Engineering troops of the Russian Federation: interesting facts

The creation of engineering troops was necessary for the reason that it was necessary to perform tasks that related to engineering support during the fighting. These are troops who have undergone training of personnel and struck the enemy with engineering ammunition.

The history of the engineering troops

The engineering troops began their existence from ancient Greece, at that time they were called excavation units. Their task was the construction of defensive structures along the border and the arrangement of camps.

In the annals of 1016 it was indicated that these were builders who were in military service and were good at martial art. The engineering troops received their legal existence since 1701. A little later, they already became an independent army, and by the time the Russian-Turkish war began, their number was already 2.8% of the entire field army. They justified the expectation during the Patriotic War and the battle of Borodino.

When World War I arrived, the Russian army, under the clear guidance of the engineering troops, erected various defenses that were thousands of kilometers long. One such defense was the heroic Osovets and the Brusilov breakthrough.

By the beginning of the twentieth century, the engineering troops had at their disposal a lot of educated military builders, their number was up to 6% of the total army.

Engineering troops

The main tasks of military engineers

Engineering troops of the Russian Federation should perform the following important tasks:

  • conducting engineering reconnaissance of the terrain and objects of the enemy;
  • control of fortifications during the erection of defensive positions;
  • device barriers;
  • the creation of various objects for the crossing by water;
  • preparation of ways for movement and maneuver of troops;
  • carrying out all activities to disguise the army;
  • carrying out water purification and army water supply points;
  • direct participation in the sweep of the territory where the use of weapons of mass destruction was carried out;
  • the destruction of the chemical industry and much more.

Engineering troops of the Russian Federation

January 21st Celebration

The Day of the engineering troops in Russia is celebrated on January 21. This holiday began to be celebrated from the moment the President of the Russian Federation issued a decree in 1996. The head of the country singled out this day for making the invaluable contribution of the Russian army to the defense potential of the country. In the same year, the Minister of Defense issued a decree to celebrate January 21 every year as the day of the engineering troops of Russia.

This date will be remembered by all residents due to the fact that by decree of Peter the Great, a special school was created in Moscow on January 21, 1701. At first, the school prepared for the service of military engineers, but a year later, all graduates joined the Russian army.

Engineering troops: our days

Today, the engineering troops of the Russian Federation consist of units, subunits and formations, each of which has its own purpose. The troops are divided according to their purpose on:

  • assault barrier engineers;
  • engineering and sapper troops;
  • positional;
  • camouflage engineers;
  • pavements;
  • pontoon;
  • water treatment and extraction engineers;
  • engineering and construction;
  • amphibious.

The engineering troops, the photos of which are provided below, exist in various structures: in the Federal Border Service, in the Ministry of Defense, in the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.These troops are given 100% hope for solving the most complex tasks as far as engineering support is concerned. These solutions imply the availability of modern equipment and weapons, as well as well-trained personnel.

Engineering troops photo

One of the main tasks of the troops is to fully counteract the mine terror. This was due to the fact that recently the threat of world terrorism has sharply increased. This issue is now included in the task of many power structures and is still being solved by them.

Engineering and Sapper Forces

The engineer army entered one of the organizations of the engineering troops at the time when the Patriotic War began. Their task was to carry out the construction of rear lines for defense in a timely manner, to build and repair roads, bridges, and also to train the engineering units for the front.

Engineering and sapper troops were invited to conduct mine clearance in the area of ​​the existing front. These troops brought a huge contribution to the engineering preparation of the defense of not only Moscow, but also other, equally important cities.

Engineering and Sapper Forces

The first and third sapper armies, along with the residents near Moscow, built the following:

  • more than 3,700 fire installations were erected;
  • anti-tank ditches were dug, which stretched for 325 kilometers;
  • more than 1,300 kilometers of forest debris was established.

The engineer army is the main base where the military is accumulating for training in the engineering part of army and front lines. From this base more than 150,000 people joined the front-line units, as well as rifle ones.

Famous engineering troops

Many famous figures, composers, military leaders, scientists and inventors were included in the engineering troops of Russia. These included Field Marshal Kutuzov, Marshal Ogarkov, Marshals of the Engineering Troops Shestipalov, Proshlyakov, Aganov, Vorobyov, Kharchenko, and many others. Many Russian military engineers were named as heroes of Russia, and this figure is very high.

In 2002, Daniel of Moscow was declared the patron saint of the Heavenly Engineering Troops. This event showed that the dedicated work of the engineering troops found understanding in the Orthodox Church.

Day of Russian Engineering Troops

January 21, the Day of the engineering troops, in addition to the Russian Federation, is also celebrated in Belarus.

The role of engineering troops in peacetime

  • Maintain the combat potential of the military army to commit combat to repel a strike.
  • Preparation of control bodies for the conduct of hostilities with their direct purpose.
  • The accumulation of military equipment, weapons and supplies, in the quantity in which it is necessary for the conduct of hostilities.
  • Acceptance directly involved in restoring peace and maintaining it.
  • Acceptance of direct participation in the destruction of the consequences of disasters.
  • Conducting operational equipment of the country.

The role of engineering troops in wartime

The engineering troops, the photos of which are provided below, in wartime perform the following role:

  • carry out all the tasks that are clearly indicated in the strategic deployment plan;
  • maximum suppression of all military conflicts;
  • conduct reflective actions against the aggression of the enemy ready for attack by military forces;
  • together with other troops conduct defensive and offensive operations to destroy the enemy.

Engineering Day

Priceless troop contribution

The troops always took an active role in all the battles to defend the Fatherland. They carried out successful combat operations during the Patriotic War, while defending Sevastopol, in the days of the First World War and the Russian-Japanese War.

They received a special difference during World War II. Many were awarded orders for their exploits and the defense of the motherland, some were awarded the title Hero, and some became holders of the Order of Glory.

January 21, the Day of the engineering troops of Russia, is marked by the siege of Ishmael, as well as the provision of military operations in Afghanistan, the successful resolution of cases in Abkhazia, Herzegovina, Tajikistan and many other countries.

For three hundred years, troops occupy one of the highest places in the Russian Armed Forces. They make an invaluable contribution to the destruction of the consequences of accidents and disasters that have occurred during the demining of areas from explosive objects.

One of the very important feats of engineering troops was the elimination of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

Today, the most recognized battalion is the engineer-sapper, which is engaged in reconnaissance and mine clearance. Their work every day is full of danger, for this they are respected by all Russian people. Today they are mastering a completely new technique - military excavators, various means for detecting explosives and stations for complex water purification.

Russian Engineering Troops

In the Russian Armed Forces, engineering troops have an excellent indicator, which shows their commitment to the motherland, traditions and heroism of military engineering.

Today, engineering troops courageously continue the work of their fathers and grandfathers.

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