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Valeria (Alla Yuryevna Perfilova's birth name, in 1993, officially changed her name to Valeria Yuryevna Perfilova) - a popular Russian singer, People’s Artist of Russia, People’s Artist of the Pridnestrovskaia Moldavskaia Respublika, member of the Presidential Council for Culture and Art.
Singer ValeriaSinger Valeria

Family and childhood

Alla Perfilova was born on April 17, 1968 in the city of Atkarsk, Saratov Region, in a family of music teachers. Her father, Yury Ivanovich Perfilov (1945–2009), was the director of the Atkarsk music school, and her mother, Galina Perfilova (Nikitina, born in 1938, before marriage) worked at the same music school as a teacher. Both father and mother were awarded the title of Honored Worker of Culture.
Little Valeria in childhoodLittle Valeria in childhood
Since early childhood, the girl was distinguished by curiosity, thoroughness and thoroughness in all matters.She enjoyed going to school and did well in all subjects, the most favorite of which was mathematics. In addition to secondary school, Alla also studied piano at a music school, and also attended a dance club, volleyball and skiing. According to the mother, the girl managed to do everything thanks to her innate abilities and high organization. As a result, both schools were completed with a gold medal.
Valeria in childhoodValeria in childhood
But despite the progress in mastering the piano, Alla did not want to become a professional pianist - she was more attracted to pop singing. She also performed as a schoolgirl in the composition of the pop-jazz ensemble “Impromptu” at Atkarsky DK. Later, the singer recalled: “It seemed to me then that most of the pop singers come from amateur performances. And where is the best amateur? I thought that at MSU. ” And after school she decided to enter the history department of Moscow State University, Department of Art History. The girl's mother was also sure that she would make a good historian.
Alla Perfilova - real name is singer Valeria (on the left photo: with father)Alla Perfilova - real name is singer Valeria (on the left photo: with father)


Plans for admission to Moscow State University suddenly changed, when in 1985, right after school, Alla was invited to work in the ensemble “Reflection” at the Saratov Philharmonic Society. In the same year, she entered the class of pop vocal of the Gnesins State Musical and Pedagogical Institute in the specialization direction from the Saratov Philharmonic Society.
Valeria in his youthValeria in his youth
In parallel with her studies, Alla earned singing in restaurants. But the work never interfered with the beginning singer to study well: her mentors, People's Artist of the USSR Iosif Kobzon and People's Artist of Russia Gelena Velikanova, were pleased with her. The girl successfully graduated from the institute in 1990.

Takeoff solo career

In 1988, Alla Perfilova first appeared on television - she sang the song "Be with me" in the program "Wider Circle." At the same time, in order to avoid direct competition with another, already reigning on the stage Alla (Pugacheva), the beginning singer took the pseudonym Valeria. Subsequently, her whole life passed under this name, and gradually, her friends, acquaintances, and even her mother began to call it that way — Valeria, Leroy.
Valeria in the program "Shire Circle" (1988)
Soon after graduation, the musical career of the singer rapidly went uphill. In 1991, Valeria took part in the television contest for young performers “The Morning Star” and won it, then in 1992 she won the international contest “Bratislava Lira”, and then participated in the song festival “Jurmala-92” and won the audience award. .
Valeria at the dawn of a careerValeria at the dawn of a career
In the same year, Valeria met with producer Alexander Shulgin and recorded her debut album “The Taiga Symphony” to the music of Vitaly Bondarchuk and lyrics by Richard Niles. “Everything immediately began to turn: rehearsals, recordings in the studio. She didn’t have anything, and suddenly she was immediately offered to record an album in Germany, ”the singer’s first husband, Leonid Yaroshevsky, recalled about this time.
Even Valeria’s early songs were distinguished by high levels.Even Valeria’s early songs were distinguished by high levels.
It was a truly ambitious work: recordings were made in studios in Munich, London and Moscow, and musicians from Pink Floyd, Dire Straits, Pet Shop Boys, and the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pavel Kogan took part . The songs were performed in English, and the album was released not only in Russia, but also in several European countries.
Do you remember Valery like that?Do you remember Valery like that?
In parallel with this, on the order of Olympia Disk, the singer worked on the recording of the album of Russian romances “Stay with me”. Valeria’s clip for the romance “Flowers” ​​won five international awards, including “Post-Montpe-92” (France), as well as “Anigraph-92” (Russia), “Generation-92” (Russia, 2nd place) .
Valeria - Stay With Me
Since that time, Alexander Shulgin steadfastly led the singer, and in 1993 she married him. He carefully compiled her repertoire, thought through the image to the smallest detail, organized performances and recordings. And the work of the family and creative tandem was rewarded: in 1993, by the decision of the Union of Journalists of Russia, Valeria was named “Person of the Year”.
Producer Alexander Shulgin became the second husband of ValeriaProducer Alexander Shulgin became the second husband of Valeria
Since the beginning of 1993, Valeria has been working on the recording of the album “Anna”, which was released in June 1995 and immediately became one of the sales leaders. For a long time the songs from this disc occupied the top lines in the charts of Russia. The premiere of the concert program “Anna” was successfully held on December 3, 1994 in Kiev, and soon Valery was expected to have a full house at the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall in St. Petersburg and at the Gorbunov House of Culture in Moscow.
Valeria’s bright talent and her ability to control her voice were highly appreciated not only among the general public, but also in professional circles,and in 1996 the singer was invited to teach at the Academy of Music. Gnesinykh, her alma mater, where she worked until 1998. In parallel with the teaching, in 1997, Valeria released the album “Last Name, Part 1” and made a big tour in the cities of Russia and the near abroad.
Valeria 2000 sampleValeria 2000 sample
In the fall of 1999, Valeria republished her favorite songs, collecting them into a single album, “The Best”. This album also included a new composition “You are somewhere out there”, which has long occupied the top lines of music ratings. In the spring of 2000, the multimedia maxi-singles Metelitsa and Riga-Moscow were released, and in July the First INTERNET Album was released. After that, the singer compiled the program “Don't offend me” and went on a big tour trip, known as “All-Ukrainian Tour-2000”.
Valeria - Do not hurt me
In September 2001, she released a new album, “Eyes are the colors of the sky”, and on September 18 and 19, 2001, with a full house, her solo concerts took place in the State Central Concert Hall “Russia”. After that, due to the gap with her husband and producer Alexander Shulgin, the singer stopped her musical activities and returned to her parents' house in Atkarsk.She spent a year and a half in her native land, with her beloved parents and children, almost never dreaming of returning to the big stage.

Repeated success

In April 2003, the well-known producer Iosif Prigogine addressed the singer, and Valeria signed an agreement with him and his company Knox Music. The new producer, he is the new love and the new spouse of Valerie, as if breathed fresh creative forces into her, and by October 2003 the album “Country of Love” was recorded with the assistance of the composer Victor Drobysh as a sound producer.
Joseph Prigogine "opened" Valeria a second windJoseph Prigogine "opened" Valeria a second wind
Valeria herself admitted that the work on the album was very easy and fun: “I seemed to have found myself. I think I always wanted to sing such songs. ” The new success more than broke all previous records, and Valeria resumed active concert activities on a large-scale tour of the cities of the Far East, Bashkiria, the Urals, Siberia and the Volga region. For the second half of 2003, the singer gave more than two hundred concerts - not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus and the Baltics, including two concerts in the Oktyabrsky Concert Hall in St. Petersburg and three concerts in the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.
Shooting the clip "More than life"Shooting the clip "More than life"
In December 2003, Valeria was awarded the Golden Gramophone national music award for the song “The Clock,” and in 2004 she received awards from two Russian music channels — Muz-TV and MTV Russia in the Best Performer nomination. In the same year, she was awarded three more Golden Gramophone Awards and the MTV Russia Music Awards for the Best Song. The smashing success of the singer was noted at the highest level, and in 2005 the singer Valeria was given the title of Honored Artist of Russia.
Valeria - Watch
In April 2006, Valeria released the album “My Tenderness”, and in the fall made a new tour in support of it, the final point of which was a concert at the Olympiysky sports complex in Moscow. After that, the singer wrote and published an autobiographical book, "And life, and tears, and love."
Valeria at the Golden Gramophone-2003 ceremonyValeria at the Golden Gramophone-2003 ceremony
At the end of 2007, Valeria and Iosif Prigogine reported on the termination of their tour activities in Russia and reorientation to the Western market. For this purpose, the family moved to London: “The time has come to try to release an album and a video in the West - in England, France, Switzerland, Japan and other countries.To do this, you need to go on TV, give interviews, meet different people. It’s impossible to engage in promotion while living in Moscow! ”
Valeria in the TV series "Club"Valeria in the TV series "Club"
In March 2008, Valeria released a new album, “Out of Control” (“Out of Control”). Many well-known musicians, authors and producers took part in the work on the album: Ray St. John (author of the song “Smooth Operator” by Sade), David Richards (producer of the group “Queen”), Chantal Krevyazuk (author of the hits Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stephia and Kelly Clarkson), as well as Francesca Eshlimann, George de Angelis and Sergey Galoyan (author of the Tatu hits). The album was co-written by Simon Gorgierly (winner of Grammy-2006 for working on the U2 album “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb”).
Valeria - Heart broken
The album also included a cover version of the song “Stayin Alive” by the group “Bee Gees”, which Valeria sang as a duet with its author Robin Gibb. The famous artist was pleased with this collaboration, he spoke warmly about Valeria: “She is really a top artist in Russia, and she is really good!”.
Valeria and Rob Gibb from Bee GeesValeria and Rob Gibb from Bee Gees
In the fall of 2008, a clip for the song “Pain! (Happiness to pieces), in the English version - “Wild” (director - Alan Badoev).
In 2009, Valeria took part in many significant international concerts: a charity concert at Battersea Evolution (with Melanie C, Level 42, Atomic Kitten and Bill Wyman), at the opening of the world's largest professional music exhibition Midem in Cannes and also in the tour tour of the group “Simply Red” in the UK and at a joint concert in Moscow. The soloist of “Simply Red” Mick Hucknell noted that Valeria’s performances were held with unchanged success. He was very pleased to participate in the program of such a special guest, and also gladly helped in the promotion of the Russian singer in the UK.
Valeria without makeupValeria without makeup
In 2010, the singer's album “My love is in me” was released, which included, in particular, the songs “Magic House” (for the anniversary of Oleg Mityaev) and “In your eyes, not me” (for the anniversary of Alexander Kostyuk). In 2013, the album “By Serpentine” was released, and in the same year Valeria was awarded the title of People's Artist of Russia, and in 2014, the singer presented a large concert program “Valeria and Friends” in the famous London hall “Albert Hall” accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra under the guidance of British conductor Paul Bateman.
In 2014, Valeria became People's Artist of RussiaIn 2014, Valeria became People's Artist of Russia
Finally, in 2016, the new disc “Oceans” came out, including the song “You are mine”, sung together with her daughter Anna Shulgina. In addition, the album includes the song “The Body Wants Love” - a video was shot for it, the author of which was the singer Slava. The main male role in the video was played by the dancer of classical ballet Ivan Vasilyev, and Valeria herself appeared in the provocative image of a fatal blonde in a sexy silk combination, which caused a lot of criticism.
Valeria - The body wants love
“All this rubbish, when everybody gets into trouble, everyone feels like, not excluding the most deserving, I absolutely do not like it,” commented the scandalous video of the famous journalist Otar Kushanashvili, and this is the softest of his statements. For the singer herself, the defining mood in this case was her passionate love for ballet.

Valeria's personal life

In the life of the singer Valeria there were three spouses - three men, each of whom played a key role in their own way, not only in her female destiny, but also in her creative career. The first of these was Leonid Vladimirovich Yaroshevsky ( 1960) - Saratov musician, a graduate of the Saratov Music School. He led the jazz-rock ensemble "Reflection" and the group "Impulse" at the Saratov Philharmonic, where the young Alla Perfilova began her creative activity. It was he who inspired the girl to go to the Gnesins' institute - together they went to "conquer Moscow" in the late 80s.
Wedding of Valeria and Leonid YaroshevskyWedding of Valeria and Leonid Yaroshevsky
For a long time, Leonid simply took care of the beginning singer and helped her without asking for anything in return, and only two years later made her an offer. “I lived Alla's life, her success overshadowed my career for me,” recalled Yaroshevsky about this time. As he could, he tried to produce Alla, but the young couple had absolutely no money for clips and “promotion”. For the sake of his beloved wife, Leonid even had to leave the conservatory, but that did not help either. “I did it without regret, like everything that I did for Alla, because I loved her madly,” he later admitted. The young spouses agreed to any side job, just not to perish from hunger.
Valeria left her first husband to producer ShulginValeria left her first husband to producer Shulgin
The situation changed dramatically in 1992, when Alla met the producer Alexander Shulgin (born in 1964).The singer's creative career immediately went up the hill, but on a personal level she was not immediately able to part with her first spouse who had devotedly devoted herself to her. Finally, in 1993, the producer and singer officially married. By this time, the couple had already had a common daughter, Anna (1993), and then the sons Artemy (1994) and Arseny (1998) were born.
The older children of Valeria: Anna, Artemy and ArsenyThe older children of Valeria: Anna, Artemy and Arseny
But, despite the successful joint activities and the birth of three children, Valeria’s marriage with Alexander Shulgin was not a happy one: the husband turned out to be a house tyrant. “My husband beat me to violet color, locked me in a dog aviary in the winter cold, constantly humiliated and insulted me,” Valeria recalled.
Alexander Shulgin beat Valeria, says singerAlexander Shulgin beat Valeria, says singer
Physically got it from him and the children. In addition, he took away all the income of the singer and managed to almost completely subjugate her. Shulgin explained this by saying that if it were not for him, Valeria would have remained a “restaurant diva”, and only years later she realized that this was not the case. Finally, in 2002, the singer could not stand it, left her husband, and with her children returned to the parental home in Atkarsk.Subsequently, she spoke in detail about her unhappy marriage in the autobiographical book "And Life, and Tears, and Love," published in 2006 with a circulation of 200 thousand copies.
Alone with everyone: Valeria
After a year and a half after parting with Shulgin, Valeria still found her feminine happiness in the person of producer Joseph Prigogine (born in 1969), with whom she still lives today. Prigogine not only became a reliable support for the singer and the "stone wall", but also became close to her three children from a previous marriage, truly replacing their father with them.
In the photo: Valeria and her husband and producer Joseph Prigogine (2005)In the photo: Valeria and her husband and producer Joseph Prigogine (2005)
Unfortunately, with the son and daughter of Prigogine from his first marriage, Valeria was unable to make friends just as well. The singer herself believes that the meeting with Prigogine covered her like the ninth wave, which carried her in the "light and right" direction. Much to the chagrin of the couple, they never managed to give birth to another, common child: in 2014, Valeria became pregnant, but lost her child in the sixth month.
Now Valeria is happy married to Joseph PrigogineNow Valeria is happy married to Joseph Prigogine
Valeria is particularly proud of her healthy lifestyle and beautiful physical form.With the growth of 170 centimeters, the singer all his adult life supports the weight of 58 kilograms. “Instead of sweet sport!” Is her motto. In 2010, she wrote and published the book Yoga with Valeria.

Views and social activities

Singer Valeria and her husband Joseph Prigogine quite often make political statements on the topic of the day; They provide warm support for domestic and foreign policy pursued by Vladimir Putin. She described her attitude to President Valery as follows: “I am sure that in Russia there is not yet a person who could cope with presidential duties better than Putin. And those who think that they bought me or persuaded me are wrong. ” In 2012, the singer was officially registered as an authorized representative of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin.
Valerie about Putin, Sobchak and Pussy Riot
In the same year, her statement about the protest antics of the group “Pussy Riot” in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior caused a wide resonance: “It is necessary to punish significantly, so that others will be discouraged.”
At the same time, the singer's statements about the problems of the LGBT community are not completely unambiguous: in 2008 in the UK she performed with pleasure in the LGBT video portal Pink News and assured the portal of her love and support,but in July 2013, she called homosexual orientation “biologically unjustified” and actively supported the adoption of a law banning so-called “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations”.
Valeria about gays
In March 2014, after the referendum on joining Russia in Crimea, Valeria and Iosif Prigogine were listed in the list of signatories of the document “Cultural Workers of Russia - in support of the president’s position on Ukraine and Crimea” on the website of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, but in 2016 stated that they did not sign this document.
Picket against Valerie’s concert in LondonPicket against Valerie’s concert in London
In 2014, Valeria was denied entry to Latvia because of her support for the annexation of Crimea to Russia and critical reviews about the policies of the Ukrainian authorities. In addition to her, the Latvian blacklist includes Iosif Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov, actors Mikhail Porechenkov and Ivan Okhlobystin. Ukrainian activists accused Valeria and Kobzon of “openly supporting terrorist organizations - the DPR and the LPR”, and in 2015, the Security Service of Ukraine included Valeria in the list of cultural figures whose actions pose a threat to Ukraine’s national security.

Valeria now

In recent years, Valeria almost did not give solo concerts at home, with the exception of private performances and "corporate events". Nevertheless, she continues to be popular as a singer and media persona.
Proof that Valeria did not make plastic faceProof that Valeria did not make plastic face
She is a frequent guest on the largest radio stations and federal TV channels, was a member of the jury of the television contest for young performers “The Secret of Success” (“X-Factor”) on Russia channel, and also participated in the jury of the International Competition for Young Performers “New Wave” in Jurmala .
Valeria in the show "The secret for a million"
On September 2, 2017, the singer was a guest on the Secret to Million talk show on NTV, where she shared some of her secrets. Valeria continues to release new songs and music videos, for example, on August 30, 2017, the premiere of the video for the song “Heart Torn” was held. On April 20 and 21, 2018, the long-awaited jubilee concerts of the singer will be held at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow.
It's hard to believe that Valeria will celebrate her 50th birthday in 2018.It's hard to believe that Valeria will celebrate her 50th birthday in 2018.
In 2010, Valeria’s autobiographical book, “Both Life, and Tears, and Love,” was filmed a 16-part television film, “There was love.”

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