Bicycle frame: production and dimensions

The rhythm of the life of a big city today is accelerating more and more. Therefore, it is rather difficult to manage with your two. As a means of transportation are usually used cars or public transport. But both of these options have their drawbacks. The advantages, of course, also exist, but they often cannot kill the cons, or they are simply unattainable. That is why bicycles take up more and more space in everyone’s life.

What caused such popularity?

Explain what a bicycle is, at least silly. After all, every person, even if he did not have a two-wheeled friend in his childhood, at least saw such.
The advantages of a bicycle as a means of transportation are quite enough - you can start with the fact that you only have to spend money on its purchase. All subsequent operations, such as maintenance, or you can do with the help of scrap materials, or they do not deserve attention because of the small expenses. For example, replacing cameras or tires is a trifle compared to the same car repair.

bicycle frame

In addition, no fuel is required - everything works on your muscle strength.Yes, and ride a bike is easier, as a last resort, you can even turn onto the sidewalk - which, for obvious reasons, is unacceptable for a car. Also, as a bonus, you get an increase in health, because the constant load has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body. Yes, and plus a plus in the form of respect from the family and colleagues, even if not at first visible behind misunderstanding.

Which bikes are better?

We are now talking about such a thing as a bicycle frame. Indirectly, it is connected with the look of him. This is logical, since road, mountain, sports bikes differ from each other. But there are more specific types - like BMX, etc.
Definitely say which model is better is impossible. Bicycle frame (its design), wheels, number of gears and speeds - this is all very different from model to model. Accordingly, it is necessary to select according to certain characteristics. The latter include the scene, frequency of travel, as well as the desired speed and maneuverability. There is no need to talk about the need for jumping and even more tricks, since this is already a fairly specific area.

Why is a suitable frame important?

The point here is that it is the bearing part of the structure, on the basis of which everything else is assembled. Bicycle frame - a necessary thing to determine the size of the wheels, and the type of transport in general.sizes of bicycle framesIn addition, the role played by the material from which it is made. There is a direct dependence of weight, price, and scope. However, there are other, less noticeable, but also significant factors - such as selection for height, weight, and so on.

Making bicycle frames

You can buy an iron horse today almost everywhere. They are produced industrially, and therefore there will be no difficulties. Another question is, will the standard model suit you? Here the whole point is in standardization, that is, to minimize the differences. But can you be sure that you are an average person without any deviations such as too long arms or legs? Probably not.

This is due to the need for manual assembly - the best bicycle frames are made that way. Naturally, the price of such units is quite high, but the quality is also good. However, there is another option - try to make the frame yourself.This is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance, but it has enough advantages.

Production details: geometry

Bicycle frame can be made in many different ways. This will primarily affect the way you ride a bike. Naturally, the type of future transport is determined this way - it will be highway, mountain or frame to growFor all three, this characteristic can be quite low, since air resistance is an important aspect of the trip. Nevertheless, urban options are often made with a high seating position, because this is enough to travel to the park or even to work.

A common option today is the cruiser. Here it is worth paying special attention to the size of the bicycle frames, since the whole structure is based on the fact that there are no loads on the back and arms at all. To achieve such a result, as you understand, is unrealistic - and therefore everything is simply reduced to a minimum. The construction of such iron horses was borrowed from American choppers.

What does frame geometry affect?

As mentioned earlier, this part of the construction is key, since it is a support for everything in general.That is, the arrangement in space of the wheels, pedals, steering wheel and seats is determined precisely by the frame design.
Naturally, adjustment can be made, but only the easiest - if you make everything too mobile, then the reliability will greatly decrease, and therefore such options are rarely resorted to.

The dimensions of the bicycle frames are very important because of the comfort. All people are different, and therefore it is quite difficult to make a bike for someone concrete - separate workshops are engaged in this. The geometry in this case is configured in such a way as not to create awkwardness or inconvenience during control.

Preparation method

It will be reasonable to explain how to make a bicycle frame. It is easiest to use metal pipes due to the high reliability and availability of the material.

Pipes of the same diameter will be used - you need to make supports for everything described earlier. That is, the mounting for the wheels - one of the most important parts. The way in which the parts of the front and rear wheels will be connected will show the future type of two-wheeled transport.

After that, choose a support pipe for the saddle - consider adjusting the height, this can be quite important points.You also need to make a place for the steering column. However, this must be done even during the assembly of the frame structure for the front wheel - that is what you have to manage. But the frame design usually provides just a hole for threading the steering column. And in general, wheel holders are not always included in the design - this is usually for bicycles that are non-separable.

More specific details, such as mounting the “gearbox”, pedal glasses are placed at the end. The last stage is painting and installing all optional equipment.

Is it possible to make everything from carbon? It will be even better. The material is lighter and sometimes stronger than some metals. But getting it is not that easy, and it’s worth working, just having certain skills.

Bicycle frame height

It has already been said that dimensions greatly affect the comfort of use. So, the size is the parameters of the length and height of the structure for which it is assembled. That is, if you increase or decrease the size of the frame, the length (and sometimes the diameter) of the seat, upper and lower tube will change.

It is worth noting that the correct definition of such a parameter as size is mandatory for everyday use of the bike.Comfortable riding in this case is obligatory - this will help avoid back pain, as well as unnecessary stress on the limbs.bicycle frame repairIn the case of sports competitions or professional training, an ideal bike is generally required. It is all about distance and time in the saddle - any discomfort will eventually turn into real pain, or even serious injury.sizes of bicycle frames for heightFactory bikes differ in size marking - everything is exactly the same as in clothes - from XS to XL. However, this is not always an exact science, and therefore assembly with your own hands remains a common alternative.

Comparative dimensions

The size of bicycle frames for growth are defined as follows.
For mountain or urban models, the smallest bicycles will be suitable for a height of 155 cm, S is already up to 165 cm. Medium sizes start from 156 cm to 178 cm. Large ones - from 172 cm to 185 cm, and ultra-large ones - to the limit, there are up to 195 cm. Of course, there are special models for large sizes - they are not mass-produced, but there are usually several batches. So if your height is over 190 cm, you can look for the XXL marking.making bicycle framesRoad and equally road bicycles are produced with a smaller difference.Accordingly, from small to large - 157-163, 163-170, 170-178, 178-183 (intermediate size M / L), 183-190 and 190-198 cm. Thus, it is easy to determine the size.

Folding bicycles are a bit more complicated because they are suitable for all Rostovs at once - you will have to choose a manufacturing company.

Technical details

An important aspect of riding a two-wheeled friend is taking care of him. That is, the repair of bicycle frames, in principle, takes a lot of time if problems do occur.

Problems can arise very different - this is due to a rather complex structure and a multitude of attachable parts. However, you can deal with almost everything yourself. In general, the following is a list of what problems may arise, as well as the procedures to be carried out.

Absence of trimming of disc brake clipper. This causes serious problems - for example, uneven and rapid wear of the pads.

Edit mechanical damage - any collision can lead to the fact that some of the pipes bend, leaving you without the opportunity to go.

Facing the steering cup - if it is not done, there may be some difficulties with precise control.

top bike frames

In addition, you may want to somehow improve your transport. This is usually done in two ways. In the first case, people attach different useful things to the frame. These include the bottle cage, mount for the pump, wings, trunk, and so on. The second option is tuning and painting. This airbrushing, illumination, and more. But this is a topic for a separate article.

So, we figured out how to make a frame for a bicycle with our own hands at home.

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