Biogas plant do-it-yourselfers for the home: scheme, drawings, reviews

A biogas plant with your own hands can be done effortlessly. Its use will significantly save on energy carriers, which today are becoming more and more expensive each time. If you yourself decide to build equipment that allows you to get biogas from waste, you will be able to consume cheap energy that will be used for heating your home and other needs.

Advantageous use

If during the operation of the plant there will be an excess of biogas or fertilizers, then there is an opportunity to sell them at the market price, thus you will turn into a profit that literally lies under your feet. If you are a large farmer, then you have the opportunity to purchase a ready-made station for the production of biogas. Such plants, manufactured in the factory, are very expensive, but have a long lifespan.biogas plant do it yourself

A biogas plant with its own hands can be made of scrap materials, it will not be very expensive, and such equipment will work on the same principle. You can use the available tools, as well as the details available in the wizard arsenal.

Biogas production principle

If you set out to produce a plant that will run on biological gas, then it is necessary to submit a technology for the generation of biogas. So, in a special container, which is called a bioreactor, the process of processing biological mass is carried out, in which anaerobic bacteria take part.

Biogas plant do-it-yourself housework on quail litter works on the principle of creating conditions that are characterized by the absence of air and fermentation. All this lasts for some time, the duration of which depends on the amount of raw materials used in the process.biogas plant do it yourself home

In the end, the formation of a mixture of gases, which is composed of 60% methane and 35% carbon dioxide. The remaining gaseous components are contained in the mass in the amount of 5%. Among the latter can be identified hydrogen sulfide in small quantities.The gas thus formed is continuously removed from the reactor, and after the cleaning process is completed, it is fed to the application for its intended purpose.

Service Features

Waste that has undergone recycling becomes quality fertilizer, which from time to time must be removed from the bioreactor. They can be laid on the field. A biogas plant with your own hands can be done with little effort if you have access to livestock and agricultural enterprises. This indicates that the production of biogas will be economically profitable only if there is a source of supply of manure and other organic waste from animal production.

Features self-building bioreactor

In order to understand how to make a biogas plant by yourself, it is necessary to figure out what parts it consists of. It is possible to take as a basis the simplest scheme of the equipment, which is possible to build on its own. The design does not provide heating and mixing device, but there is one of the main parts - the reactor, which is also known as the digester.This component is required for manure processing. In addition, there is a bunker through which the raw material is loaded. It is necessary to provide the structure with an access hatch, as well as a water lock. But in order to be able to unload the waste raw materials, you will need a pipe. Such an element will be required in order to realize the possibility of biogas removal.

do-it-yourself biogas plant

Here is a diagram of a biogas plant. It’s easy to make such a construction with your own hands. In order to receive free biofuel, on the site you should choose a place where you can build a reinforced tank, which is based on concrete. This vessel will serve as a bioreactor. At its base, it is necessary to provide for the presence of a hole through which the raw materials that have been processed will be removed. This hole must be made so that it is possible to close it well. This is due to the fact that the functioning of the system is possible only in sealed conditions.

biogas plant do-it-yourself drawings

The dimensions of the concrete compartment can be determined by taking into account the amount of organic waste used at a time.It is necessary to find out how much raw material each day will appear in a farm or private household. But you should not save, as it will be possible to ensure the full operation of the bioreactor only if you fill the tank at 2/3 of the available volume. If you make a biogas plant with your own hands from a barrel, then it will work according to the following principle: as soon as organic waste gets into a well-closed container of a bioreactor that is deep in the soil, they begin to ferment, which leads to the release of biogas.

Features of manufacturing capacity

A biogas plant with your own hands can be carried out taking into account the daily use of a small amount of waste. In this case, a reinforced concrete tank can be replaced with a steel tank, which even a barrel can act as. If you decide to resort to just such a decision, then choose a metal vessel is necessary, guided by some rules.

mini biogas plant do it yourself

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to welds, which should be sufficiently strong and tight.When using a small tank, you should not rely on the fact that it will be possible to obtain a significant amount of biogas. The yield will depend on the mass of organic waste that is simultaneously processed in the reactor. Thus, in order to form 100 m3biogas, it is necessary to recycle a ton of waste.

Equipment reactor heated

A biogas plant with your own hands for the home can be made in such a way that when it is working it will be possible to obtain greater efficiency. This is achieved by heating. Such manipulations will speed up the process of fermentation of biological mass. If the equipment is installed in the southern regions, then such a need does not arise. The temperature of the environment provides a natural activation of fermentation. However, if the plant operates in regions with a cold climate, in winter, heating acts as a necessary condition for the operation of equipment for the production of biogas. It must be remembered that the fermentation process begins at a temperature that exceeds 38aboutFROM.

Ways of equipment for biogas plant heating

Biogas plant do-it-yourselfers for the home can be equipped with heating by several methods. The first involves the need to connect the installation to the heating system as a coil. It must be mounted under the reactor. The second method involves installing an electrical heating element in the base of the tank. The third method is characterized by ensuring the direct heating of the reservoir by the use of electric heating systems.homemade biogas plant for quail litter

If automated heating systems are used, the device will turn on when a cold batch enters the reactor. The system will be deactivated when the biological mass is sufficiently heated to a certain temperature level.biogas plant do it yourself from the barrel

A biogas plant with its own hands, the drawings of which are preferable to prepare before the start of work, can be equipped with the above-described heating system. Such elements are mounted in hot water boilers, so they can be bought in stores that sell gas equipment. The activation of the production of biological gas at home can be supplemented by a functionmixing mass in the compartment. For this, one should construct a device that resembles a household mixer. It will be set in motion with the help of a shaft brought out through a hole in the lid; as an alternative solution, it can be positioned in the tank walls.

Equipment installation system output

A mini-biogas plant designed by own hands cannot work without a gas exhaust system. To do this, the installation should have a special hole that needs to be mounted in the upper part of the cover, the latter should close the tank well. To eliminate the possibility of mixing gas with air, it is necessary to ensure its removal through the hydraulic lock.


Biogas plant do-it-yourself for home, reviews of which are only positive, can be made from improvised means. Masters who were engaged in carrying out the work independently, indicate that such equipment is just as effective as what is produced at the factory. From buyers you can hear reviews that housekeeping has become more profitable. They note that the biogas plant made it possible to make animal husbandry activities completely waste-free.

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