Clione for lucky - welcome!

Dear customers! We have just identified a random winner in the drawing of the Clione device - let me remind you that all orders, executed from June 15 to July 30 inclusive, participated. This is Marina Lvova, order number 102323. Marina, congratulations! I wrote you a letter to agree on the details of the delivery of the prize.
Using this link you can check the participation report - whether your order number was entered into the drawing.
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Many thanks to everyone for their participation, for their trust, I hope that the purchases of this summer will be beneficial to you. I know that many are now really upset ... As a consolation for those who hoped to win, I want to say that I have found and have already tested myself in all places a new Japanese device, which can do the same, works without a wire and is no longer 500 bucks, and the order, the order is cheaper! Virtually each of us, a bit of wrinkled, strong independent women, can afford it.

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