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Fevronia (Khavronya) the meaning of the name and the interpretation of the nameFevronia: the radiant (Greek).
Name Day FevroniaJuly 8 (June 25) - Holy Prince Peter and Princess Fevronia of Murom.
November 10 (October 28) - St. Fevronia, daughter of the Emperor Heraclius, lived in solitude, died in 622.
The zodiac of the name is Cancer. Planet - the moon. The color of the name is green. Auspicious tree - poplar. The treasured plant is an aspodel. The patron saint of the name is the ladybug. Stone mascot - jade.
Diminutive forms: Fevronyushka, Fevronya, Fesha, Havrosh, Khoya.
Characteristics of the name of Fevronia: Fevronia's fragile soul organization. She is receptive and sensitive, vulnerable to human callousness and injustice. She lacks stamina and balance. Her inner world is filled with love, she acutely feels a lack of attention and sensitivity; in relations with her a lot of tact is required. Her composure is easily broken by one rude word. Fevronia is immersed in her inner world, never reveals her experiences, although she willingly listens to complaints about the lives of her friends.Her own life is rarely cloudless due to the fact that very few people are able to appreciate the restraint and closeness of Fevronia, although they are combined with the aristocracy of the spirit.
Name Fevroniya in historyPrince Peter was the son of Prince of Murom Yuri Vladimirovich. He came to the throne of Murom in 1203. A few years before that, Peter fell ill with leprosy, from which no one could cure him. a peasant woman of the village of Laskovoy Ryazan Province. Peter sent his people to the village. When the prince saw Fevronia, he so fell in love with her, that he vowed to marry her after the healing. The girl healed the prince and married him. The holy spouses carried their love through all trials. The proud boyars did not want to have a princess from a simple rank and demanded that the prince let her go. Peter refused, and the couple were expelled. They sailed on the river Oka from their native city by boat. But soon Murom comprehended the wrath of God, and the people demanded that the prince return with his wife. The holy spouses are famous for their piety and mercy. They died on the same day and hour on July 8 (June 25) 1228; their bodies were laid in one coffin.Peter and Fevronia are examples of Christian matrimony. Through their prayers, they bring down the blessing of those who marry.

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