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Today, the wardrobe of every modern girl andwomen are rich in a variety of outfits, but there is always room for the classic. Fashionable, elegant, such, in which it will be cozy and at business negotiations, and in the office, and at a party - this is what a universal classic outfit should be. The best option for women can be the world-famous black little dress from the designer Coco Chanel. But this is not the only choice. Fortunately, in 1928, two years after the appearance of the legend from Chanel, came one more - a dress-pencil.Dress pencil

At the birth of the style "pencil" in a certainthe extent of the impact of war. Before that, women and girls wore only long, lush dresses. But times of scarcity and general hunger contributed to the saving of fabrics, and by the 1930s, voluminous dresses had left women's wardrobes, giving way to universal midi. Pencil dresses were at the peak of their popularity in the 30th and 60th years of the last century. It was any outfits of Jacqueline Kennedy, as well as stars like Edith Piaf and Audrey Hepburn.

Originally, the pencil dress was a colora kind of small dress from Chanel. But over time, both styles went different ways, and today are not inferior to each other in popularity. In the small black element of the female wardrobe, only the color remains unchanged, and the decor and length of the dresses change every season under the influence of fashion. The style of the pencil can have a variety of colors or fabric performance, but the overall silhouette and length have remained unchanged for many years. And as designers say, for many decades it will be the most fashionable highlight of every season.Dress pencil pattern

A classic pencil model is a dress with acut out the boat, without sleeves and seams at the waist, which tightly fits the figure of a woman. The lower part of the dress - the skirt is knee-length - tapers to the bottom. A universal dress-pencil is executed in strict colors: black, gray, white and brown. This detail of the wardrobe allows you to easily create a rich variety of images, if each time to vary accessories.

To buy a dress-pencil can a girl withany shape and shape. The universality of this style is that it fits all. However, slender girls can allow more fitting models from textured fabrics with a printed pattern (corduroy, velvet). And for the representatives of lush beauty should choose lightweight fabrics (satin, silk, satin). Hide the small imperfections of the figure, especially in the abdomen and thighs, lightweight drapery or an insert from a darker material will help. Do not forget that sequins, sequins and rhinestones have the ability to visually add volume.Dresses pencil

A wide range of colors allowsUse the "pencil" style not only as a business style. So, from a black wool the magnificent evening dress turns out, and from light fabrics - a summer output. Colorful, bright colors make it possible to create a romantic, feminine image, and gray tones are ideal for the office.

The dress of this style is easy to make yourself. Therefore, if you want to remain elegant, feminine and fashionable, then the ideal choice is a dress-pencil, the pattern of which is accessible to everyone.

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