Chivyrkuisky Bay on Lake Baikal

Recently, rest in local resorts has been very popular in the country, because they are no worse than foreign ones. More and more people began to visit health resorts located in the south of Russia: Sochi, Crimea. But in Siberia there is something to surprise. One of the top places where people go to relax and be filled with energy is Lake Baikal. This is a unique, unique, amazing territory, where every bay, bay, island admire. Enumerate the places where you should go to explore the pearl of Siberia, can be infinite. Chivyrkuisky Bay on Lake Baikal is the place from which we will begin to discover the beauties of the nature of this amazing land.

Chivyrkuy Bay

Briefly about Baikal

Speaking of the lake, you involuntarily use the prefix "the most". And this is true.

After all, Baikal:

  • the cleanest lake on the planet with a unique “formula of water”, which in terms of its salt composition is comparable to distilled one. It contains a small amount of mineral components and practically no organic matter. The bulk of the Baikal algae is consumed by epishura - plankton crustaceans, which are the most famous endemics of Lake Baikal.They work as a living filter, passing water through themselves and absorbing the components dissolved in it;
  • the deepest lake on the planet. The Baikal basin has a tectonic origin. Many scientists believe that the lake - the nascent ocean. Each year, its shores diverge by an average of 2 centimeters. According to recent studies, the maximum depth of the lake is 1642 m. But this value is not constant, because the lake is growing;
  • the largest natural reservoir of fresh water. The volume of a fluid that is unique in its properties cannot be compared with any of the existing lakes on the planet. It is more than 23 thousand cubic kilometers, about 20% of the world's total drinking water supply on the planet.

The flora and fauna of the lake is unique. In the Baikal waters there are organisms that do not live anywhere else. Vivid examples of such uniqueness are the Baikal seal, golomyanka fish, Baikal sponge, epishura.

The number of sunny days on the lake is more than on the Black Sea coast. The most sunny place on Baikal is the village of Bolshoe Goloustnoye. The luminescence of a celestial body here lasts a total of more than 2.5 thousand hours a year.

Gulfs of Lake Baikal

Several popular bays are distinguished by tourist attendance on Baikal:

  • Barguzinsky. It is the largest and deepest bay on Baikal. Located in its eastern part between two capes: Krestovsky and the Lower Headboard. Incredible landscapes open to travelers: overgrown with pine trees, sandy beaches side by side with mountain peaks. On the coast of the bay there are many tourist bases and holiday homes.
  • Kurkut. This bay is located in the Small Sea Strait. Water in the summer warms up to 21 degrees. Sandy-pebble beach. The bays located in the bay are dotted with recreation centers. One of the most popular places to visit tourists.
  • Failure. Bay, which was formed due to a powerful earthquake in 1862. Part of the land has gone under the water due to the strong fluctuations of the earth. Scientists suggest that the magnitude was 10 points. The resulting shallow bay - up to 5-6 meters. The coast - from sandy to marshy.
  • Embassy litter is a shallow bay, which is separated from Baikal by a sand bar. Because of this, the water here warms up to 21 degrees. The place is famous for lots of weed fish.On the sandy shores of the bay there are many tourist bases.

Chivyrkuy Bay on the Baikal


In the northeast of the lake is located the famous Chivyrkuy Bay, which many aspire to visit. Throughout (about 28 kilometers), it is cut by small bays.

The most famous bays of the Chivyrkuisky Bay are Sorozhya, Okunevaya, and Snake. From the names it is clear that a lot of commercial fish are found here. Therefore, many fishermen tend to get here to enjoy the beauty of fishing.

In addition to lovers of spinning and fishing rods on the sandy coast, there are many simple tourists. After all, because of the shallow depth, the water warms up to 23 degrees here, the coast is strewn with white fine sand, and on the slopes there is a dense coniferous forest. This is the most beautiful holiday on Lake Baikal. Chivyrkuisky Bay in the season (June-August) along the coastline of the beaches (Monakhovo Village) is covered with handkerchiefs, there are practically no empty seats.

The bay is located on the protected area - Zabaikalsky National Park. Therefore, mass construction, industrial fishing and hunting are prohibited. The main settlements are Katun, Monakhovo, Kurbulik. The best entrance to the bay only in the village Monakhovo.The villages themselves are small, only a few houses. The population here is mainly engaged in fishing. Baz recreation on Chivyrkuy Bay a bit. Can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Tourists often rest savages. You can cross into any bay by ordering a motor boat from local residents.

How to get there

A place that always attracts tourists is Chivyrkuy Bay. How to get to such an amazing land? By car. The length of the route from the city of Irkutsk is slightly more than 700 kilometers. By the time the journey takes about 11-12 hours. The only difficulty will arise when crossing the Selenga River in the village of Tataurovo. Due to the high congestion of the ferry in the queue to the opposite shore, you can stand for more than 4 hours. Seasoned travelers recommend making a small detour and drive through the city of Ulan-Ude. The route will increase by 100 km, but you will save precious time for rest. Chivyrkuisky Bay can be visited in another way: go down 12 km downstream of the Selenga River to Ilyinka village, there is also a ferry there. But he was reassigned for timber trucks, so a low-slung passenger car is unlikely to call in on him.

Chivyrkuisky Bay on Lake Baikal can be visited by water transport.This is an 11-hour journey from Irkutsk to the village of Ust-Barguzin, and from there its course to the bay.

Having achieved the purpose of your trip, do not deny yourself the pleasure to visit several attractions of this area.Chivyrkuy Bay holiday

Holy Nose

The peninsula, located between Barguzinsky and Chivyrkuisky bays, is the largest on Baikal. A few thousand years ago, the Holy Nose was an island, but as a result of river activity, as well as storms, a sandy bridge was formed between the mainland and the island - the Chivyrkuy Isthmus. Holy Nose - mountain range. The highest point is Mount Markova (1877 m). Many tourists ascend to the summit to see Baikal from a bird's-eye view. Especially for lovers of extreme sports here is organized "Test Trail". The name speaks for itself. Therefore, if you are going to conquer the Baikal peaks, be prepared for difficulties. The route is quite dangerous.Chivyrkuy Bay base

Snake Cove

A picturesque bay located in the Chivyrkuy Bay on the Svyatoy Nos peninsula. The main attraction is a healing mineral spring pouring directly onto the surface of the earth.For convenience, a special font was constructed so that anyone could plunge into the life-giving waters. The water temperature at the source reaches 45 degrees. The mineralization is small, only about 0.5 g / l, the composition is sodium hydrocarbonate-sulphate.

Healing source will help people suffering from diseases of the musculoskeletal system. You need to start bathing with a small amount of time - 5 minutes, with a gradual increase to a quarter of an hour. The best way to get to Snake Bay is by water. You can take a walk from the village Monakhovo to the source along a path about 20 km long.

Big Baklaniy Island

It is the largest island in the bay. On the one hand, it is covered with a dense coniferous forest, on the other it is bounded by a rocky cliff. Cormorants used to nest here. Now the island belongs to the protected nature reserve. You can get to it only with the permission of the administration of the Trans-Baikal National Park. The visit is limited in time - only 30 minutes. Such careful protection of the island’s territory is associated with the extinction of the Great Cormorant population on Lake Baikal.

Scientists-ornithologists and researchers of the lake assume that the decrease and the subsequent disappearance of birds is connected with human activity, namely with the construction of the Irkutsk hydroelectric station. As a result of the construction of the dam, the level of the reservoir rose, the fragile ecosystem of Baikal was disturbed, and the cormorants left the area. Only 50 years later, new individuals began to nest on the lake, today there are about 4.5 thousand. But the balance of nature is very fragile. To avoid a repetition of the situation, the territory of the island is carefully guarded.Chivyrkuy Bay photo

Lake Kotokel

Amazing lake with a tragic history, located just a few kilometers from Lake Baikal. There is an assumption that earlier it was the bay of the “sacred lake”. This is indicated by the same endemics inhabiting two reservoirs. Kotokel has always been famous for a large number of fish. Here you could catch perch, pike, ide, char, crucian carp. Of the attractions of the lake, Monastyrsky Island is of particular fame. It used to house a church and a monastery.

Beautiful landscapes open gaze of the traveler who came here.Due to the small depth (on average 5 m), the water warms up well in summer. The weather is almost windless throughout the year. This place, on the coast of which there are about 40 camp sites, has always attracted tourists. And it was precisely the negligent attitude of man towards places of rest that caused ecological disaster that destroyed the fragile ecosystem of the reservoir. The lake began to "bloom." Cyanobacteria that have settled in Kotokel produce a dangerous toxin that kills living organisms, including humans. The abundance of blue-green algae in the thickness of the reservoir led to the poisoning of water.

Another cause of ecological disaster was the ingress of alien weed into the pond, which, after rapid growth, began to die off. Her remains began to rot, clogging Cotokel. Today, fishing is completely prohibited in the lake. Scientists have conducted several dozen studies and suggested several ways out of this situation. By 2017, the lake is still toxic, but gradually the fragile ecosystem is being restored.Chivyrkuisky Bay recreation center

Ushkany Islands

The group of islands, which is located seven kilometers from the peninsula of Holy Nose.This is where the mass rookery of the seals is located. Since 2011, it is impossible to get here and watch the famous endemics of Baikal to an idle tourist. Only by making a water cruise around the island’s water area, it is possible to linger in front of the Ushkans and, using optical devices, see how the Baikal seals live in natural conditions.

Arangatui lakes

This complex of lakes, consisting of Small Arangatuya and Big Arangatuya, is located on the Chivyrkuy isthmus, connecting the Holy Nose peninsula with the Great Land. These lakes are the widest in the Trans-Baikal National Park. They are protected. These unique natural sites are inhabited by rare birds. Very often, being near the lakes, you can hear their singing and chirping. These are bird markets. To travel and admire the beauty of the Arangatui lakes is best in a rubber boat.Chivyrkuy Bay how to get

Chivyrkuy Bay: recreation centers

Construction on the territory of the described area is strictly prohibited. Therefore, there are few recreation facilities here. The most popular place is the floating hotel Ecotour. It is located in the Snake Bay. In cozy cabins can accommodate up to 40 people.It works only in the summer. The second most popular is the recreation center in the village of Monakhovo, which is called Monakhovo. Several cozy, no-nonsense rooms can accommodate up to 12 people. In general, the rest on Lake Baikal (including Chivyrkuy Bay), many prefer to spend in tent camps. This is the only way to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the “Sacred Lake” and soak up its energy.

Chivyrkuisky Bay, the photos of which are posted in the article, is an incredibly beautiful place. You can feel the positive impact and feel the charm of the nature reserve by visiting him personally.

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