Can a working mother stay nursing?

In our time, probably, every woman knows that breast milk is ideal in all respects food for babies. Here the whole set of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, as well as substances that support the natural microflora of the food tract of the crumbs and protect it from pathogens, is present in the required amounts.

The basis of children's health
And what else is very important - it is your milk that is optimal for your baby. Therefore, physicians give birth advice to women: if possible, to breastfeed babies for at least one year. This will be an excellent basis for his health for the rest of his life.

And most of the newly minted parents are responsible for such an important mission, using all the possibilities for this. They put the newborn on time in time to stimulate lactation (milk production), and then regularly repeat this procedure on demand crumbs or a schedule.They drink lactating teas, eat right to provide the crumbs with all the necessary nutrients (nutrients) and vitamin-mineral complex.

Another question is that sometimes it is rather difficult to figure out what exactly the expression “eat right” means. I remember that at the maternity hospital, experts hold talks on this topic, but I took out one time, alas, only one thing - there is practically nothing except cereals, fresh soups, one thin sandwich maker with butter and cheese a day. The rest is taboo, even dairy products and milk.
I do not know whether this is good or bad, but in this case, like in many others, I adhered to my own opinion, personal sensations and the wisdom of classics like "And Vaska listens and eats". In addition, I was lucky that the district pediatrician who came to us on the second day after discharge from the maternity hospital turned out to be a very competent and experienced woman who, by the way, later headed the pediatric department in our clinic. I remember her amazement and round eyes after my retelling of a lecture heard at the hospital.And her fair question: "And where will the elements necessary for the child come from, and you have the strength?" You throw it to me, eat normally. The main thing is to avoid potential allergens and watch as the baby carries those or other foods you eat. "
What if soon to work?
The above actions with a certain theoretical training and acquired with the practice of skill to perform is not so difficult. It is much more difficult for women who immediately after work or after a short time after they need to go to work. There can be many reasons here, the main ones are: maintaining the material well-being of the family (after all, it’s not always the husband himself can provide it at the proper level), the desire not to lose the acquired qualification, and some of the fair sex are born business women; think themselves without favorite work. All this lies on one side of the scale and has an important weight.

On the other hand, there is an even more significant, or rather, the most important factor - the present and future health of your native baby. And with him in the kit is the state of your nervous system.After all, when the baby is sick, there is nowhere else for her: she can not sit down for a second and rest, she does not eat, she does not sleep, she does not lose the sick and capricious baby, constantly measures temperature, revises the first-aid kit, or sends her husband to the nearest the pharmacy, in a broken voice, tells the doctor that the child has no fever, no appetite, he is constantly crying and so on and so forth.
It is clear that in order to avoid such situations (more precisely, to minimize them, since neither adults nor children can be ill at all), making the decision to go to work (well, in any way it does not work to sit further at home), any mommy selflessly decides not throw breastfeed. This is a very correct, very responsible decision. It is easy to accept, as Ukrainian women often do not have alternatives. But for the practical implementation of the decision, moms will have to make a truly titanic effort.
Technical progress plus patience is the key to success
Although it's been five years since I happened to go through this, I still can not remember without shudder those "golden" days when I was forced to leave my two-month-old son in the care of a nurse, and she went to work.Since I was mommy (I hope and remain) conscious: I worked in a medical journal, read a lot of special literature, communicated with pediatricians — I knew that in no case should I deprive a child of milk, she should continue breastfeeding with any fates. The only way out was to buy a breast pump, a bunch of bottles and containers and tune in to regular expression.
The good news is that now scientific and technological progress has jumped to the heights not seen thirty years ago and parents have plenty to choose from. The most well-known and reputable manufacturers of breastpumps are the companies Mir Mir Detstva, Chicco (Italy), Avent (England) and Medela (Sweden), NUK (Germany).

Based on the current situation, you can buymechanical(pump, rubber, piston) orelectric breast pump. As for the merits of the first three types (the main difference between them is the principle of action), then this is, above all, their relatively low price. In addition, they are silent, massage the breasts, imitate the sucking movements of your baby, they are easy to disassemble, wash and sterilize. But imagine that this very useful device will have to be used very long and very often.I think that after a couple of days you will begin to quietly hate this procedure. Your hands are not iron, nipples may crack when you decant, and, moreover, parts often wear out and break. I regretted my time in money (it is clear that not from natural greed, just like many, there were no superfluous ones). This turned into a huge time and purely physical cost - the pens had to work three times a day for an hour and a half. And electric for fifteen minutes, you can cope. So consider what you should save. My advice to you: if you have to decant regularly, buy an electric breast pump, although it is more expensive, rather noisy, it is not very convenient to wash and the electric part of the device is not sterilized, it requires a power source. Believe my experience: time and effort are more expensive.

This is really hard work, requiring remarkable psychological and purely physical effort. But, without a doubt, it's worth it.

In addition, at work you will need a separate room where you could regularly retire for this procedure. It is important in this case to enlist the support of superiors and colleagues who would not look at you askance whenever you ask to leave you alone for a while.Oh, and do not forget to reserve a place in the refrigerator where your jar-jars would be stored until the evening.
This is really hard work, requiring remarkable psychological and purely physical effort. But, without any doubt, it's worth it. For example, my mask ate mom's milk for up to a year and - pah-pah-pah - has not been anything serious yet. So, mummies, if you are going to work and breastfeed, tune in to what, for a period of many months, you have to put it all to the fullest. And when it seems to you that you can no longer stand, remember yourself or ask your husband to remind you that this is about the most expensive and important. I'm sure you will have a second wind, and you will finish feeding your baby before the due date.

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