Fishing on the ring from the shore and from the boat

One of the most exciting ways of fishing is "Florentine", or catching the ring. This type of bottom fishing came to Russia from far Italy, from the city of Florence. It doesn’t much resemble a sporty style, but is very popular among lovers of fishing. Fishing on a ring from the boat has special popularity.

The principle of fishing on the ring

Such an interesting fishing gives a lot of pleasant impressions, but it requires certain skills and ingenuity from the fisherman. The main trophy of such a hunt becomes an ordinary river bream. What is ring fishing? The idea is this:

  • Fisherman chooses a place he liked on the river.
  • Anchors the boat.
  • The feeder with attached weight and bait down to the bottom.
  • On the feeding line the ring with the leads and the bait is lowered.
  • As a result, the entire bait is in the middle of the feeding table.Fishing on the ring from the boat

Fishing on a ring from a boat gives excellent results. Be seduced by such a luxurious dining table can not only bream, but also other river fish.Gustera, carp, pike perch, ide, carp and other inhabitants of the river bottom will gladly taste the cooked bait.

Conditions and requirements for fishing

Before you start fishing, you need to figure out what kind of tackle is needed for a good bite. The most important element of successful fishing is a boat. Before you go fishing, you should check your river transport. Fishing on the ring from a boat is done on river bodies of water with weak or medium currents, with a depth of 3.5 meters.

Such conditions are necessary to ensure that there is no shade from the boat over the fish, and also that there is no noise of impacts from the waves. A fishing vehicle must have two anchors: one at the stern, the other at the bow, as the boat is placed across the current.

Bait for fishing on the ring

It is preferable to use a rubber boat that is less noisy on water than aluminum or plastic. Anchors should securely hold the boat in the selected location. To catch on the ring was comfortable, it is necessary to consider the length of the anchor ropes. They must have at least three depths. This will give the rubber boat the necessary stability.

Ring Fishing: Tackle

Rod length when fishing on a ring should not exceed one meter. This is the most optimal size, since a longer device is very inconvenient in operation. Otherwise, fishing for a ring from a boat can ruin all expectations and hopes for a good bite. In addition, the rod should be equipped with a powerful nod and a reliable inertia reel. At its end it is necessary to fix the lead plate in order to avoid accidental vanishing of the gear into the river surface.

Ring Feeder is a small net bag with a cell diameter of 5 to 7 mm. A metal device made of a chain-link mesh is best suited. In order that the feeding trough did not “walk” along the bottom, and it was not demolished by the current, it is necessary to supply it with a heavy weight.

Ring Feeder

You can also make such a tackle from a plastic five-liter bottle. In several places, a hot hole is made with a hot soldering iron. The more of them there are, the more the “delicacy” will be leaked over the course of the stream. Given that the feeder and bait for fishing on the ring will have an impressive weight, it is necessary to select a fishing line with a thickness of at least one millimeter.

The main element of catching - ring

The best material for the manufacture of this element will be ordinary lead. Due to its physical properties, flexibility and elasticity, fishing on a ring will be more sensitive. The optimum diameter of the lead product is 50-60 mm, the thickness should be no more than 3-5 mm. In the middle of the gear is a hole for the free passage of the fishing line with a leash. From the edge of the ring to its center, oblique cutting is performed. This is necessary in order to wind the ring inside the line from the trough.

Leash for fishing

This type of fishing equipment is a crochet line, which are located at a certain distance from the main rods system. There are various methods for assembling and assembling the leash, it depends on the experience and skill of the fisherman, as well as on the conditions of “spear fishing”.

To catch on the ring for beginners lovers not discouraged fishing because of the inability to mount leashes, you can buy this equipment in specialized stores. Sales consultants of the fishing gear department will always help in this matter.

Ring fishing

The length of the leash depends on the speed of the river flow.It is necessary to be guided by the following indicators: the stronger the current, the longer the leash, and, accordingly, on the contrary, the weak current - the leash is shorter. If you are fishing on a ring from the shore, then you must adhere to the same rule. Hooks for the leash are selected depending on the estimated dimensions of the caught fish.

Experienced fishermen are advised to use hooks with a long forearm, the fish bite more confidently on such tackle with a fast current. The worm also feels more comfortable on a hook of this type.

Casting technique

After all the nuances have been taken into account and the necessary gear has been collected, you can proceed to the main procedure. Fishing for a ring begins with the plant fishing line from the feeder in the ring, given the fact that the feeder itself is already at the bottom and creates a feed loop. Slowly, a ring with a baited lead is lowered over the taut line.

When the ring touches the trough, it is possible to adjust the length of the leash by straining the fishing line from the inertia reel. In the future, everything is simple - it is necessary to securely fasten the rod on board the boat and wait patiently for a bite.

"Eggs" instead of a ring

Progress does not stand still, and new ideas appear regularly among fans of fishing. More recently, experienced fishermen began to use "eggs" instead of a ring. Two weights with a diameter of 10 to 20 mm with through holes are placed on the safety pin. They pre-made propyl.

The main line is threaded into the eyelet pins. All equipment resembles a male causal place - hence the name. The advantage of this tackle over the ring is that when a large fish bites, the “eggs” under the influence of applied force draw the fishing line from the trough, thereby minimizing the risk of a hook.

Making complementary food for bream

For successful fishing is very important to prepare a catchy bait. Fish preferences are very changeable, so it is not always possible to guess with the choice of the appropriate delicacy. However, judging by the experience of the masters of fishing on the ring, bream and the rest of the carp fish prefer bait with large fractions, for example, barley, peas, corn. To create a long plume, it is necessary to add spraying ingredients to the feed mass:

  • barley grits;
  • semolina;
  • ground cake;
  • corn flour;
  • breadcrumbs and so on.

Fishing on the ring from the boat

To add aromatic odors, vanillin, dill, unrefined sunflower or hemp oil, anise drops are used. Also in specialized stores you can buy ready-made feed mixture, which has all the necessary additives and mineral components.

For fishing of bream it is recommended to use fragrant bait of light shades. Particularly popular is ring fishing on the Volga, where local fishermen are great masters of this type of art.

Fishing on the ring from the shore

It is worth noting that bottom fishing from the shore is not much different from fishing on a ring from a boat. The only significant difference is that the weight of the feeder in the first case is much less. This is due to the fact that many fishermen throw manually feeding feeder. However, this method is not so popular as catching a ring from a boat. For fishing from the shore the feeder method will be most effective.

What you need to know about the behavior of fish?

The life of river dwellers is directly related to the dynamic changes of water. By adapting to the mobile environment, underwater inhabitants develop their behavioral factors, which can be easily guessed:

  • In running water, the fish is much shy.
  • Culinary tastes of many individuals are less discerning. At the river depth, fish grabs any object resembling food.
  • The ability to stay in one place in the river makes the fish spend more energy. Therefore, she always has a feeling of hunger.

All of these key points must be considered when fishing on a ring from a boat. And the observant and thinking angler will never be left without a catch.

Good place for fishing.

All further fishing depends on a well-composed bait. Guess the culinary preferences of the future trophy is very difficult. These secrets are kept by real fishermen in strict secrecy. However, not only the feed mixture is the key to success, a lot depends on the right place.

What are some signs to determine a catchy place on the river? For fishing professionals it is not difficult to properly “read” the river. This is influenced by many factors:

  • coastline;
  • nature of the flow and color of water;
  • river bends.Fishing on the ring from the shore

Perspective areas are considered:

  • on small rivers - extended channel;
  • on the deep - dumps and shoals;
  • on slow ones, ducts and rolls;
  • on the fast - bays and spills.

Navigators come to help beginners today. Using them, you can “read” the bottom topography, determine the depths and find promising areas where the school is based.

Navigator selection

The market today has a wide range of these modern electronic devices. In order to turn fishing into a real holiday and make it comfortable and productive, you need to seriously approach the choice of navigators. The main criteria for selection are:

  • small overall dimensions - for comfortable transportation it will not be superfluous;
  • strength characteristics and water resistance - for reliable operation;
  • GPS-map support - information about water bodies outside settlements is a very important indicator;
  • built-in atmospheric pressure meter - will allow you to decide on the weather and choose fishing tactics;Ring fishing
  • reliable side mount - one of the most important criteria when choosing;
  • high-quality display - provides a comfortable viewing;
  • sufficient power supply.

With a good navigator, any fishing becomes a real holiday. Neither scales nor tail!

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