Best and worst fashion trends of all time

Women's fashion is as old as the world itself, and over the years many changes have taken place. Naturally, some of the trends that were considered marvelous in their heyday are now strongly condemned, while others are still considered magnificent. Corsets, miniskirts, ruffles, leggings and crinolines - all this has ever been in a women's wardrobe or even present now.

We have prepared a selection of the best and worst fashion trends ever created by designers.

How fashion trends have changed

It is very difficult to say exactly when the concept of fashion arose. Historians have established the 14th century AD as a kind of reference point and proclaimed France as the birthplace and cradle of fashion. It was the French who struck the whole world with their experiments. For example, they made and wore frilly hats of very complex shapes, which were sometimes difficult to keep on their heads.

In the Renaissance, women begin to appreciate soft fabrics - velvet and silk.And later, a certain stiffness comes into fashion - the complete absence of bright decorations, complex hairstyles, and even less neckline.

The 18th-19th century brings back love for shocking again: powdered wigs, brilliant huge brooches, fluffy dresses become important details of the image of a girl of those times.

And only after that gradually lighter styles of clothes, without krinolitov and corsets, gradually come into fashion.

Top fashion trends

A constant classic piece of women's clothing is a little black dress that has not gone out of fashion for more than 50 years. It appeared in the cabinets of women of fashion in the 60s of the twentieth century thanks to the world famous Coco Chanel. If you want to look really feminine and sophisticated, then a little black dress is your choice.

black dress

If you decide to wear a dress with drapery in the style of ancient Greece, you can be sure that your look will most likely be perfect! Greek drapery makes it look elegant and truly amazing. Maybe that's why many celebrities with a world name love Hellas style very much!

For the mini-skirts in our wardrobe, we have to thank the London designer Mary Quant, who made a small but very important revolution of style in the midst of the 60s.Miniskirts look great and perfectly emphasize long slender legs.

mini skirt

Another great trend that has not lost its relevance so far - leggings. With them you can safely wear mini-skirts and short dresses without fear of looking vulgar. They can also come in handy when cold summer comes, but you don’t want to wear jeans and other warm pants. They are perfectly combined with almost any clothes and shoes.

Fashion failures and mistakes

Crinolines are heavy designs that are worn under the skirts to make them more luxurious. Perhaps, for modern man, crinolines seem to be a luxurious and impressive piece of clothing, but in the Middle Ages they could well have been mistaken for an instrument of torture. They hold down the movement and do not feel comfortable, even sitting at the table.

openwork crinoline

Another brainchild of the Victorian era - corsets. With their help, the maximum waist, ideally up to 45 cm in girth. As a result, the girls lost consciousness, had difficulty breathing, and in the long term suffered from numerous spinal deformities and internal organs.

With the approach to our time, it is also possible to find trends that deservedly receive the title of tasteless.For example, sneakers on a high platform should remain in the era in which they appeared - in the 90s of the twentieth century. All kinds of crazy things were born just then, but that doesn’t mean that we have to endure them now!

sneakers on the platform

Jeans overalls are perfectly suited as workwear during repairs or work in the garden, but in everyday life it looks ridiculous. Like sneakers on a high platform, overalls began to spread in the 90s of the last century due to the growing demand for denim clothing. But now there is no shortage. In addition, in our time there are more elegant models of overalls from flying soft fabrics, which are not ashamed to wear even for an evening event.


In any case, every trend has the right to test itself in the real world. It's okay that some fashion trends take root and remain at the peak of popularity for many years, while others evaporate in a couple of months.

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