Configure skype? As easy as pie!

With the development of information technology, mobilecommunication and ordinary electronic correspondence are losing relevance. More and more popular programs are gaining the opportunity to communicate with a webcam and microphone. They allow not only to hear, but also to see the interlocutor on the screen of your monitor. One such program is Skype. Configuring it is easy enough, despite the fact that the program has quite a lot of functionality.

  1. configure skypeThe first thing to do is download and installSkype to your computer, then run it and perform the registration procedure. Next you need to make sure that your status is active - "On the network" (it is displayed in the upper left corner of the program, to the left of your name). If desired, the status can be changed to "Not in place", "Do not disturb" or "Invisible".
  2. Before setting up Skype, add the necessarycontacts (they will be located on the left side of the program). Press the button "Add contact", in the opened field for search enter the login of the desired user, his email address or full name and surname. After finding the person of interest, in the upper right corner click "Add contact list" and then "Send". The user will receive your authorization request, and only then you will see his status in the network.
  3. To configure skype, you must also enter your profile information. For this we press "Scype" - "Personal data" - "Edit my data". In the opened tab we enter information about ourselves.
  4. configure skype on computerNow, to configure skype directly forwork, select the item "Tools" in the menu bar, and then "Settings ...". The main and general sections are edited at will. In the "Audio Settings" section, you can select the microphone and speakers used, and set an acceptable volume level. The "Sounds" tab is intended for identification of various events when working with the program - incoming call or message, users entering and leaving the network, and various errors. If necessary, you can turn off all the sounds.
  5. skype configureFor comfortable communication you need to configure skypefor example and the transmission of a video image of acceptable quality. For these purposes, use the following tab "Video settings". Here you can adjust the contrast and brightness of the image, as well as specify from whom the video calls will be accepted automatically upon request. It is most expedient to leave the item "From no one" and respond to incoming requests manually. The list of unwanted users can be viewed in the corresponding section "Blocked contacts". Also, the Skype program allows you to activate the ability to receive and transfer data via Wi-Fi. To do this, just tick the appropriate section.

Setting up skype on a computer is quite simple,as the program is improved almost in full and very convenient to use. With the rest of the settings it will be easy to understand yourself. You can add funds to Skype account in the "Personal data" section, "My account and account - Means" - "Deposit money into Scype account".

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