Deposits and deposits. Home Credit Bank"

home loan bank depositsCommercial establishment "Bank Home Credit" -leader in the system of consumer lending. The financial organization in 2012 took the third place in terms of issuing loans to the population, losing to "Sberbank" and "VTB-24." To make deposits Home Credit Bank gives the opportunity in several ways. For more information on conditions and opportunities, see below.

Why choose "Home Credit Bank"

This organization has already established itself as areliable and active bank. In 2012, in our country there were already 6,356 of its branches and 69,000 outlets in various shops and centers. On the volume of household deposits, "Home Credit" got the tenth place, according to the results of RIA "Rating" and RA "Expert".

What is the reason for the popularity of attracting deposits

The Central Bank of Russia assessed thedeposits of the population. As of September 1 this year, they grew, compared to the data for the first August of the same year, at about 94%. The total amount of deposits is 15.95 trillion rubles. This shows that the population's deposits are in demand. The amount of funds raised in the CKB exceeded 220 billion rubles as of September 1. Compared to last year, the data is higher by 90%! This is due to the fact that the bank regularly offers new favorable terms and continues to develop actively.

bank home loan deposits interestMain advantages

In order to make deposits, Bank HomeCredit "has developed a simple scheme of opening.If you have 1000 rubles, you will be able to open a deposit account, that is, you do not need a large amount of money for an investment, and the deposit amount does not affect the annual interest rate - the rate is the same.

Feature of deposits. Home Credit Bank"


Interest on them does not vary depending on theunforeseen circumstances. This means that if you cancel the contract, you will not lose anything. This fact especially attracts investors. Interest is paid monthly.

Good News Offer

Flexible product conditions and profitable offersare always in demand among consumers. If you have an amount of 1000 rubles, you can make a deposit for a period of six months. If the depositor decides to withdraw funds ahead of schedule, the interest is paid in full. With the proposal "Good News" you can either save or withdraw money without losing anything. The interest for this deposit is 8% per annum.

Proposal "Profitable Year"

This method is for those who want to save money frominflation, because the Home Credit Bank deposits are insured. The interest rate is 9% for the year, the placement period is up to one year. In case of early withdrawal, the interest will drop to 4.5.


Deposits Bank Home Credit takes twoways: with and without capitalization. This means that with the first option, interest will be charged to the deposit amount, in the second case, to a separate account, it can be withdrawn at any time.

home loan bank deposits insuredForeign currency deposits. Home Credit Bank"

Conditions under the "Good News" offer:

- the minimum amount of 5000 dollars / euro;

- 3.5% per year;

- term for half a year;

- monthly capitalization;

- partial removal is possible;

- the bet on withdrawal before the term does not change.

Conditions under the proposal "Only pluses":

- the minimum amount of 1000 dollars / euro;

- 4% per annum;

- term up to 12 months;

- payment of interest at the end of the period;

- there is no partial withdrawal;

- the rate at removal before term - 2-3%.

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