Dry milk powder Nestle "NAS Triple comfort": reviews, composition

Parenting is not only great happiness, but also a great responsibility for the life of a new person. One of the first questions that arises at the birth of a baby: "How to reproach a child: with breast milk or his substitutes?" If mom and dad preferred artificial feeding for the baby, now the main thing is to decide on the brand of milk formula.

One of the leaders producing high-quality adaptive mixtures for children is Nestlé. For over one hundred and fifty years, this company has been developing and producing food for children. During this time, Nestlé products have won the love of parents around the world. Recently, the company has released another new product - a dry blend "NAN Triple Comfort". Consider the features of this product.nan triple comfort reviews

Features of the product "NAS Triple comfort" from "Nestle"

The mixture is suitable for children from the very first days of life. Its unique composition is designed so that the baby's body receives the elements necessary for growth and development.The amount and ratio of nutrients in the dry mix is ​​close to breast milk. Many parents leave positive feedback on the "NAS Triple Comfort". What particular components make the mixture "NAN" so popular?infant formula


The composition of the "NAS Triple Comfort" includes a living component, the so-called probioticsreuteri. These amazing microorganisms are a constant companion of a person throughout life. Their habitat is the gastrointestinal tract. Despite their microscopic size, they play a huge role in the formation of the immune response of the human body. For example, developing in anoxic conditions in the large intestine, they create around themselves a specific microflora, which suppresses the development of pathogenic agents attacking us (staphylococcus and salmonella).

A child in the womb develops in sterile conditions. Appearing on the light, the baby gets used to the new aggressive environmental conditions. One of the main conditions for the correct adaptation of the crumbs is a good work of the gastrointestinal tract. That is why probiotics L. reuteri were added to Nestle Triple Comfort comfort milk mixtures from Nestle.They are responsible for the development of healthy microflora in the intestines of the baby and the formation of proper digestive processes. And as a result, reduce the development of colic in children and intestinal disorders.nan mixture triple comfort


Many people confuse two concepts: probiotics and prebiotics. The first are the microorganisms themselves, which are responsible for the development of healthy microflora in the human intestine. Prebiotics are complex sugars (carbohydrates) that are food for beneficial bacteria that inhabit the human intestines. Their main feature is that they do not split in the stomach into monosacchars, and in an unchanged state reach their consumers.

The composition of the mixture "NAS Triple Comfort" includes two types of prebiotics: GOS and FOS. Their main positive feature is that they contribute to the development of human friendly microflora in the body. There are also a number of specific properties for each type of prebiotic.

FOS (fructoolgisaccharides):

  • Low calorie content, which allows people to use them with overweight and diabetes.
  • Promotes better absorption of calcium and magnesium ions due to the normalization of the microbial status of the body.

GOS (galactooligosaccharides):

  • Stimulate the rapid growth of beneficial bifidobacteria and lactobacilli in the small intestine.
  • Contribute to the withdrawal of pathogens from the human body.
  • Stimulate the production of vitamins in the body: B6, B12, folic acid, nicotinic acid.
  • Reduce the likelihood of allergic reactions.

GOS are one of the components of breast milk. In artificial conditions, they are isolated from raw milk, and then added to food. In infant formula, these oligosaccharides are one of the main components. Each brand of infant formula has a certain unique ratio of GOS AND FOS. In the “NAS Triple Comfort” the lion's share falls on the CRP, and the rest is on the WCF.nan triple comfort makeup

Smart Lipids

The main goal of all manufacturers of milk formulas for children is to create a product close in quality to mother's milk. One of the components of breast milk are fatty acids, which contribute to the proper development of the brain, baby's intelligence, as well as vision, are involved in the formation of the immune system. The NANLE blend from Nestlé contains such clever lipids: DHA and ARA. They will allow the brain to develop crumbs in the right rhythm, as well as strengthen its health.


Scientists have identified three main types of food, which most often provoke the development of allergies: nuts, eggs and cow's milk. Most infant milk formulas are made from cow milk. To reduce the risk of developing allergy from cow protein, Nestlé uses a special method that partially breaks down protein into its component parts. Due to the separation of proteins into peptides, amino acids, a special hypoallergenic complex "Opti Pro" was developed, which is well absorbed by children. Good reviews about the "NAS Triple Comfort" talk about this. Let's look at them in more detail.nestle triple comfort

NAS "Triple comfort": reviews

Choosing the right and healthy food for their baby, parents can focus on the experience of other moms and dads. The Internet is now full of thematic sites and forums where each parent can leave a comment about a particular product for children. No exception and infant formula "NAS Triple comfort." Summarizing the reviews, you can display a list of the merits of the product, which will make it easier for parents to find an answer to the question of what mixture to feed the child:

  • Competently selected composition of the milk mixture.
  • Normalizes digestion.
  • Eliminates colic.
  • Acts of defecation in children become regular.
  • Pleasant taste.
  • It is well dissolved in water.
  • Does not cause allergies.
  • Convenient measuring spoon included.

But among the reviews of the "NAS Triple Comfort" there are not only bright comments. The main disadvantage of this mixture parents call price. On average, the price in Russia for a 400-gram jar ranges from 600 to 700 rubles. The negative characteristics of some mothers attributed the lack of large packages in the lineup.

Every child is different. Therefore, choosing food for the baby, first of all it is necessary to focus on the reaction of your baby.

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