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Charlie Cox - English actor, known for his roles in the TV series "Underground Empire" and "Daredevil", as well as the film "Star Dust".
Star of the series "Daredevil" Charlie CoxStar of the series "Daredevil" Charlie Cox

Childhood and youth

Charlie Thomas Cox was born December 15, 1982 in London to the family of Patricia, who had her own clothing business, and Andrew Frederick Seaforth Cox, a London publisher. Charlie has Toby's older brother (born in 1974), two younger sisters and a younger brother from his father's first marriage: Emma, ​​Zoe and Oliver.
Young Charlie CoxYoung Charlie Cox
Acting talent Cox showed since childhood, and in his youth he studied at the Bristol Theater School Old Vic.


For the first time on the screens of Charlie appeared in 2002 - he starred in a cameo role in the criminal series “Judge John Deed”. Cox’s early works include episodic roles in the films “The Merchant of Venice”, “Points Over I”, “Casanova”, etc.
The actor began his journey to fame with small roles in British TV shows.The actor began his journey to fame with small roles in British TV shows.
In 2007, Cox played the role of Tristan Torn in the star dust fantasy film,and the following year, fans were able to see him in the adventure drama "Stone of Destiny."
Shot from the movie "Star Dust"Shot from the movie "Star Dust"
In parallel with the filming of the movie, Cox played in the theater. The actor's debut took place at the Ambassador’s London theater, and in 2010 Charlie played the main role in the play by G. von Kleist’s drama Prince Frederick of Homburg at the Donmar Wärhaus theater in the capital.
Charlie Cox plays a lot in the theaterCharlie Cox plays a lot in the theater
Gradually, the actor began to give more and more attention to the world of cinema, and he answered him with interesting and vivid roles. So, in 2010, Charlie Cox played the Duke Crowborough, an undercover homosexual, in the first episode of the dramatic series “Downton Abbey”, and then the role of Saint Josemarius Eskryvu in the movie “Dragons Living There”.
In the series "Downton Abbey" Charlie Cox played gayIn the series "Downton Abbey" Charlie Cox played gay
In 2011, Cox was invited to play the role of Owen Slater, an IRA volunteer, in the TV series Underground Empire, produced by Martin Scorsese. Charlie's character appeared in season 2 and 3. On the set, Cox met such famous actors as Steve Buscemi and Michael Pitt. Alas, the creators of the series decided to exclude his character from the script and Cox left the cast.
Charlie Cox in the TV series "Underground Empire"Charlie Cox in the TV series "Underground Empire"
After that, he was invited to the shooting of the pilot series of the series “The Devoted”. In the center of the plot - a family clan of politicians. Charlie played a young man named Tom, who betrayed the family business and became a priest to annoy his father. His hero has to investigate a political conspiracy against his sister, the mayor of New York.
The series "Dedicated" never went on the airThe series "Dedicated" never went on the air
Significant project in his filmography was the film "The Universe of Stephen Hawking" with Eddie Redmain and Felicity Jones in the lead role. Charlie reincarnated in Jonathan Hayler Jones, a friend of the family of the great physicist and his lover.
Charlie Cox in the film "Stephen Hawking Universe"Charlie Cox in the film "Stephen Hawking Universe"
In 2015, Cox got the role of Matt Murdoch in the TV series “Daredevil," based on the eponymous Marvel comic strip character. For this role in the series, Charlie received a lot of praise and positive reviews, as well as the Helen Keller Achievement Award from the American Foundation for the Blind (Cox's character as a little boy went blind in an accident, but later became a superhero).
Charlie Cox about the role in "Daredevil"

Charlie Cox's Personal Life

In 2004, there were rumors of a romantic relationship with Charlie and the stars of the series “True Blood” Lynn Collins. Rumors have not received confirmation from the actors.Similarly, in 2008, Cox was tied up with his counterpart in the film “The Stone of Destiny” Kate Mara, but in this case, the fans did not hear anything specific from the artists.
Shot from the series "Daredevil"Shot from the series "Daredevil"
As a result, Charlie’s private life was left alone for several years, until at one point the actor appeared with actress Janet Montgomery. But, like the previous cases, Charlie managed to hide the truth from public attention.
Janet Montgomery - Former Charlie Cox GirlJanet Montgomery - Former Charlie Cox Girl
At the moment, Cox is in a relationship with Samantha Thomas, the producer of the film "Agents of Shch.IT" and the TV series "Iron Fist". And again, little is known about the story of their love - their relationship was considered another rumor until, in June 2016, the actor did not confirm that Samantha was pregnant. Lovers meet, presumably, from mid-2015. In October 2016, the couple had a daughter.
Pictured: Charlie Cox and Samantha ThomasPictured: Charlie Cox and Samantha Thomas

Charlie cox now

In the new series “Defenders”, the release of the first series of which took place in August 2017, Cox will again present the audience to Matt Murdoch. The project also included actors from other Marvel comics series: Finn Jones (Iron Fist), Jessica Henwick (Colling Wing), Kristen Ritter (Jessica Jones), Rosario Dawson (Claire Temple) and others.
In Defenders, Charlie Cox returns to the role of DaredevilIn Defenders, Charlie Cox returns to the role of Daredevil
In September 2017, the vampire thriller “Eat Local” was released on screens - the debut film of actor and director Jason Fleming, who played in the box office films “Cards, Money, Two Barrels”, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” and “Big Jackpot”. Charlie Cox played a major role in the film - the vampire elders Henry.
Frame from the film "Eat Local"Frame from the film "Eat Local"
But in the role of Han Solo in the "Star Wars Anthology" he was denied due to "poor eye contact with the audience." The actor suggested that this is a consequence of the fact that he was too accustomed to the role of a blind Daredevil.

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