Exotica in Moscow

Have you ever tasted sweets with sweet corn flavor? And chips from dragonfruit? And the juice and candy from tamarind?

All this I bought an hour ago.
All this is not expensive - iron cans with drinks for 35 rubles. Candy for 50 rubles.
It turned out that on the ground floor of the Hanoi-Moscow shopping center on the Yaroslavl highway there is a whole bunch of shops of exotic products.

The products are mainly Vietnamese, but both Korean and Chinese come across.

A variety of noodles, including instant.


Fresh exotic fruits at 500 rubles per kilogram.

Dried exotic fruits for 220 rubles.

Goji Berries. I do not know what it is.

Chips and candies.

The drinks.

While I tried a couple of kinds of sweets (delicious), I drank a passion fruit drink (also delicious) and Winter Melon Tea (this turned out to be sooooo strange).
A free minibus from the metro station VDNH goes to the shopping center: you need to get out of the first car (round metro building) and go a little to the right. Ahead on the double of Prospect Mira, you will see a stop (but the direction to the center of Moscow).
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