China bans online bible sale

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The Chinese government has just banned the Bible. Although it can be bought in bookstores, the book has completely disappeared from online stores. All you can find are some comments or reviews on pages such as Taobao and Amazon. Chinese censorship has gained reputation as an instrument of pressure over the years, but this strange maneuver is not a question of censorship or war with religion, but repression.
Tensions between the Chinese government and the Vatican reached such a point that Beijing decided to ban the Bible as a kind of warning against the traditional opposition of the Holy See to communism.
Under this measure, there is also a lot of cultural protectionism. President Xi Jinping undertook a kind of campaign to promote traditional Chinese values, aimed precisely at mitigating the influence of Christianity and the West.
The Bible, in fact, is the only clearly forbidden religious text.Other texts from other religions are still available.

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