Fare in 2018 in the metro and ground transportation

From January 1, 2018, Russia. Urban transport is still open. There are ways to pay for buses, trolley buses, trams and subways?

Economic crisis factor

It is not possible to see whether it is a fare or increase in 2018. The representatives are confident of their choice. Today the country is experiencing hard times in economic terms. This can be seen as a rule. If you’ve signed up, you’ll not be able to read the bill. , it can again take up the reforms in the transport sector.

People in public transport

Prices in the capital

It is still not final.

For example, for example:

  1. A ticket worth 18,500 rubles. From it to current one. The Metro, The Bus, The Trolleybus, And The Tram. The price of such pleasure can grow up to 20,000 rubles.
  2. Ticket for 90 minutes. It doesn’t require a purchase of multiple travel cards. It can be used for a trip to the country (countdownstarts from the beginning of the game). Today, a ticket of such a plan costs 65 rubles.
  3. Monthly subscription for the cost of 2 550 rubles. It is considered unlimited, but it still has a restriction - no more than 70 per month. There is another kind of subscription - for 2,000 rubles. It can be purchased on any given day. Here, it is not a matter of the month of activation.
  4. Card "Troika", purchased for 54 rubles. It is an indefinite and transport document. He man himself puts money on this carrier. It was a reduction in the transport system of 35 minutes.
  5. Preferential travel (cards of pupils, students, pensioners and other socially protected members of the population). According to the statement of deputies, will remain the same. For example, for students they will be 380 and 250 rubles for metro and ground transportation, respectively (per month). It will not be possible to travel around the city.

Trolleybus rides around town

The situation in St. Petersburg

In this area, it’s not a problem. The representative of the Transport Committee of St. Petersburg, Oleg Matveyev, unequivocally stated - in 2018 the fare will remain unchanged. It was a number of additional subsidies, namely:

  • 6.9 billion rubles for investment in transport companies;
  • 3.5 billion to purchase the new World Cup;
  • 1.6 billion to ensure public safety.

In total, in 2018 St. Additional investments. Despite the fact that the authorities are already ready for work in 2017, the authorities are already ready to work.

Important! In 2018, a single fare in the St. Petersburg metro will cost a citizen 45 rubles. Passage to ground public transport will be even cheaper - only 40 rubles.

Girl on the bus

The operating system in the city, realized by the electronic cards. Committee for Traffic. SCU "Organizer of Traffic." The document allows you to draw on it all non-competitive durable, namely:

  1. "90 minutes." It provides 1 trip to the ground transport route.
  2. "Daily". Valid since the activation of buses, buses and trams.
  3. "Daily for 2-7 days." The above provisions remain the same. Only the validity period (not 24, but 48-168 hours) and the price (255-680 rubles) are changed.
  4. "Monthly single." The countdown of the validity period begins after purchase. The price is 2900 rubles, the number of trips: 70 on the subway and the unlimited - on land vehicles.
  5. "Single e-ticket". Identical to Moscow Troika, i.e.is valid for a sum of replenishment of 15,000. For the travel of the budget of 9 to 14 rubles, it is offered according to the established fare.

All the above information will help to significantly reduce your own movement.

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Fare in 2018 in the metro and ground transportation 38

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Fare in 2018 in the metro and ground transportation 23

Fare in 2018 in the metro and ground transportation 89