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Today pharmacies in pharmacies offer a wide range of drugs to increase potency. But how to be in a situation when everything is in order with an erection, but its length is not enough for high-grade sex and satisfaction of a woman?

According to medical experts, such difficulties are usually associated with excessive sensitivity of the nerve endings, which are located in the erogenous zones of the reproductive organs, that is, the smooth muscles of the penis are impaired.

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"Dapoxetine" - a drug that is intended to eliminate the problems associated with early ejaculation.

The active ingredient of the drug is considered dapoxetine hydrochloride. Depending on the dosage, the medicine contains thirty or sixty milligrams of dapoxetine hydrochloride. In a small amount in the structure of the drug there are additional components.

The drug belongs to the pharmacotherapeutic group of third-generation antidepressants, to which the majority of sedatives belong.

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"Dapoxetine" has a rather complicated mechanism of action, properly understood by persons with medical education.

Serotonin is considered a transport medium through which excitation spreads from one nerve ending to another.

As a rule, while the “mood hormone” is sufficient, the strength of the nerve impulse exists. The drug eliminates the breakdown and loss of serotonin, increasing its effect and erection, eliminating impotence.

Unlike many other psychotropic drugs, the drug has a greater selectivity for nerve endings, which are located in the genital area.

The main therapeutic effect of the drug "Dapoxetine" is to maintain the elasticity of the muscles of the genital organs and the provision of a long and stable erection.

As a rule, serotonin nerve endings are distributed absolutely throughout all tissues and organs, so the drug "Dapoxetine" has emergence (systemic effect), its use can be harmful to certain groups of people.

dapoxetine instructions for use

Important! Taking the drug without first consulting a doctor is not recommended, first you need to have an examination to identify possible contraindications.

After consumption, the active substance is instantly absorbed from the digestive tract and penetrates into the general circulation. Unfortunately, its bioavailability is no higher than fifty percent. The maximum content is reached in an hour and a half after taking the medicine. The time for complete removal of the drug is not more than twenty hours.

The exchange of dapoxetine hydrochloride is carried out with the participation of liver and kidney enzymes with the formation of pharmacological inactive compounds.

"Dapoxetine" has the least popularity than other drugs to increase potency. Therefore, the response of his admission is quite small.



The drug "Dapoxetine" has one single indication for use - early ejaculation in the representatives of the strong half of humanity between the ages of eighteen and sixty-four years. Unlike other psychotropic drugs from the pharmacotherapeutic group of antidepressants, Dapoxetine is not used in the treatment of mental disorders.


Contraindications to "Dapoksetin" the following:

  1. Allergy to the active substance.
  2. Age up to eighteen.
  3. Severe liver and kidney disease.
  4. Severe heart failure.
  5. Ischemic myocardial damage (organic and functional myocardial damage).
  6. Congenital or acquired valvular heart disease.
  7. Malignant tumors that arise in the tissues and organs of the epithelium cells.
  8. Neurotic disorder (a combination of psychogenic, functional, reversible disorders that tend to last for a long time).
  9. Mania (long-term or short-term state of euphoria or unrestrained activity).
  10. Bipolar disorders (mental disorders that are clinically manifested by mood disorders).
  11. Epilepsy (mental nervous illness characterized by recurring seizures).
  12. Cramps (involuntary jerky muscle or muscle group contraction, usually accompanied by sharp and aching pain).
  13. Prolonged depression (a serious condition in which a person has a mental disorder against a background of certain causes).
  14. Severe headaches.
  15. Migraine (a neurological disease, the most frequent and characteristic symptom of which is episodic or regular severe and painful headache attacks in one half of the head).
  16. Tachycardia (increase in heart rate from 90 beats per minute).
  17. Upset stool.
  18. Vasomotor rhinitis (violation of breathing through the nose due to a narrowing of the nasal cavity, due to a violation of vascular tone in the mucous membrane).
  19. Hypertension (persistent increase in blood pressure).
  20. Aggressiveness.
  21. Tremor (fast, rhythmic movements of the limbs or torso, caused by muscle contractions and associated with a time delay of corrective afferent signals).
  22. Tinnitus.
  23. Anxious dreams.

Most of the negative reactions that a drug has are associated with its effect on serotonin nerve endings, which are located in other organs and tissues.

The severity of side effects during treatment depends on the dosage to use "Dapoxetine". If the daily concentration of the active substance does not exceed thirty milligrams, then the probability of negative manifestations is categorically small.

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Important to remember!

In the event of complications such as migraine, fainting, coordination disorder, and so on, the use of the drug should be stopped.

How to take the drug?

According to the Dapoxetine instructions for use, the initial dosage for men between the ages of eighteen and sixty-four years is thirty milligrams per day.

Tablets are taken once an hour before intercourse (maximum one hundred eighty minutes).

The amount of intake is no more than once a day, therefore, it is necessary to take Dapoxetine again twenty-four hours after the previous capsule.

It must be remembered that with insufficient effect from the accepted dosage of thirty milligrams per day, the amount of the active component can be increased to sixty milligrams.


The drug "Dapoxetine" can cause some undesirable reactions when taking excessively high dosages, for example:

  1. Drowsiness.
  2. Dizziness.
  3. Migraine.
  4. Hyperreactivity.
  5. Tremor of the limbs.
  6. The problems of the digestive system.

If you experience these symptoms, it is recommended to stop taking Dapoxetine.

Interaction with other drugs

The combination of "Phenelzin", "Pirazidol", "Moklobemida", "Selegilina" with "Dapoxetine" can be fatal due to disruption of the functioning of the autonomic nervous system up to coma.

According to reviews, “Dapoxetine” is allowed to be taken only fourteen days after discontinuation of these inhibitors, and it is possible to restore therapy with drugs of this group no sooner than a week after using the last capsule.

Joint reception of “Sonapaks”, “Tysona”, “Thiodazine” with “Dapoxetine” can lead to the development of arrhythmias.

The use of the drug with anticoagulants and other drugs that reduce blood clotting, increase the likelihood of bleeding.

Storage conditions

According to reviews, “Dapoxetine” from pharmacies is released only by prescription of the attending doctor. Keep the drug is recommended away from children, at a temperature of not more than twenty-five degrees. Shelf life - thirty-six months. The cost of the drug is from 1500 to 4000 rubles.

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Can I take alcohol and dapoxetine?

When taking alcohol and pills together, certain complications can occur. Therefore, before therapy, it is necessary to pay attention that the drug increases the negative effect of hot drinks on the nervous system and increases intoxication.

Special features

With extreme caution, the drug is prescribed for people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, because the drug can provoke exacerbation of signs of the main disease.

According to reviews, “Dapoxetine” in men sometimes causes fainting and orthostatic hypotension. Therefore, the patient should not abruptly get out of bed, and when a headache appears, it is better to be at rest until you feel better.

Tablets dramatically reduce the reaction rate, which is important to consider when driving a car and managing complex mechanisms with increased need for concentration.

Russian analogues of "Dapoxetine"

The drug has substitutes:

  1. "Viagra".
  2. Cialis.
  3. "Propecia."
  4. Sildenafil.
  5. "Tadalafil."

Since not every person can afford to be treated with expensive medicines, many people prefer to buy inexpensive, but no less effective means.

The cheap but effective Russian analogues of Dapoxetine are the following drugs:

  1. Levitra.
  2. "Soft set."
  3. "Super Special".

Of the foreign analogues, only one is known today, containing dapoxetine hydrochloride, - "Priligi".

Patients in the reviews of "Dapoxetine" confirm its effectiveness, the drug increases the duration of sexual intercourse, which generally has a positive effect on the quality of life of a man.

dapoxetine composition


The drug is made in the form of tablets for oral administration. The drug belongs to the pharmacological group of drugs that are used to eliminate erection problems in men. "Viagra" does not help with impotence of mental origin.

The main active microelement of the drug has a positive effect on the processes of erection in a representative of a strong half of humanity during the period of sexual arousal, this is achieved by increasing blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. The cost of the drug varies from 600 to 3000 rubles.


The drug belongs to the group of pharmacological agents to improve erectile dysfunction. Levitra is available in pill form. They are used to eliminate impaired potency in men.

The tablets have a rounded shape, a biconvex surface and a yellow hue.The main active trace element medication is vardenafil. Its concentration in one tablet is five, ten and twenty milligrams.

After drinking the pill, the orally active trace element is instantly and completely absorbed into the blood from the intestinal lumen. The joint use of drugs with food reduces the rate of absorption of the active ingredient. After absorption, the active trace element evenly spreads through the tissues of the body. The cost of the drug ranges from 1000 to 3400 rubles.

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