Butterfly tattoos - what does it mean? The value of the tattoo "butterfly" on the female body

Nowadays, tattooing is a very stylish way to decorate the human body. But for most people, not only the aesthetic side is important, but also the meaning that is embedded in the pattern. Many try to express their “I” in a similar way. Very popular among the fair sex is a tattoo "butterfly". What does the image on the skin mean? On which parts of the body will such a pattern be most successful? Let's talk about this.

butterfly tattoo which means

Butterfly tattoos - what does it mean?

The art of tattooing is improving more and more every day, and the masters are already able to satisfy any wishes of a person who has decided to put any decoration on his body.

Butterfly tattoos - what does it mean? This insect is not only a beautiful image, but also carries a certain meaning. For many people, a butterfly that flutters in the air and pleases the eye with various bright colors is a sign of positive changes or spiritual growth.

There are many types and designations of the butterfly tattoo. It can symbolize freedom, life in all its manifestations and, of course, a big and bright feeling - love.

Beautiful, bright, mysterious tattoo "butterfly". What does this image on the body mean? There are several basic interpretations of the butterfly pattern.

  1. In Germany, it means the birth of a new life.
  2. Some tribes describe this insect as the spirit of a dead person returning to earth.
  3. The butterfly is considered a symbol of abundance.
  4. Earlier, the bodies of witches and sorcerers were labeled in the form of butterflies, which indicated their magical abilities.
  5. Modern tattoo artists consider a winged insect as a symbol of sensuality, beauty, grace and femininity.
  6. It is the butterfly that denotes limitless freedom, but at the same time, impermanence and hesitation.
  7. In the culture of some countries, this winged insect embodies grace. Very often, a butterfly can be stuffed as a silhouette of a female body. Many ladies choose such a tattoo, wanting to point out that they have the freedom of choice and many possibilities.

what does butterfly tattoo mean for a girl

What does the butterfly tattoo symbolize for a girl?

What does a butterfly tattoo mean for a girl? Based on the fact that this picture means a lot of different things, it is recommended to pay attention to the elements near the insects. Quite often, you can encounter the fact that a woman puts whole pictures on her body where a butterfly is surrounded by flowers. An insect on a chrysanthemum speaks of never-ending beauty. Lily symbolizes the innocence of the girl, and the water lily - the purity of her thoughts.

Distributed tattoo with butterflies, decorated in Celtic style and having a different interweaving of patterns and fringes. Here we are talking about changes in the life of the owner of the picture on the body.

In addition, the butterfly represents the process of rebirth. After all, the phenomenon when nasty caterpillars become delightful flying creatures can be safely called unique and even magical. A tattoo in the shape of a butterfly symbolizes various transformations in a person’s life.

In many cultures of the world the winged insect shows the soul of man. It is believed that it takes the soul of dead or dead people back to earth and protects them from spirits. The Chinese believe that the butterfly brings harmony to the family.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that a flying creature is often associated with a fairy - a mystical character who has very small sizes and extraordinary magical abilities. All fairies are friendly, harmless and gladly fulfill the wishes of people who bring good luck.

what does tattoo butterfly on foot

Butterfly tattoo on foot

What does the butterfly tattoo on the leg mean? Girls often do this tattoo on the feet. Here you can see a butterfly in the form of a bracelet, a separate element, sitting on a flower or enclosed in a heart.

Many ladies consider drawing on the body an additional touch to their image. This may be a spicy accessory that is slightly visible under a short skirt, or a neat floristic element placed on the ankle. Such drawings look very impressive on girls who prefer to wear studs. After all, almost every woman strives to be refined, independent and tender.

what does the butterfly tattoo on the lower back mean

What does the butterfly on the lower back symbolize?

It's no secret to anyone that the most sought-after place for applying such a tattoo was the waist. What does the butterfly tattoo on the lower back mean? This drawing is considered a symbol of a girl of easy virtue.Why this happens is unknown, but it is.

According to another interpretation, the butterfly on the back expresses a desire to stand out from the crowd and achieve something in life. That is why a girl who decided to make such a tattoo on the back should take into account all the facts and be ready for any eventuality.

If you agree to ignore all prejudices, then you can safely do what you like. But do not forget that the butterfly looks perfect on any part of the body.

what does the butterfly tattoo on the neck mean

Butterfly on the neck: what does it mean?

What does the butterfly tattoo mean on the neck? The image on the sides of the neck blends perfectly with independence and risk in character. Such drawings are applied necessarily symmetrically.

Girls who are willing to do such a tattoo, have the courage and strength of will. Drawings on the neck are suitable for musicians and artists - creative natures.

what does the butterfly tattoo mean on the arm

What is the definition of a butterfly tattoo on your arm?

What does the butterfly tattoo mean on the arm? If a person makes a tattoo in this place, then he can determine its interpretation independently. The drawing acquires a special meaning only when it symbolizes something definite. For example, tattooed from prison.In all other cases, the tattoo serves as a decoration on the body.

On the right hand of right-handers and on the left hand, the left-handed image says that a person really wants to control his own destiny, to be more collected and attentive.

what does a butterfly tattoo mean

Tattoo "butterfly" on the scapula of a woman

That blade can be called the most suitable place for the location of the picture. There is a fairly large area and there are no irregularities on the surface, which makes it possible to draw on the body almost everything that pleases you.

In addition, the tattoo in this place is painless, because the skin there is thick and thick. The women's shoulder blade decorated with patterns gives its owner a special charm and femininity.

Remember: no matter where you fill an image of a butterfly, it will always emphasize elegance, fortitude, independence and lightness.

butterfly tattoo which means

Can I get a tattoo with a butterfly?

What a butterfly tattoo means, we already know. But what if the tattoo did not like? Is it possible to get rid of the picture on the body? To date, there are two ways of removing the image: the use of a laser and a home method.

The laser is the most convenient option, because it acts only on the area of ​​skin on which the pattern is located.After the procedure is carried out, particles of paint can remain on the skin, but they also gradually leave it, evaporating.

The tattoo removal process will never be done at once, it can take months. First, the pattern becomes not so bright, and then it gradually fades.

House tattoo removed as follows.

  1. In the problem area, the skin is thoroughly washed and all the hairs are carefully shaved off.
  2. 50 grams of sea or edible salt is taken and filled with water until completely dissolved. It is recommended to thoroughly stir the mixture so that the salt does not sink to the bottom.
  3. The kitchen sponge is lowered into the prepared solution and it begins to rub the skin. Perform such actions need not less than half an hour.
  4. After that, the skin is thoroughly rubbed and tied up with a bandage to prevent any infection.

Repeat the procedure every three days for two months.

But remember! Such a procedure can have dire consequences! Do not do amateur activities. It is better to consult a specialist!

In addition, modern medicine provides for mechanical and surgical methods for tattoo removal.You can take advantage of this offer in almost any clinic. But first you should definitely consult with several experts.

Proceeding from all that is written above, before deciding on a tattoo, think a few times and weigh the pros and cons.

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