Fern (flowers). How to care for fern flower at home?

Ferns - very unusual, beautiful plants. Despite the fact that their homeland is the tropics, they feel great in terms of indoor content. This is one of the most ancient plants that managed to "tame" man.Fern flowersNow many different varieties of the flower are successfully bred at home. Ferns can be a wonderful interior decoration due to its appearance. They do not require special care, and for their breeding it is necessary to perform the elementary actions that each plant requires.

Fern use

Many legends go about this plant. The fern, the flowers of which no one has ever seen, is very useful. This flower is able to absorb electromagnetic radiation and therefore it should be put in the house near the equipment.

Fern is widely used in medicine.But it must be used with caution and only in the form of decoctions. Fern flowers are not used because they do not exist, but the leaves are used in cooking. Of them are preparing salads, cabbage rolls, they are pickled, fried and salted. About the dangers of this plant is not reliably known. However, it is not recommended to put it in a room for sleeping.

Fern flowers

Legend of the flower

Fern flowers are surrounded by mystery and mysticism. Legend has it that one who sees a flowering plant will be very lucky and happy. This person can find treasures buried in the ground. Has anyone found a flowering fern - is unknown. But in terms of biology, the flowering of this plant is impossible. The energy radiance that they tried to see on the night of Ivan Kupala can be perceived as a flower.

Fern species

There are many varieties of this plant, but there are those that are particularly popular with gardeners. For novice gardeners can recommend ferns nephrolepis. They do not require too complex care, unpretentious and feel great in the indoor environment. This flower has openwork leaves, inside of which there are spores.The leaves of the plant form a very beautiful rosette and reach sizes of 45-50 centimeters. There are no less beautiful flowers of fern.Photo of fern flowerFor example, Asplenium or Kostenets. It has solid, undivided leaves that are very sensitive to touch. Platicerium is another plant species that is distinguished by the shape of the leaves. The fern resembles a head of cabbage, from which flat leaflets resemble deer antlers grow. Davallia is a flower with shaggy, red rhizomes hanging from pots. This fern has beautiful lush green leaves, the distinctive feature of which is rapid growth. In the people, this plant is called "hare's foot."

Humidity and temperature

Like all plants, a fern needs a certain temperature regime and air humidity. The apartment breeding conditions do not always meet the requirements of the flower. Fern loves high humidity, so it must be constantly sprayed, especially in summer. The optimum temperature of the content of the flower is 20 degrees. This plant is very sensitive to changes in heat and cold.In order for the plant to feel more comfortable, it is necessary to lay out a layer of pebbles over the ground that will maintain the level of humidity and temperature of the pot.


A rare plant can do without enough water, and, of course, not a fern. Watered it with water, purified from various impurities of lime and bleach. This plant is a big fan of moisture. It absorbs its roots and pores. Most of all, the fern doesn’t like the potted earth to dry out.Flowers fern photoHowever, this does not mean that we should allow waterlogging of the soil. Moisture is especially important during growth and active development. Dry soil means that the plant requires watering. Wet soil - a sign that this action should be postponed. Excess moisture can lead to root rot, disease and plant death. With normal watering for ferns, you can use pots without holes.


What lighting require fern flowers? Photos of plants with beautiful bright foliage will be a confirmation that the care of him is carried out normally. Most species of ferns do not require bright lighting. Many can even grow and develop in the absence of light.A small light, made artificially, will completely satisfy the fern. Therefore, these plants can decorate a room without windows. Under the influence of direct sunlight for a long time the fern can die.

Red Fern Flower


In this article you can find beautiful photos. The fern flower is a beautiful lush greenery, leaves that have an unusual shape depending on the species. Propagate the plant by dividing an adult representative into parts. They are seated in a separate container. However, the fern looks beautiful when the pot is filled with the plant completely. Therefore, the division should be done only as a last resort. The flower does not like frequent transplants and is very sensitive to them. They can cause illness and slower plant growth.

What to feed

To get a lush plant with beautiful dark leaves, you need to regularly feed it. With insufficient nutrients, the fern changes color to a lighter color, and the shoots may turn yellow and dry. As a result, the flower may die. For fertilizers suitable both mineral and organic fertilizers, which must be applied in accordance with the instructions in the instructions.

Features of the plant

Photo, flower fern on which looks very attractive, can be found in this article. This plant needs to be planted in spacious, but not very deep pots or boxes. It is better if the room will have several colors, but of the same type, requiring the same conditions. The use of several varieties is undesirable. Ferns do not like drafts, so place them where there is no this phenomenon. Also, this plant does not like frequent movements. It is necessary to find the optimal place, comfortable for the flower, and leave it there for a long time. This houseplant is very symbolic. He is mentioned by poets, writers, artists, and even filmmakers. An example would be the book “The Flower of the Red Fern” and a film based on its plot.

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