Club "Rocco" in Ivanovo: description, address and mode of operation

The Rocco Club in Ivanovo is well known not only to the residents of the city, but also to its guests. Here you can spend the most interesting weekend and gain a lot of impressions. The establishment is open only two days a week, but guests have enough of this to have a great time. The establishment is perfect for relaxing with friends or the second half. Guests can also book a room for celebrations of various types. They will not only help with the design and conduct of the holiday, but also provide a lot of equipment for free.

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general information

The establishment has a motto that many visitors like. Its meaning is that after sunset the life does not stop, but, on the contrary, continues. Therefore, the nightclub Rocco in Ivanovo offers its guests to plunge into an atmosphere of fun, music and relaxation. For the comfort of visitors, the institution is equipped with all the most necessary.

Guests on the dance floor

The dance floor meets all requirements and is created using the latest technologies. On the club scene you can often see popular artists who are specially invited by the organizers to visitors of the establishment. Guests can dance near the stage or enjoy music from the VIP area. In the institution always sound demanded music news, and lighting equipment makes any party even more spectacular. Guests are often entertained by dancers who can give the audience not only a real show, but also a surprise.

Club "Rocco" in Ivanovo also has a menu that presents European cuisine. Guests celebrate good grilled dishes, original salads, steaks, salads with different fillings (vegetables, meat, poultry, greens), many kinds of cold appetizers. In the institution you can order strong drinks, among which there is wine, beer, rum, gin, vodka and others. There are also cocktails without alcohol, a good selection of tea and coffee. Visitors can pamper themselves with a hookah. For him, the club even has a separate area. Many guests are satisfied with their rest in the institution. But there are those visitors who have found for themselves in the club cons.

How to get to the place

Find a popular place in the city will not be a big problem. Citizens can always tell where it is located. In addition, if there is an address, it is easy to do it yourself. Club "Rocco" in Ivanovo is located on Pushkin Square, in building number 2. It is located right in the Palace of Arts. The club can also be reached by public transport. The stop is called “Pushkin Square” and there are a lot of types of transport running to it:

  • Trolleybuses 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8. The first room will bring guests directly from the train station.
  • Buses 1, 7, 13, 35, 44. Numbers 13 and 44 also travel from the train station.
  • Route taxis 7, 10, 18, 29, 31, 36.

Operation mode

Rocco Nightclub is open only two days a week. On Friday and Saturday, guests can relax from 11:00 until 6:00. You can learn all the details and book a table through the administrator. Phone club "Rocco" in Ivanovo can be found on the official website of the institution.

Visitors in the institution

Additional features

Club "Rocco" in Ivanovo is often ordered by visitors for their celebrations. Weddings are held here regularly. Many young couples choose this place, as it has a beautiful and stylish design.Each hall in the institution was created with a special taste and looks very impressive. Guests can book a room according to the number of guests. The largest room is the Main Arena. It is designed for 80 people, but the number of places can be increased. It has a dance floor. Golden Hall is suitable for 34 persons. If necessary, the number of seats may also become more. In the room there is also a place for dancing. In addition, there is still a hookah room for 40 people.

Club design

The institution has prepared all the most necessary equipment for the holidays. Therefore, young people do not need to look for music or lighting equipment. There is also a large display and a stage that can transform. Available to connect additional equipment. The team of the club, if necessary, will tell you how to deal with the design and conduct of the holiday for customers. They themselves will help to find leaders, as well as to make an individual program and a menu for guests. If clients want, popular musicians can perform on their holiday. Also, besides weddings, banquets, presentations, receptions, graduation parties are available. Banquet menu is about 1800 rubles per person. Buffet menu - prices from 800 rubles.

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