color and quantity depends entirely on the imagination. I take the two-sided colored paper and the first thing cut into it on the stripes of 3 cm. From the thickness of the strips will depend on the size of the flower, than it is thicker, the flower more. Further, with the help of scissors, you need to make a fringe on the strips, without finishing it to the end. When a strip with a fringe is ready it can be twisted into a flower with the help of a match or a toothpick. The edge of the strip must be secured with white glue to the bottom of the flower. By the same scheme to perform other flowers.
Flower making

Flower making

Flower making

The next stage is gluing colors to the base. To do this, we smear the bottom of the flower with glue and fasten it to our base. We give the glue to dry and proceed to making the bouquet leg.
gluing colors to the base

gluing colors to the base

Twist the tubes out of green paper and gently stretch them under the warp, you can additionally secure them with tape.After the flowers are tightly glued to the base, they can be arranged in a bouquet, but before that you should make hearts for flowers. Cut out small circles from different colors of paper and fasten them with glue to the center of the flower. To give a bouquet of elegance, you can take the old packaging from flowers and place our bouquet there, decorating it with greenery and butterflies. The bouquet is ready! Such a bright gift will always please the eye and carry a positive.
Flower master class

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