Chiller for water cooling

Those who keep the house aquarium, oftenface the problem of overheating of water in the tank. It is clear that in such an environment, underwater inhabitants feel uncomfortable, and with sudden temperature changes, some species even die. Therefore, putting this issue for consideration, it should be noted that this problem is global in nature. An increase in the temperature regime leads to a change in the oxygen balance, the development of colonies of harmful algae and groups of bacteria. How to fix the problem? We offer you to get acquainted with a couple of effective ways of using chillers for cooling water in an aquarium.

Chiller for cooling water

Variants of cooling water in a home aquarium

Knowing the three main ways to effectively coolwater in the aquarium, you can save the lives of small inhabitants of the home "pond". The presence of such a device in the house will help to maintain the necessary temperature level throughout the day, which means it will provide a comfortable life for the inhabitants of the aquarium. Create favorable conditions for your fish and pay attention to the fact that they became less likely to get sick and stopped dying.

Chiller for water cooling

Additional accessories to the tank

You can use a special lid tighteneda small mosquito net. But this design does not help to get rid of the problem completely. This method works only if the water temperature drops by 1-2aboutC. And even if the water in the aquarium is warmest by 1-3aboutC, then it's still normal. But the deviation of temperature by 5-6aboutC can lead to sad consequences and the death of aquarium fish.

Cooling system for aquarium, swimming pool, fonts

The second option seems more effective, because heinvolves the use of specialized equipment. Chillers for cooling water in the pool, water tank and other structures are very popular. By the way, you can make this design for an aquarium with your own hands. It is not difficult. And besides it's cheaper than buying a factory expensive model, which is definitely beyond the pocket of most aquarists.

Chiller for cooling water in the aquarium

If the household chiller is clear, then what about the pool or the font? For cooling large volumes of water, only a special cooling unit is suitable, which costs a lot of money.

What is an industrial chiller?

As a person's desire to improve conditionshis life as much as possible every day only grows, here and there was a need to create industrial plants for cooling not only air, but also water. Chillers are used to cool water in fonts, for cooling tanks and tanks with large volumes of water. Such installations are referred to a number of devices from the group of systems that provide air conditioning.

Principle of operation of industrial cooling system

To be able to regulate andmaintain a certain level of water temperature, use facilities with the following characteristics: power and capacity directly depend on the volume of water in the tank / tank. Often, these small in volume devices are mounted in a specially designated office space. The cooling installation for the font is mounted in the water circuit, connecting it to the power supply.

The peculiarity of the chillers is in silentfunctioning, lack of vibration and minimal power consumption. Such characteristics allow the device to be used efficiently with minimal costs. It is noted that the systems are easy to maintain and reliable in operation.

Chiller for cooling water in a font

Homemade water tank chiller

As the master assures, no problems withthey did not construct such an installation. Parts for a self-made installation are freely available and readily available on the market, and other inventory can easily be found in a tool box that is stored in every home.

How to design a cooler

Take a simple plywood box without a cover, ityou will not need. Fill two two-liter plastic bottles with water and send it to the fridge / freezer for a couple of hours until the water is completely frozen. While the water cools, let's go back to the box. It will become the basis of the chiller for cooling water in the aquarium.

Place the box horizontally and at the topcut two round holes corresponding to the diameter of the bottle stopper. And now the question: what are they for, these holes? If your fantasy works for five with a plus, then you will immediately understand everything. Or look for the answer further in the article.

At the next stage of preparation of compound elementsdesign, take care of shielding the inside of the "cooler" (box). Use for this purpose the most common food foil, it can be purchased in any supermarket by visiting the business department. Paste it all the inner surfaces of the box, where necessary, trim. As a result, you get a thermal box, that is, an improvised chiller for cooling water, something that is necessary for a home aquarium with small fish.

At the last stage of the preparation of the coolingInstallations take bottles of frozen water, insert them into the holes in the box and slide them towards the water tank. Within 30 minutes, the water temperature will drop noticeably.

Tips for masters in designing a chiller

If you decide to install on the above example, then select the box for the thermobox to the size of the aquarium.

When installing the "cooler", watch the distancefrom the chiller to the tank with water: the bottles should not be close to the glass, and to enhance the effect it is recommended to cover the bottles with foil or cloth.

Chiller for cooling water in an aquarium from an ordinary box is a low-cost version of a cooler for an aquarium. The result is noticeable at once - just look at the thermometer in the aquarium.

Now you know how to design the mostA simple chiller for cooling water with your own hands and with ease you will be able to translate the example described above into reality. Cooling installation for an aquarium is simply an irreplaceable thing, allowing you to easily and simply create natural living conditions for your pets.

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