Dogs A. Hitler.

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The man who unleashed the Second World War and was involved in the extermination of millions of people A. Hitler loved animals, especially dogs. The first dog of the future Fuhrer of the German nation was a fox terrier named Fuch, he went with him to the First World War. Hitler constantly carried his pet with him, and then the dog was lost. Hitler very hard experienced this event.

A. Hitler (right) with Fox Terrier, World War I.
In 1921, Hitler was presented with a German shepherd dog, which he called the "Prince". However, the poor life of the poor artist did not allow him to keep a pet. Hitler had to give the shepherd dog to other people, but the dog ran away and again came up to the old owner. Hitler appreciated the loyalty and obedience of the dog, and henceforth the German Shepherd became his favorite breed.
Subsequently, Hitler had two more German shepherds. Well, in 1941, Reich Minister M. Borman gave him a shepherd dog named Blondi. Hitler was very fond of Blondie, he let her sleep in his room. However, this love was not shared by his future wife, Eva Brown.According to the memoirs of the secretary of Hitler Traudl Junge, Brown even allowed to kick Blondy. Eva herself was tied to two Scottish terriers named Stasi and Negus.

Canine idyll. A. Hitler and E. Brown with their pets.
In 1942, Hitler acquired Blondie as a couple another shepherd dog, which was named Bella. Well, the life of the Fuhrer's favorite shepherd dog ended at the same time as the owner. The poison that Hitler took was originally tested on Blondie. In the same way they killed and terriers E. Brown. After that, they committed suicide and dog lovers. The remaining dogs, including a pair of Blondies and her puppies, as well as the tax of Hitler’s secretary Gerda Christian, were shot in the courtyard of the Reich Chancellery by a local sergeant. The corpses of dogs, like their owners, were subsequently found in a funnel near Hitler's office.

The corpse of the shepherd dog Blondi, favorite of A. Hitler.

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