Compound feed for broilers: intensive feeding of birds

Breeding broiler birds allows you to quickly get a large amount of tasty meat. The economic benefit of such an enterprise largely depends on the cost of feed, the current market situation and other factors, but in general the industry remains promising, so many small farmers and private farms are interested in the meat industry of the poultry industry. The main cost category is the purchase of a product such as feed for broilers, it is on its quality that the rate of weight gain and the nutritional value of the carcass depend. Consider the preparation of the diet in more detail.

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Types and specifics of feed by age

Since we are talking about the speeding fattening of birds, it is extremely important to change the types of feed by periods of bird life. If we consider specialized industrial feeds, we can distinguish four main types into which feed for broilers is divided.It is better to choose full-feed, then do not need the addition of premixes and protein-vitamin-mineral concentrates.

"Pre-start-2"designed for chickens from the time of hatching from eggs to five days. Caloric content - 300 kcal per 100 grams, high content of vitamins, microelements, firming supplements. The purpose of this feed is to give a good basis for the subsequent intensive fattening.

"Start"- from five to fifteen days. Calorie increased slightly - 305 kcal per 100 grams. This type of food is extremely important for the good development of bones and ligaments, the establishment of a perfectly working digestive system.

"Fattening"- from sixteen to thirty-five days. During this period, chickens survive the first molt and need additional nutrients; undernourishment can adversely affect the health of the bird.

"Finish"- the final fattening to bring the carcass to the optimum weight and qualitative proportions of meat and fat, from five weeks to slaughter. The average life of a broiler chicken is on average three months.

Installed on feed for broilers, the average price starts from 12,000 rubles per ton, each manufacturer makes its own adjustments to the price.The composition and percentage of ingredients may also vary. The most popular brands today are "Multigane", "FeedLife", D-MIX.

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Special nutritional supplements

If you plan to use not complete feed for broilers, and grain mixes, then you will need to include food additives. First of all, these are premixes and BVMK.

Premixes are a crumbly mixture of vitamins, microelements, enzymes and other biologically active substances. When using a quality premix, adding certain types of vitamins to mixed feed is no longer required.

BVMK - protein-vitamin-mineral complex. In the diet of broiler chicken, the proportion of BVMK can be up to 25% of the total weight of the feed. At the same time it is important to acquire the appropriate type of BVMK for broiler chicken, these supplements are not interchangeable.

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How to cook feed for broilers with their own hands

It is quite possible to prepare a complete feed in your own farm, for this you only need to purchase quality components and take care of the equipment for processing products. In most cases, it is a universal crusher, equipped with auxiliary parts (sieves, whitewaters).

To prepare feed for broilers with their own hands, a mixture of cereals is used: wheat, corn, sunflower cake as a fatty component, soybean meal, meat and bone and / or fish meal, fish oil. It is highly desirable to add premix and BVMK, this allows you to effectively balance the composition of the feed. The rates and percentages of ingredients can be taken the same as in industrial feeds.

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Intensive fattening chicken broiler breed

If you use feed for homemade broilers, the results can be even better than from industrial mixes. However, experienced farmers recommend using exactly the purchased product for starting fattening, this allows you to lay a qualitative foundation for the further development of meat poultry.

Adjusting the diet depending on the condition of the chicks

Sometimes it is impossible to predict how chickens will react even to the best food, therefore, quite often weak animals can be observed in a party of young animals. They are distinguished by their timid temper, poorly pecked on food, get tired quickly and stand, their wings hanging down. Even if the start is used feed for broiler chickens, no one is immune from the appearance of painful individuals.

Weak chickens should be immediately deposited in a separate cage and make adjustments to the food. Good results are obtained from fish oil - drip from a pipette into the beak of each chick, they are also offered eggnog - a mixture of yolk and whole milk. This composition is also served drip each, or, if the chickens are able, through a vacuum drinker. Half an hour after filing, the remains of the unused mixture are removed - this is a perishable product.

Also in the composition of feed for broilers, you can enter a slightly increased share of the premix, the enzymes contained in it stimulate digestion and improve the health of the chickens.

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Terms of fattening

The average duration of intensive fattening of broiler chickens rarely exceeds three months, the further content significantly increases the feed consumption with a relatively small weight gain. Compound feed for broilers, the price of which is quite high, is economically inexpedient to give. In addition, the broiler is desirable to hammer on the meat before he starts the first real molt, which will worsen the characteristics of the carcass.

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