DimonGo: mass protests in Moscow

In Moscow, the protest action # DimonResponded. Thousands of people took to the streets to get Medvedev to respond to allegations of corruption, but no reaction at the moment has followed. On television, the shares were not covered, in the state online media about them, if they wrote, it was very sparingly. It seems that the authorities have decided to ignore the protest activity. Although riot police traditionally had a lot.
It is not known exactly how many people took part in the rallies: the organizers and participants estimated the number of those who had gathered at 20,000 people, the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow - at 7-8 thousand. But we know that the police detained about 800 people. This is the record for the number of detainees in one day during the protests! Even in 2011-2012, this was not. Among the detainees are Alexei Navalny, the initiator of anti-corruption rallies (he was taken away about 3 minutes after he came out on Tverskaya), many journalists (including employees of foreign media) and ordinary citizens.The riot police acted harshly, beating protesters with truncheons and kicking, but also received blows in response when citizens tried to repel the detainees.
The police also detained FBK employees, who at that time were covering anti-corruption rallies throughout the country from their office. Leonid Volkov was threatened with 282 articles (“Extremism”), the rest of the staff were charged with 19.2 articles (“Disobedience to law enforcement officers”).
01. Even before the start of the rally, dozens of paddocks and hundreds of riot policemen gathered in the city center. A helicopter circled over Tverskoy, some streets were blocked.


03. The people began to gather in Pushkin Square, despite the fact that before that Navalny had called on people not to linger in one place, but simply to walk along Tverskaya Street.

04. There were a lot of people.

05. Many came with posters, pairs of old sneakers and rubber ducks.

06. Very soon the sneakers were on the lanterns and trees.

07. This is such a massive hint of Medvedev sneakers.



10. People shouted various slogans, including demanding the resignation of Medvedev.


12. And almost immediately after the start of the rally, the police began to detain people.


14.Eyewitnesses said that the arrests were tough, some of the protesters were beaten with batons and forcibly dragged into their bunkers.


16. The police systematically cleaned up Pushkin Square, freeing it from dissent. It took a long time.

17. On the loudspeaker, the police demanded that people go to Sokolniki - where the mayor's office agreed to hold a protest action.



20. Sometimes there were fights in the crowd between riot police and protesters. People tried to defend the detainees, because of this, fights were fought.

21. One of the journalists said that the protester got a baton on the head and lost consciousness. Riot policemen on his hands dragged him into a paddy wagon.



24. At the same time, the people gathered on Tverskaya, even though the riot police tried to cordon off her. According to the plan, the protesters were supposed to walk down the street counterclockwise, but in fact, because of the huge number of people, the movement was very difficult.




28. People did not have enough sidewalks, so they went out onto the roadway. Those who did this, the riot police were detained and taken to the paddy wagons.







35. One of the subways also had a fight: the police started pushing people down on the parapets, some people could not stand it and hit the riot policeman in the face.


37It is said that autopackers were beaten to capacity, there were also minors among the detainees.


39. People shouted riot police "Shame!" and booed them.


41. Towards evening, the crowd began to disperse, riot police went on duty at Manezhka, but nothing much happened there. However, there were also detentions at Manezhka and Ploshchad Revolutsii. In the last hours of the action, the police grabbed and dragged all the "suspicious" ones into the paddy wagons. According to rumors, even the investigator of the TFR in civilian clothes was detained.


43. According to OVD-Info, about 800 people were detained at the Moscow protest rally.

44. For meetings in recent years, this is a record!


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