Candy heart

Sweet tooths will appreciate such a tasty souvenir surprise. It's banal and unromantic to give your sweetheart sweets in an ugly transparent plastic bag. Even if you tie it up with a bright or brilliant ribbon tape, this will not save the situation. And if the girl sees that you have thought up a souvenir, put some effort and gave a piece of the soul, having made such a gift, then the reward will not keep you waiting. Indeed, only a man in love can cope with such work.
To work prepare the following components:
- A piece of thick cardboard (measuring approximately 40 cm by 30 cm);
- scissors or office knife;
- double sided tape;
- PVA glue;
- red corrugated paper (or paper napkins of garnet shade);
- candy in a red wrapper;
- beautiful scarlet ribbons (1 m).
For work, prepare

Since the main color of passion and love is red, then the composition will be performed in this color scheme. Therefore, try to select all the components for work exactly as shown in the list.First you need to draw a big heart, about 25x20 cm in size, on a sheet of white paper. If you cannot draw, then find a suitable image on the Internet, print it on a printer, cut it out and make a stencil ready.
draw a big heart

According to this stencil, you need to cut out two blanks of the same size from thick cardboard.
cut stencil

Using corrugated paper or trishar paper napkins, you must create the color and texture of the paper blanks. Hearts can also be painted with watercolor, pasted with colored paper, but this is trivial. It is more interesting to create a volumetric background. So, take the PVA glue and spread it on top of the cardboard blank. Remember the napkin with your hands and press it to the surface. So it will stick in some places, and in some places a high place will be created. Thus, you can get a beautiful non-uniform texture. It does not matter if the edges of the blank are not filled, they will then disappear in the next step.
pasted with colored paper

Further along the edge of the whole heart, double-sided tape should be glued. It is better to do this in parts, so that it covers the entire surface evenly.
on the edge of my heart

As soon as you remove the protective coating from the tape, start to stick candy.It is necessary to do this over the edge of the wrapper and as tightly as possible to each other. It is best to choose sweets in this package, as in the photo. They are both fit and beautiful looking. The longer the candy will be, the taller and taller it will be. Although, you need to take into account the taste of your second half.
gum candy

Now take the second blank and in the same way, glue it around the entire perimeter of the edge with double-sided tape.
gum candy

Holding the hands, the second heart should be placed on the weight parallel to the first one and glue the opposite end of the wrapper of each candy.
gum candy

That's such a volume sweet heart turns out. It looks not only original, but also appetizing.
Candy heart

It remains only to make a nice souvenir. It will be enough to tie around the scarlet ribbon and form a bow on top.
Candy heart

If you want, you can also stick the candy at the top and bottom with a double-sided tape. So the gift will be more delicious.

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