Cotton candy at home

Now we'll talk how to make sweet cotton wool at home. The first thing you need to do is make a machine for sweet cotton wool. For its manufacture need a bottle with a volume of 5 liters, the engine from any children's toys, the lid from the can power supply and box. The power supply should be from 12 to 20v, any charger from the phone can come up.
necessary details

insert the motor

In the lid of the bottle, cut out the hole and insert the motor.
The main thing that the engine would hold tight, for this you can add a few drops of glue. From above, on the rotor we put on a nipple gum and fasten the lid from the can.
dress cap

We connect the power supply, its wire must pass through the bottle and be connected to the engine.
we put on bottles

The device for cotton candy is almost ready, it remains to find the box and insert the device there.
insert into the box

Now he's ready. It remains to prepare the desired mixture. For the preparation of the mixture, we need: a metal cup, sugar, water, stove.
First you need to lubricate the lid of the can, with oil.This is to ensure that the mixture does not stick to the lid.
Next, in a metal mug, pour one tablespoon of sugar and add water. There should not be a lot of water, it is enough that sugar is just soaked.

We put on the fire and constantly stir. It is necessary that the water evaporated, and only the thick caramel remained. As soon as the water stops boiling and begins to take on a brownish look, this means that the mixture is ready. After preparing the mixture, you must do everything quickly so that the mixture does not have time to harden. We start the wonderful unit and a small stream, drip the mixture on the lid of the jar. Caramel will fly in different directions once again and let cobwebs. That's all.
Cotton candy at home

It should be borne in mind that this is the easiest design, anyone can improve it.

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