Chief power engineer: duties and job description

The chief power engineer of an enterprise is a managerial position, therefore only the director of the organization in which he works can accept or dismiss the employee who occupies it. For hiring a candidate must have a higher technical education. In addition, it should be borne in mind that enterprises may engage in various activities in different industries and be responsible for various market sectors. An employee who plans to obtain such a position is required to have a long work experience of at least five years. Moreover, this experience should correspond to the industry in which the company operates. And the employee must work over these years either in a management or engineering position. The chief power engineer submits directly to the director of the organization.

What is guided by

A person who has received the position of “chief power engineer” should, first of all, be guided by documents of a legislative and regulatory type aimed at regulating the company's energy services.
position chief power engineerAlso at his disposal should be provided methodological materials relating to the issues of his direct activities. The chief power engineer is obliged to observe the charter of the enterprise, always be in the workplace. He has no right to violate the labor schedule. Obeying the chief director, is obliged to follow all his orders and instructions. Also should be guided by all the rules that contains the job description of the chief energy.

What should know

Starting to fulfill the duties of the chief power engineer, the employee must learn and understand all the resolutions of the Labor Code, the orders and instructions of his superiors, be familiar with the methodological and regulatory materials relating to the energy services of this enterprise. Naturally, to understand the profile of the organization, what is the specificity of its activities. It is also important to understand the structure of the enterprise and possible ways of its development.

Chief power engineer: requirements

An employee in this position needs to know the basics of technology, exactly how the products are produced in the enterprise,how the provision of electricity to the production workshops and other places is organized, how the system of scheduled preventive maintenance works is organized and how to rationally use the resources of the enterprise’s equipment. Knowledge of the operating rules of devices that use electricity, their technical characteristics and production capacity is required.


The chief power engineer should be aware of what methods are used to plan the equipment, what order to turn them on, off and on what schedule it is necessary to carry out repair work. The chief power engineer should be able to develop and execute technical documentation in accordance with instructions, regulations and other guidance materials. Know how reception and delivery of equipment is carried out after use and repair. Understand what the environment can suffer from and prevent it.


If equipment is being upgraded, as well as its maintenance or repair, the chief power engineer should know all the requirements of the management in this regard.Also, the person holding this position must have information:

  • how much fuel and energy should be spent for the work of workshops and the enterprise as a whole;
  • how to enter into agreements with other organizations to obtain any materials in order to supply the organization with electricity and other types of energy necessary for normal operation.

Chief Power Engineer

Also, the chief power engineer is supposed to know the country's labor legislation, the basics of organizing production, economics and management. Be sure to follow the instructions on labor protection for the main power, safety, fire protection and occupational health standards.

Deputy Chief Power

If the employee holding the post of chief power engineer is absent from work, his duties are automatically taken over by a deputy who is appointed either by the power engineer himself or by the higher management. In this case, the deputy is fully responsible for his actions and the correct performance of duties for the period of the absence of the chief power engineer.


The main function of the employee holding the post of "chief power engineer" is the organization of work aimed at providing energy services to the organization.According to the job description, the person holding the position being described is responsible for the periodic professional development of all subordinates. The chief power engineer must ensure healthy and safe working conditions for his staff, and also supervise the work activities of subordinates and their observance of all necessary regulations and rules.


To perform its functions fully, the employee must strictly perform the duties of the chief power engineer. At each enterprise, the working conditions and requirements may be different, but there are major ones that relate to any areas of business. The chief power engineer must ensure that all repairs with power equipment are carried out correctly and on time, and control the saving of energy resources in the organization.
job description chief energy

He is also responsible for the uninterrupted supply of electricity, water, steam, gas and other resources to the production, on which the continuity of the production process depends.

The duties of the chief power engineer also include the management of the planning of the work of energy farms, the scheduling of the repair work of the power networks and equipment, and the calculation of the consumption of energy resources.He must calculate and draw up applications, which will contain information about the need to purchase parts or equipment, as well as other materials necessary to maintain the operation of the company's energy systems. The person in this position should do the calculations to minimize energy consumption and increase equipment productivity.
responsibilities chief energy

If the organization plans to renovate or modernize the power equipment, the chief power engineer is obliged to take part in drawing up plans for this and control all the necessary work to upgrade the devices. After it is carried out, he must participate in the verification of the system, carry out all the necessary tests and verify that everything is working properly.
summary of the chief power engineer

He supervises and carries out work aimed at protecting underground communications, checks the operation of communications, protective alarm systems and reports to state authorities for the operation of all devices operating under pressure. Responsibilities also include carrying out activities for the exchange of experience and knowledge regarding the operation, repair and installation of power equipment.The chief power engineer is responsible for the work and manages all the departments and employees ensuring the smooth operation of all power installations.


The job description of the chief power engineer includes the rights that are vested in the representative of this position. He has the right to represent the interests of the organization before competing or cooperating companies when it comes to energy services, or on other issues regarding energy supply. It may also submit to its superiors plans and proposals for improving the efficiency of the work of its departments and employees. To propose to improve the use of energy resources, to organize activities aimed at reducing fuel consumption and improving the work of equipment in the organization. Sighting and signing of documents are also available to the chief power engineer, but only within his official department. In addition, he has the right to receive reports and other information from employees that is necessary for him to work.
work chief energetic

Personnel issues are also within his competence. He may suggest that bosses dismiss, relocate, or appoint employees based on personal considerations, on the basis of observation and experience.In his rights to encourage employees or, conversely, charge them fines for poor performance of duties. And the last thing is that the chief power engineer has the right to ask the authorities for assistance if he himself for some reason is unable to fulfill these or other duties.

Responsible work

The chief power engineer bears full responsibility for his actions. If he performs his duties poorly or ignores them altogether, he can receive the punishment prescribed in the Labor Code of the country for such cases. He may also incur criminal or administrative liability if he violates the law in the process of performing his official duties or his actions cause material damage to the enterprise. Depending on the amount of damage caused, the degree of punishment will be determined.


Employees applying for the position of chief power engineer are needed in a wide variety of companies. Basically, of course, representatives of this profession are required in enterprises where products are manufactured for various market segments. Before you make a resume of the chief power engineer, it is advisable to decide in which particular area you want to work.After all, for each company it is important that their future employee not only understands the work of the company, but also has experience working with such equipment.
chief power engineer of the enterprise

Since this is a leading position, very few people manage to start their careers with it. First you need to go the way of promotions and get experience. Basically, this position is taken by professionals who have experience in leadership positions for at least five years. And if we take into account the previous experience in ordinary positions, then it turns out that employers turn their attention to specialists older than forty years.

In addition, a prerequisite for employment is the presence of higher technical education. Naturally, the requirements in each organization are individual, but mostly employers prefer experienced, educated professionals who know their business and are able to manage the staff or even the departments involved in providing the enterprise with electricity and other fuel resources, as well as those responsible for the repair, maintenance and modernization of equipment needed for the production activities of the company.

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