Bicycle frame Giant XTC: description, reviews

Bicycle frame Giant XTC - professional. It is suitable for assembling a custom bike. The brand "Jayant" produces highway, two-pendant frames, as well as hardtails for cross-country. The two-pendant are equipped with a pump and a rear shock absorber and an integrated steering column.


Frame Giant XTC is ideal for those whoprefers classic hardtail and collects a bicycle. Thanks to special metal processing, the production of frames has moved to a new level. The construction weighs a little, but it is distinguished by its high strength. It is positioned by the manufacturer as a super light and efficient frame, created for professional riders.giant xtc frame

For example, the XTC Advanced 27 model.5 is used for cross-country racing. A frame made of hard, but light fiber. It is specially designed for wheels of 27.5 inches. The frame gives the bike a balance between steering control and driving speed. Manage a bike with this design is easy even on a bad road. For cross country racing, the combination of the carriage unit and the lower pipe is ideal. In addition, a beautiful and neat design, built-in pin clamp under the saddle and internal cabling make the unit megaprofessional.

Why do we need

Description of the Giant XTC frame, its technicalthe characteristics indicate that this design is designed for professional bikes. A bicycle frame is their main component. It is she who determines ride comfort, comfort, riding style, safety. Frames differ in geometry, material of manufacture, design and other details. A classic bicycle frame consists of pipes made of composites, alloys, combined materials.

Pipes can be of arbitrary shape and section,square or round profile. The design is two triangles, front and rear, perfectly flat geometric shapes. The front consists of four pipes (despite the name - a triangle), and its structure includes such elements as the main and upper tube, seat and steering, rear and seat pipe, rear upper and lower feathers.frame giant xtc 26

The geometry of the frame is determined by the angles and length of the tubes. The most important design parameters are the angle of inclination of the steering mill, the length of the top and seat tube. From the geometry depends the behavior of the bicycle on the road, responsiveness of the steering wheel, stability of the bike, and from the frame - the dynamics of movement, acceleration and braking of the bicycle.


Giant brand frames use a largepopularity among Russian and foreign athletes. For fans and professionals of cross-country, the manufacturer produces aluminum frames of rigid construction. For example, the Giant XTC Frame is a classic model. Made of aluminum, the metal is processed by a special technology. If you dream to build a bicycle yourself, the frames "Jayant" are ideal for this purpose.

The size of the Giant XTC frame allows you to install iton professional bicycles. It is not difficult to find the ideal model from a large assortment of the company. The choice takes into account not only the parameters of the bike, the diameter of the wheels, but also the height and weight of the athlete. The frame is equipped with an integrated steering column with a sealed cartridge bearing, a PressFit carriage, a 30.9 mm seat post and a 34.9 mm clamp.giant xtc frame description

The brand produces not only constructions for miningbicycles, but also road, highway, hybrid, urban. The length and height of the frame is influenced by the growth, that is, its size. If you increase or decrease the size of the structure, the top, bottom and seat tubes will change. If the frame is purchased for a professional bike, it is important to choose the correct size. There are three types of parameter designations: inches, centimeters and conditional units. For example, if a sportsman has a height of 190 centimeters, a L size construction (large) will suit him.


What makes the Giant XTC frame? Steel, aluminum alloy, carbon fiber, titanium, thermoplastic, wood or bamboo - the unique characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of the construction depend on the material. The main materials from which frames for bicycles, conventional or professional, are made are steel, aluminum and titanium alloy. Steel Hi-Ten refers to the most inexpensive, soft and heavy types used for the production of frames. Its main advantage is low price, and disadvantages - low rigidity, heavy weight and susceptibility to corrosion.

Steel Cro-Moly - high-alloy, durable andeasy. Its main advantages are energy intensity, shock resistance. Aluminum alloys are used to produce modern bicycle frames and sports. They have low weight, high rigidity and resistance to corrosion. Titanium alloy is used rarely because of the price. Compared to carbon fiber frames, it weighs little, has strength and is virtually free of corrosion.giant xtc frame steel

Carbon or carbon fiber - light, hard, butincredibly technological material. From carbon fiber make top-level bicycle frames, including professional. For example, the Giant XTC 26 frame is made of aluminum alloy, so it is light in weight. Painting structures with classic paintwork: they are suitable for aluminum and steel surfaces. Anodized paint is designed for frames made of aluminum, only layers of varnish are applied to carbon ones, which protects it from negative external influences.

Price list

How much does the Giant XTC frame cost? The models of this series are relatively inexpensive, given the professional specialization. The price for the XTC-FR model is 16 thousand rubles, on the XTC-29 "ER-FR - 19 thousand.The series of Glory and Anthem Advanced is expensive.The prices for such products start from 70,000 rubles.giant xtc frame size


Frame Giant XTC, judging by the reviews, easy andMovable, has a proven geometry. It is designed for hardtail, therefore it is made of durable battled aluminum FluidForm. Its advantages include ease, the presence of a strong carriage Press Fit, beautiful design, material. Frames are strong and resist corrosion. Due to their design they increase the speed of the bike, the bike is easy to control. Some users consider the lack of a light weight frame. In their opinion, this can cause the development of high speed, and, consequently, rapid and traumatic braking.

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