"Baltic Coast" - imitation of caviar: the pros and cons

Imitation caviar is available today to all. The imitated caviar "Baltic Coast" enjoys great love among consumers. It can be found in many outlets. Not the first year this product is on the food market, and during this time has become the most preferred imitation.

The Baltic Coast company values ​​its customers and is constantly working to improve the quality and taste of all its products. It must be said, it is working without success. Every year more and more people prefer to purchase an imitation from this manufacturer.

Red caviar

And besides red caviar (imitated), "Baltic Coast" produces more than two hundred kinds of products of excellent quality. Seafood from this brand does not lag behind the quality of many global manufacturers. The most basic are: preserved herring and seaweed salads. Salmon caviar "Baltic Coast" has become almost the main type of imitation, which are purchased before the festive feast of any scale.

What does imitation consist of?

On sandwiches

Once upon a time, lovers of caviar were frightened from all sides. On the one hand, it was not quite affordable prices for this product. On the other hand, imitation was available, but the method of production and the composition of the product were frightening. There were rumors that such seafood is terribly dangerous for the body. And this is not surprising, because fake caviar is made from oil. Yes, from such an assumption from whom you want any appetite to disappear.

Scary tales

When in the late nineties red caviar “Baltic Coast” began to appear on the shelves, many at first did not pay attention to it. The tale of caviar from oil is so entrenched in the minds of people that they could not afford to bring such a jar home to try, - scary.

But here, as in many similar cases, there were brave souls. Having tasted the products of the then young company, these gourmets rendered a verdict: “You can eat it!”. And thus, imitation has become the most common type of caviar that all categories of citizens can afford.

Good composition

How to get today's imitation caviar? What does it consist of and is it harmful? It turns out quite the opposite."Baltic Coast" manufactures its products, as expected, using modern technologies. Neither of which oil is out of the question. To make the eggs their shape - in the form of beads - use safe gelling agents. Most often it is agar and sodium alginate. Do not be afraid, too scientific name of alginate. In fact, this substance is completely safe and can be used even in baby food. And it is extracted (sodium alginate) from seaweed. It not only makes imitation of a very similar form, but also does not contain extra calories. Therefore, the Baltic Coast caviar can safely be on the table of those who follow their waistline volumes.

Caviar color

Red imitated

Natural dyes are responsible for the color palette in the simulated product. Although today's production allows for artificial food dyes, they do not need to be afraid: all substances undergo control and are studied by experts. Dyes do not harm the body. The aroma and taste of the product is given to it with the help of natural fish broth and fat. Also in this caviar may be fish meat. Sometimes spices are added to the product.And always flavored with vegetable oil and salt.

Caviar imitated from the "Baltic Coast" is composed of a lot of vitamins A and D.

Vitamin A has a beneficial effect on vision and skin. Responsible for the normal functioning of the reproductive state.

Vitamin D has a beneficial effect on bone tissue, feeding them with minerals and helping to stay strong and healthy.

Positive and negative sides of the same coin

In a bowl

Consider what is good in imitation caviar. And also we will write and we will remind of not absolutely positive moments. Everyone knows the saying about a barrel of honey, seasoned with a spoon of tar. This case is no exception.

  1. Substances that are part of the simulated caviar are produced, as we have already learned, from agar and algae extracts. Yes, no doubt, it reduces calorie intake for dieters. However, there is a minus here. Such a product is very salty for a person on diet. Salt retains water, and therefore this fact does not contribute to harmony. Moreover, after a salted fish product, there will necessarily be a strong desire and need to replenish the body's water reserves.
  2. Omega-3 fatty acids - here are salutary for the skin and the general condition of the organs. These elements are famous for their ability to maintain the body's youth and strengthen its immunity.
  3. Some elements that make up such a product can cause allergic manifestations. That is not very good, especially for people prone to similar reactions from the body.

And at the end of the article, a tip on how to recognize true spawn

There are many tips that claim that a particular property of this caviar helps to recognize the deception and distinguish it from imitation. However, the food industry is also not standing still and has so well learned how to make an imitation that only true gourmets can recognize a real taste. Then how can you find out what caviar in front of you - real or imitated?

Black caviar

Here are some helpful tips:

  1. The first is when you see an egg, the real one is different from the artificial absence of a slightly noticeable spot inside. The speck is the germ, and in the gelatin eggs, such a germ is naturally absent.
  2. This egg, placed in warm water, will become muddy.She will turn white from coagulated protein. An imitation placed in the same conditions will remain the same color as it was.

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