Famous women in history and modern times: names with photos and biographies

Conflicts between men and women over a place in the sun will never become obsolete. Fortunately, the "weak" sex has long proved that in matters of survival, he is not so weak at all. There is not a single branch of science, not a single profession, not a single type of activity that a woman would not have mastered. Let us recall the most successful women in the forefront of the ratings of "success."

The most famous women of Russia

Our native country is wide, its open spaces are great ... How many brilliant poetess, female writers, female warriors and female athletes gave us a story!

Let's try to make a rating of famous and famous women of Russia, who by their activity changed the world for the better and influenced the course of history.

  1. Princess Olga became famous for her reforms, which became a turning point in the history of Russia.Until now, our contemporaries admire her resolute actions, and even in the history textbooks a separate chapter is allocated for the consideration of her life. After visiting Constantinople, the princess was the first in Russia to adopt Christianity. It was she who promoted the spread of the Christian commandments among the common people. The princess is canonized by the Orthodox Church, and in Ukraine even the Order of the Holy Princess Olga was established.
  2. Ekaterina Vorontsova-Dashkova. Maid of Honor and confidante of Empress Catherine II. She took an active part in the coup d'état of 1762, actually changing the course of the history of the Russian state. She also made a significant contribution to the distribution of letters among the peasant people. Vorontsova is what we owe to the appearance in the alphabet of the letter "e".
  3. Under Catherine the Great, the borders of the state were significantly expanded in several directions at once. The Empress skillfully ruled the Guards through her rare charisma. She was intelligent and educated, well versed in politics and science. She actively promoted the distribution of letters, encouraged the nobility, was generous with her favorites.During her reign, the state rose from its knees after a period of long palace coups.
Duchess Olga

Prominent relatives of Ivan the Terrible

There are many famous women in the history of the Middle Ages. For example, Elena Glinskaya, mother of the notorious Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible. It is also considered the mother of Russian artillery. She strongly encouraged the development of science and writing. But its main deed is the creation of Streletsky and Pushkarsky orders in Russia, which initiated the formation of artillery regiments.

Sophia Palaeolog is the famous Russian woman, the great Moscow princess, the mother of Vasily the Third and the grandmother of Ivan the Terrible. Thanks to her, Russia has a double-headed eagle on its coat of arms, Moscow acquired the Kremlin, and the people - the infamous library of Ivan the Fourth.

Nobel laureate women

The Nobel Prize is the most prestigious award in the world for scientists and artists. Awarded for truly outstanding discoveries, which once and for all can change the course of history and put the entire planet on its ears. Famous women of the world more than once became winners and prize winners.

Marie Curie
  • Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlef is a Swedish writer, organizer of the pacifist movement and author of scientific books for children.She became the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize in literature. The main and most popular work of Selma is “The amazing journey of Niels Holgersson in Sweden”.
  • Irene Joliot-Curie is a French woman who won the Nobel Prize in the field of chemistry together with F. Joliot “For the synthesis of new radioactive elements”. The eldest daughter of Maria Sklodowska-Curie. Irene, alas, as well as the mother, died of leukemia due to continuous prolonged contact with radioactive elements, the impact of which provokes oncology.
  • Grazia Delleda is a writer, author of the novel “Honest Souls” and a number of other world-famous literary works, winner of the Nobel Prize in literature.

Female gender and science

In addition to the well-known Marie Curie, there are less famous women in the world of science. However, this does not detract from the importance of their discoveries and research. The merits of many of them have not received due recognition and appreciation.

Regular Englishwoman Rosalind Franklin worked for many years in laboratories in biophysics. It is to her that the world is obliged to discover the structure of DNA. Rosalind's precise laboratory experiments, her obtaining an X-ray image of DNA that demonstrated a tortuous structure, made the work so significant.In 1962, the Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of DNA. Alas, Rosalind died three years before from cancer, and the posthumous prize is not awarded.

The first German female professor, Liz Meitner, was involved in physics along with the largest scientific luminaries in Europe. Made a huge contribution to the study of the atomic nucleus, but for his merits was not even nominated for the Nobel Prize. In honor of Liz, the 109th element of the periodic table was named Meynerium.

The most famous Olympic champions

Larisa Latynina: 9 gold medals, 5 silver, 4 bronze. Soviet gymnast, Honored Master of Sports. Has the absolute majority of Olympic awards.

Larisa Latynina

Bridget Schmidt-Fisher has 8 gold and 4 silver medals. It is considered the best canoeist of all time. In terms of the number of Olympic awards won by a woman, it is second only to Larisa Latynina.

Jenny Thompson is a ten-time Olympic champion. He has 8 gold, 3 silver and 1 bronze medal. Born in USA Thomson - the most famous female swimmer.

Vera Chaslavska is a gymnast originally from Czechoslovakia. I won 7 gold and 4 silver medals in my career.

Lyubov Egorova is a world-famous skier.During her career she took six Olympic gold medals. Honored Master of Sports of Russia, a multiple world champion. Hero of the Russian Federation "For outstanding achievements in sports, courage and heroism shown at the XVII Olympic Winter Games in 1994." Egorova is one of the most famous women in Russia. She is married and has two adult sons.

Women authors in the world of literature

Who better to make stories with meaning than the most famous women writers? Jane Austen, Mary Shelley, George Sand, Charlotte Bronte, Agatha Christie, Margaret Mitchell, Astrid Lindgren, JK Rowling and many others.

They all contributed to the diversity of literary images and the development of the genre. Consider the fate of some of them.

Magic worlds JK Rowling

This modest Englishwoman never thought of tying her life with a writing career. In childhood, she was seriously ill mother. She did not get along at school, and her first husband and father drove them to the street after a quarrel. Lonely and unemployed Joan suddenly gained popularity when the publisher released her first novel about the adventures of the boy wizard Harry Potter.

Today, Rowling is the owner of a multi-million dollar fortune and is on the list of the most famous and famous women in the UK.

Joanne Rowling

Difficult Way Margaret Mitchell

The author of the cult novel "Gone With the Wind" has come a long way before becoming a world-famous writer. She worked as a journalist, then a leading reporter. The first marriage failed, being in the second marriage, Margaret was injured ankle, incompatible with the work of a journalist. She had to settle down at home. To occupy yourself a previously despised household.

Sitting at home, she has been writing one novel for ten years. So the book has gone light that has become "Gone with the Wind". In 1937, the novel won the Pulitzer Prize. Despite the tearful requests from fans to write another novel or a sequel about the life of Scarlett’s children, Margaret did not work on new works.

Astrid Lindgren: fairy tales for children and not only

Lindgren Astrid Anna Emilia - Swedish writer, author of more than 10 books, stories for children. Her works are imbued with fantasy, warmth and kindness. Peppi Longstocking, Carlson - these characters were born on the pages of her works.Her stories have been translated into 70 languages ​​and published in more than 100 countries. In the Soviet Union, many children grew up on fairy tales about Carlson and Peppy, these books were more than once filmed, and popular cartoons were released based on them.

In her native country (Sweden) Astrid is a living legend. She inspired by her example and comforted many generations of readers, took part in the political life of the country. On the day of her death, national mourning was declared.

The most famous actresses in the world

Speaking about the famous women of the world, it would be strange not to touch the cinema. Beautiful actresses captured their film images through the ages. Fans for dozens of years will be looking at their photos and discuss the star roles and the names of famous women actresses.

Vivien Leigh, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner ... Films with all these actresses will be revised for more than a decade. Meanwhile, many of them had a sad fate and a thorny path to glory.

Marilyn Monroe and Mr. President

Norma Jean (real name Marilyn) successfully made a career before meeting with the future US President John F. Kennedy.Their affair was long and tumultuous, but the policy demanded complete dedication from John. Marilyn's image — a frivolous, silly, and sexy blonde — was inappropriate, harming Kennedy's reputation. Evil tongues claim that he never loved Marilyn, having an affair with her was just another way of asserting himself.

In 36 years, the most famous blonde woman killed herself by swallowing pills because of an unsuccessful love for Kennedy. It is still rumored that it was not a suicide, but a planned murder. We will never know the truth.

Marilyn Monroe

Vivien Leigh as an example of a dizzying career

This woman has always had little role of mother and wife. She wanted to be an actress, she wanted to be recognized worldwide. When her daughter was two years old, Vivienne starred in a cameo role in the movie "Things are going smoothly." After that, there were dozens of roles in the theater, star roles in the best Hollywood directors, two unsuccessful marriages.

Her biography is an example of dedication, loyalty to the dream and perseverance. During her career, Vivienne starred in 52 films, won an Oscar, and actively participated in theatrical productions. She died in 1967 of pulmonary tuberculosis.

Vivien leigh

Famous female models

In the middle of the last century, the fashionable profession of a model appeared. She was to demonstrate on the podium of new styles of clothing. With the development of the media, and then the Internet, another prestigious and sought-after profession has emerged - the photo model.

Who does not know the "top five supermodels": Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford and Eva Herzigova? Their names will forever remain associated with the podium, fame and admiration of the most enviable men in the world. Photos of famous female supermodels dazzled every magazine; the most eminent world photographers dreamed of taking them.

five supermodels

The biographies of these women after leaving the podium were quite successful. Cindy Crawford is now happily married, raising two children, who themselves are already taking the first steps in the modeling business.

Naomi Campbell, the “black panther,” as journalists called her, burns life in the best places on the globe with the best men and does not deny himself anything. She is still being actively invited as a guest star to fashion shows and to shoot clips. She leads an active high life.

Eva Herzigova is fluent in four languages.This allows her to move freely around the globe and not have difficulties with communication. Eva also sought to make a career as an actress, but it didn’t work. Now she is married and leads a quiet lifestyle.

Claudia Schiffer is the record holder in the number of magazine covers decorated with her face. More than 900 issues of fashion magazines invited her to shoot as a "star for the cover." Today she is happily married, raising children and occasionally appears in German secular society.

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