Braised pepper is a simple and tasty dish!

Dense and bright reminds us of the late summer and early autumn. First, its bright colors: yellow, red, orange, greenish. Secondly, because the time has come: vegetables in this wonderful time are not very expensive in supermarkets and in markets of all colors, and you can cook a whole range of delicious and, most importantly, most useful dishes from them. Here and stewed pepper in various variations at your service. Well, try to cook?
braised pepper

What combines braised pepper?

Sweet pepper, which we also call Bulgarian - an integral part of many culinary dishes. It is fragrant, juicy, tasty and beautiful. In addition, the Bulgarian pepper stew does not show aggression in any of the dishes. On the contrary, its subtle tastes very delicately set off the delights of the remaining ingredients. Do not be surprised that he is loved by cooks from different countries!

By the way, the stewed pepper is illegible, it can be combined practically with any vegetables and even with some fruits.But the tomato is especially suitable. All sorts of side dishes with snacks and main dishes, as well as other delicious dishes - these are the results of the union of this “sweet couple”. And besides tomatoes and other vegetables, braised pepper looks good in combination with rice, meat, potatoes, and leafy salads. And it always turns out delicious.

Little about preliminary preparation

In any culinary dish with Bulgarian pepper is not difficult to handle. Before processing and preparation, it is necessary to remove stalks and seeds from it. The bases of the stalks are carefully pruned and taken out together with the testes. After that, rinse the fruit to remove the remaining dust and seeds. For cooking, it is recommended to take fruits large, slightly immature, possessing a light green, dark green or yellowish color range. And if you are going to stuff the peppers with fillings, then it is easier to first pour the fruits without seeds with hot water and boil them for a minute. That, in general, is all wisdom.braised pepper with tomatoes

Braised pepper. Recipe with vegetables

For its preparation, we need the simplest ingredients. It:

  • a pound of Bulgarian pepper;
  • a pair of carrots;
  • celery root;
  • parsley root;
  • a pair of bulbs;
  • grams 150 fresh white cabbage;
  • tomato paste or half a kilo of fresh tomatoes;
  • garlic;
  • spices and salt to taste;
  • greenery for decoration.

braised bell pepper

Let's start cooking

Onions, along with the roots (carrots, celery, parsley) clean. All this stuff we chop finely into strips. Fry lightly on vegetable oil in a non-stick frying pan.

White cabbage is scalded with boiling water, also finely chopped, connecting with the roots in a frying pan, add half a glass of water, tomatoes or pasta, salt and simmer until soft.

In the pods of sweet pepper, identical in size, we cut a wide part of the base (in the form of a closing lid, not to the very end). Remove the seeds, trying not to violate the integrity of the fetus. Then put the pods in boiling water for a couple of minutes, recline in a colander and cool to room temperature.

Fill the peppers with stew stuffing and put them in a row in a prepared container. Fill all this stuff with tomato paste, add crushed garlic, a pinch of nutmeg, simmer for 15-20 minutes.

Our dish - pepper with vegetables - is done. You can also serve to the table.Before eating this tasty and healthy dish (after all, there are practically only vegetables, which have absorbed all the summer vitamins), you can sprinkle it with fresh chopped greens - for beauty and benefit!

Pepper with tomatoes

Tomatoes - the most suitable component for the Bulgarian pepper. Moreover, in the beginning of autumn - the season, and they are mere rubles. We will need a kilo of pepper, vegetable oil, a few pieces of large or about a dozen small tomatoes, depending on the variety. And also: onion, garlic, spices, bitter pepper, salt. Well, greens, of course.

braised pepper recipe

Cooking method

Pepper is washed (the stem in this recipe is not necessary to delete!) And nakkalivaem fork in 2 or 3 places. Fry the pods on both sides in vegetable oil.

Peel tomatoes, cut into cubes and fry with chopped onion. Add the same crushed garlic, finely chopped greens with salt.

Put the finished peppers on a dish, pour tomato sauce, give the time to the infusion. But to serve stewed tomatoes with chilled tomatoes better.

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