Egyptian earrings

Where to attach the remnants of plastics (it's the polymer clay), those multi-colored pieces that remain from large products? For me, the answer is always the same: mix everything to a uniform color and fashion jewelry, covering the finished products with gilding or colored mother of pearl. Today I will tell you how easy and simple to make beautiful stylish earrings "under the antiquity", or rather, to the extreme antiquity - as a result of simple manipulations with polymer clay, we will get luxurious "gold" earrings in the ancient Egyptian style.
To work we need the following:
- polymer clay (mix residues or take any color, but not too dark);
- two stones of imitated turquoise of a rectangular shape (the shape of the cabochon stones is variable, you can take it as oval or round as you like or what you have under your hands);
- an even number of large turquoise beads, turquoise beads;
- accessories for earrings (earrings, rings, pins);
- Gold for cover (it can be a gold acrylic paint, I have liquid eyeshadows for gold color);
- tools (pusher, stationery knife, toothpicks, awl).
For the work we need

We roll two identical balls of polymer clay, referring to the size of the stones, so that they fit freely in the center of the product.
We roll two identical balls

Roll out the circles, cut off the top with a stationery knife and get this interesting shape.
Roll the circles

We put the stones in the center.
We put the stones in the center

We roll thin sausages out of polymer clay and stack them around the stones like this. We make incisions that imitate coinage.
Roll out of polymer clay

We stack two more rows like this:
We stack two more rows

Apply relief with the help of toothpicks or sewed.
Drawing a relief

We make holes in the center above (under the ring, for which the fastener will be attached), three below for pendants, we put accessories to see what our decoration will be.
Making holes

We apply gilding.
We apply gilding

Now the product can be baked in the oven at a temperature of 110 degrees, naturally, observing safety precautions (to prevent burning as the plastic in this case becomes toxic). We stand 10 minutes (baking time can be found on the box with polymer clay, since it varies depending on the company). We cool the products and cover them with lacquer so that they do not lose gilding over time, we begin to collect jewelry, for this we pass through the holes of the ringlets.In the beads and beads insert carnations-pins, cut off the excess, make loops, hang on the rings. We fasten fasteners.
bake in the oven

Earrings are ready! It now remains to wait for the right occasion to “walk” them with a stylish outfit. These earrings will look cool with an outfit in the style of "boho", oriental or ethnic bow.
Egyptian earrings

Egyptian earrings do it yourself

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