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We often wonder why some people succeed, and some, no matter how they fight, are left with nothing. The answer to this question can be found by reading the biographies of bright personalities. Of course, you are unlikely to get into exactly the same situations that happened to them. But knowing how to read between the lines, understand what personal qualities helped them to achieve what they have.

How it all began

Our today's hero is Yuri Mosha. His biography is full of unexpected twists and turns of unwavering vitality. He was born in Novorossiysk. His commercial talents began to manifest themselves in school, and began with the little things. Namely - with the coins of different countries. If you were a boy in a port city, you would know what a treasure it is. True, in the figurative sense of the word. Since it was impossible to buy anything on them in the Soviet Union. But Yura figured out how to convert them into native and understandable rubles, and also with a good profit. He sold coins to coin collectors and quickly became a popular character in the local market. Yuri himself considers this his business debut.Even then, he realized that trade is what he would like to continue to do.

True to this choice, a young man entered the economic department of the Novorossiysk branch of Krasnodar Polytechnic University. But soon he was surprised to find out that instead of the practical knowledge of future economists, for some reason they were forced to learn descriptive geometry and physics. Disillusioned with higher education, Yuri, continuing to study for a tick, got a job as a journalist at a local TV channel, which gave him an idea for the future business.

Advertising agency

Working on the TV channel, he learned how to make and sell advertising. And only the growing market urgently needed it. And in 1995, he opened his own advertising agency. Of course, many things had to be thought out literally on the knee and reach them with my mind. But the more valuable was that experience. Mosha was engaged in everything - he shot sales videos, for filming in which he attracted friends, younger brother and even children of mother's girlfriends. Developed a corporate style for firms that grew around like mushrooms after rain. I brought printing from Turkey, because there was no place to order calendars and banners in Russia.In addition, the production of such curiosities as self-adhesive film or neon lights has already been launched abroad. Pretty soon, Yuri's advertising agency grew from a small office with three employees into a large holding.

And then struck 1998. And if you think Mosha lost everything during a crisis, then you are mistaken. On the contrary, these events have become a new point for explosive growth. The fact is that due to the sharp jump in the dollar, it became no longer profitable to order the production of advertising abroad. Therefore, Yuriy had no choice but to arrange the release of everything necessary in his homeland. This is how the shop for the production of steel structures for billboards, as well as the first digital printing house. Some examples of the outdoor advertising can still be found on the Black Sea coast.

By the middle of the 2000s, Moshi’s holding included newspapers, magazines, and even a local television station. However, at this level a person is already too noticeable. Almost always it is balancing on a taut wire. At the same time Yuri himself believes that he got off relatively easily. After all, everything could end up much sadder.

Yuri Mosha Russian America

Investment fund and departure from Russia

Having closed this page of his biography, Yuri Mosha immediately began writing a new chapter. In 2007, he was invited to the mayor of Novorossiysk to the position of head of investment development. True, he worked there for less than a year. However, it was there that the idea appeared to open a new business. Having carefully studied the legislation, Yuri found loopholes in it that allow him to build apartment buildings, with significantly lower costs for the bureaucratic part. That is, requiring much less construction and commissioning permits.

In 2008 he founded the “Investment Fund of Kuban”, which was engaged in low-rise construction. Of course, not everyone liked the fact that the cost of a square meter offered by Yuri is less than the market average. The company "Investment Fund of Kuban" and Moshi himself had enemies who forced the entrepreneur to gather in one day and fly to America, where he remains to this day.

Yuri still remembers with a shudder on March 9, 2011. Thanks to his acquaintances, he managed at the last moment to abandon the idea of ​​flying out of Sheremetyevo.On the advice of knowledgeable people, he took a taxi to Minsk, and after five hours Yuri was already registered at the Minsk airport. However, he finally exhaled only on the plane.

Yuri Mosha Second Passport

Life in usa

Mastering the new circumstances was not easy. Yesterday you are a successful businessman, and today you are an unknown migrant, some thousands. It is difficult to rent an apartment, because the landlord does not inspire confidence in your tourist visa. At the interviews, employers make it clear that people like you are not really expected here. In addition, many questions have to be mastered, which at home seemed to take for granted, but here they resemble a quest - insurance, bank accounts, car rental and much more.

Most people would just break in such conditions. However, that person with a core differs from all others. Even in the worst scenario, he finds how to make cons with pluses. While Yuri was developing his new life, he noted that there was not a single company in the States that would help migrants. Individual agents, of course, were. Someone helped with housing, someone with work, someone else with something. But each time it was preceded by a painful search for a trusted person and a lottery, whether it would be fairly honest and reliable. Lucky, by the way, not always.Even despite the recommendations, there were many unpleasant episodes.

Yuri Mosha biography

But thanks to this Mosha found an empty niche. He opened a company that provided all the necessary services to a newcomer migrant. And they included not only legal issues related to state bodies, but also everyday things. After all, sometimes in an unfamiliar place it is difficult to navigate and even understand the elementary: where to buy groceries or how to park a car according to local rules. Yuri himself called his line of activity “social adaptation”. Now the divisions of "Russian America" ​​operate in almost all US states. This company is a leader in working with immigrants from the CIS countries.

Yuri Mosha private life

Present day

After the firm got on its feet, it became clear that we need to move on. Since everything is already well established in the United States, Yuri Mosha decided to enter the international market and establish similar offices in all countries of the world suitable for emigration. Studying this question, he was surprised to find that there is not a single company that provides complete information on this issue. All were limited to a couple of countries.At best, their number reached fifteen. Yuri also conceived an ambitious project, and the Second Passport company he created offers assistance with emigration to any of the 50 countries with which he has established cooperation.

Now this business is gaining momentum. We have already established contacts with all the necessary states, and the business continues to grow and develop with each passing day. What will happen next, time will tell. But it is already clear that Yuri Mosha is able to achieve success in all areas for which he undertakes. And there is no doubt that his new brainchild will also be successful.

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